My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A Hero in Us All

“Now remember Riida, focus is key!” Princess Celestia said to her sparkly blue friend. “I understand Celestia, I just hope our power is enough to revive her quickly enough to save her friends and Ponyville.” Riida responded and pointed the tip of her horn to the unconscious unicorn. Celestia and Luna followed suite, the light from their horns spreading and merging together and seeping into Twilight.

Rainbow Dash rocketed up as quickly as she could, “Ok, so how do we get a mindless missile to follow us instead of slam into Ponyville?” she asked. “It isn’t mindless.” the Jetwing told her, “It’s programmed to take out whatever it follows.”

“So technically mindless.” Rainbow Dash commented. “But like a NanoPack, it can choose to follow a different target with the right persuasion.” her NanoPack finished. “Oh!” Rainbow said, “So, what do we persuade it to follow?” The Jetwing’s visor began blinking red as they approached the missile, “Us!” she said. “Oh yah, really good plan!” Rainbow Dash said sarcastically. “Do you have anything better, or should we just let it slam into Ponyville?” Jetwing asked. Rainbow Dash grabbed onto the main body of the explosive as she passed by, using her jets to try and slow it down, “What if we get it to chase Zeral?” she asked. “You can’t talk to it,” Jetwing reminded, “It’s not as smart as I am. What we need to do it toy with it, you know get it angry enough to change directions and follow us. Be the bigger threat.”

“Oh, why do these thing always happen to me?” she asked, and pointed her nose towards the back wing. “You just sounded like Rarity there!” the Jetwing told her as Rainbow Dash began firing her Vulcan guns. The tinny bullets bounced off of the armor easily, yet she kept on firing, “This thing is stubborn!” the Jetwing said. “Now what?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Kick it, let’s see if that workds!” the Jetwing said. Rainbow Dash raced in front of the missile before she kicked it in the red tip. The missile wobbled for a second, but stayed on the same path, “It’s not working!” Rainbow Dash shouted, just as the missile rockets increased, letting the explosive fly by her and spin her out of control.

She regained her areal balance quickly, “YOUR MOTHER WAS A TOOTHPICK!” she heard the Jetwing shout, and suddenly the missile began turning in its fall, the bottom half swinging wide as the tip basically stood still and rotated. “Huh?” she asked and found the deadly thing point right at her and begin its assent, “Oh my gosh!” she cried and turned to fly away from it. “I thought you said we couldn’t talk to it!” she yelled. “I said YOU couldn’t. I didn’t want to have to!” the Jetwing responded. “Why?” Rainbow Dash asked. When the Jetwing answered, it almost seemed as if she was in a panic, “Because now it has a digital signal, we’ll never lose it now.”

“Ok, explain that to me!” Rainbow Dash asked, trying to help her NanoPack calm down. She could almost feel it when she heard her NanoPack take calming breaths before she spoke, “In order to talk to it, I had to create a wireless link to its computer. Now the computer is mad and it locked onto my digital signal. Zeral had Theyron installed into just about everything that could destroy his enemies.”

“How do you know that?” Rainbow Dash asked. “While we were resting in the lounge area of the Academy, Bubble wirelessly told me what she learned from the school’s computer.” she admitted, “I’m sorry.”

“Why did you wait to tell me this now?” Rainbow Dash asked angrily. “Because I wasn’t counting on Zeral making a missile with four Hyper Sonic Velocity Jets!” the Jetwing said. Rainbow Dash turned her head, and saw the very missile she thought she was out racing, quickly catching up with her. “OH MY GOSH!” she shouted, “We have to go faster!”

“We can’t go any faster!” she heard the Jetwing say as they both entered space the large planet shaped space ship ahead of her. “Then we’ll out maneuver it in the Councilor Chamber halls.” Rainbow Dash said. “We won’t even make it that far.” her NanoPack told her just as it brought up a diagram of her trajectory. The line representing the missile connected with her line almost half way to the Genesis Ark. “There has to be some way…” she said, and turned to find the missile closing in. Suddenly her wings moved by themselves, turning her so that she pointed right at Equestria along the outside of the missile. “What are you doing?” she asked just as she entered into Equestia’s atmosphere. “I’m trying not to let us burn to death.” the Jetwing countered. Suddenly, Rainbow Dash found herself tumbling, head over heels through the air, before she finally stopped. “Oh,” she groaned, “What happened?” When she didn’t get an answer, she tapped her hoof against her head, only to find it wasn’t covered by a helmet and the rest of her was just as bare, except for her Element necklace, “What?” she asked and suddenly the Jetwing came rocketing past her towards the ground.

Rainbow Dash dropped, speeding up to try and meet up with the empty armor. What she saw was a pale blue pony head that looked strikingly like her own, and a streak of silver with a line of light sky blue in the center coming from what should have been her mane. “Jetwing?” she asked. The NanoPack reached her hoof out, touching it to her owner’s hoof, “Sorry,” she said, “I couldn’t think of anything else.” and with a sharp turn, rocketed straight up and again past the missile making it turn again.

Rainbow Dash found herself a harder time turning around at the speed she was traveling, “Jetwing!” she called out to her NanoPack, “You get back here!” She chased after the machines as quickly as she could, but they still disappeared from her view, and seconds later, there was an explosion. Rainbow Dash could only watch as the sky lit up with a red and yellow light almost as bright as the sun, tears spilling out of her eyes that she just couldn’t stop, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she called out to the world.

“Blast you!” Zeral said as he once again dodged Breeze’s strike. Outside, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Blade were all kicking dust into the hurricane as quickly as they could, keeping the air thick with it. Suddenly he turned and changed his gun into a scythe before swinging it, hitting nothing. The pressure however cleared out a great deal of the dust and clouds on one side of him. Breeze stopped, landing on something hidden thick in the dust storm. “How is he standing on a cloud? He’s a unicorn.” Pinkie asked, the cloud she saw quickly moved aside and the dust began to settle, showing that he was not in fact standing on a cloud, but rather on the top of a house, “Oh, never mind!” she added in with a smile. Zeral turned his head to the sky Where is that blasted missile?” he asked. “What’s a missile?” Applejack asked as she turned to Blade, he simply growled. “I believe it has changed course and detonated in the outer orbit of the planet!” the Reaper told him. “Gerr, useless!” he said, and turned back to Breeze. “It seems as if you friend has perished to save the lives of those destined to die.” he said, taunting the grey pony. Breeze gritted his teeth in anger, “What did you do?” he asked in anger. “Hahaha, she abandoned you so that she could take on an impossible challenge.” Zeral chuckled.

In a fit of rage, Breeze pulled out his first weapon, his Crossblade Shurikan, and disappeared, clashing blades with the black armored madman. He once again began vanishing from sight, yet is seemed as if Zeral was able to block every strike he made. They danced like this for several seconds before Zeral lifted is scythe into the air, and spun it around, and then sliced through the clouds, causing them to dissipate. Again, Zeral blocked several strikes as he waited for the boy to tire, “Breeze be careful!” his brother called out, and Zeral smiled under his mask right before he struck at nothing. Bewildered, he looked back to the roof, just as a tired out Breeze threw his Shurikan at him. Zeral quickly sliced the weapon at the handle, cutting the two sides from each other and again Breeze disappeared. “Come on, we’ll take him on together!” Blade shouted as he brought out his NanoPack, all four of them charged in, leaving Pinkie Pie to hide.

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