My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Alone and Afraid

Breeze stood as still as a statue, his eyes empty and distant as he looked straight at his brother, Blade. “This isn’t good.” the emotionless man said, and tensed up every muscle in his body, “Fluttershy, don’t move.” The yellow pegasus tried squeezing into as small a ball as she could while still flapping her wings to keep her aloft, and with a silent nod, confirmed that she heard him. Mindlessly, Breeze reached down to his hip, pulled out his own NanoPack, and used his fingers to slide it open, revealing the shurikan. Just as Breeze reeled back his hand, Blade turned as quickly as he could, and grabbed Fluttershy in one hand. The shurikan was thrown, and Blade used every muscle in his one arm and both his legs to launch himself and Fluttershy to a ledge no more than ten feet from him, and five feet up. Quickly yet gently he set the yellow pegasus on the ground, and spun around grabbing his NanoPack and revealing his massive sword.

It was like Breeze didn’t even care, he just caught the shurikan as it boomeranged back to him, and jumped silently into the air. The moment he landed, the dust around where his feet were, lifted in a ring around his landing, silencing any sound of his arrival. “Eep!” Fluttershy squeaked as she tightened into an even tighter ball.

With a flip of his wrist, Breeze changed his shurikan into the long sword, and dashed at his brother, locking blades with him. Fluttershy trembled as the two fought, swords clashing in every direction she could guess.

Suddenly Breeze took off, circling his brother rapidly and seemed to double, then quadruple, and finally there were eight of him running circles around Blade. “Son of a…” Blade said, and flinched as Breeze came in from behind him, cutting him deep in the side. A second try was blocked when Blade noticed the tiniest movement inward, so he lifted his sword to block, and grabbed the handle with both hands, splitting the weapon in half again, and blocked a third strike. He continued like this for a few seconds keeping track of his brother’s movements, until Breeze sped up again, multiplying the afterimages by two. ‘Shoot I can’t keep track of him.’ Blade thought to himself, right before he felt the sting of a blade being shoved through his chest. Looking down, he saw the blade of his brother, piercing him from the back. Slowly, Breeze pulled the blade halfway out, and yanked the rest out quickly. ‘Dang, I couldn’t…” he thought to himself. Blade looked up to see the horrified look on Fluttershy’s face, and he put the two halves back together and with a mighty roar he turned around and slammed his blade against his brother’s with all his strength, the force alone caused Breeze to slide into the wall of the mountain behind him. Exhausted, Blade knelt down, and placed a hand against his wound. The tip of a shadow moved into his view, and he was lifted off of the ground, “Fluttershy…” he choked, before he was set down again.

Fluttershy was stricken with fear, yet it was that fear that drove her to lift Blade high into the air, and fly as quickly as she could to a safer place. Gently she set him down on his good side, making sure that she didn’t injure him further. The sight of the blood that soaked his shirt made her want to feint, but she knew she couldn’t, “Oh, dear, you’re hurt bad, but don’t worry, I can fix you right up…I hope.” she told him, and placed her hoof against his hand when he tried to move it. “You’ll just agitate your injuries.” she said in her defense. “Push the button…on my belt.” he told her. She could feel his strength leaving him every second, so she did just what he asked and out pooped a clear vial of blue liquid, filled all the way to the stop. Gently she took it in her mouth and held it up for him to see. “Pour it…on my injuries.” he told her. She quickly moved the vial to her hooves, and shakily removed the stop. She poured a little on the cut on his side, and listened to it sizzle a little as it sealed up his cut. Again, moving to his stomach, she poured a little on his wound, letting it close as it sizzled and bubbled on the skin under his shirt. She then moved him, so that he was lying on his back, and accidentally dumped the rest into his stab wound, “Oh my gosh!” she said in a panic, “I’m so sorry!”

The pain he felt was so sudden, he couldn’t do anything except shout, “GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” and out he went, unconscious from the pain alone. The moment he was asleep, his sword shrank, back into the handle she had seen. “Blade?” she asked quietly, and nudged him with her hoof. When he didn’t respond, she placed her ear against his back, hoping beyond all hope that he still had a heart beat. She found it beating faintly, but steadily in his chest as if all he was doing was resting from a long day at work. Fluttershy couldn’t help it; the tears began to come all by themselves, flooding her eyes in relief as he lay there, unconscious and breathing.

Breeze hobbled back to the cave alone, gritting his teeth and dragging one of his legs. “Ah, my loyal assassin.” Zeral said as the man approached. “Don’t ‘loyal assassin’ me!” Breeze said as he stopped to the sound of his voice. Zeral’s smile fell, transforming seamlessly into the look of anger. Breeze lifted his face to the Councilor showing that the device on his forehead had been severed on one side. “You just had me fight my brother, my only family.” he said, his anger rising as he spoke, “You made me run him through.”

“Ah, so he’s dead, pity.” Zeral said as he lowered his head, “I’ll make sure he’s treated with respect when the other Councilors arrive.” he said flatly, and turned to enter the cave. Breeze let his anger flare, he reached up to his fore head, ripped the control device off of his forehead and threw it at the man. Zeral stopped in his tracks, reached behind him with his right hand, and caught it in mid air. Zeral then turned to the boy, his scowl dominant on his face, “You wish to challenge me?” he said, and turned his NanoPack into a gun, “That is a mistake you will not lived to repeat. I’m a Councilor for a reason. Do you know what reason that is boy?” he asked and pointed the weapon at the injured assassin, “This NanoPack of mine is special, it’s known as the ‘Reaper’ for its ability to change into and copy anything it scans. I can change this pack into any non-nano weapon I see, its base is whatever I want it to be.” he told him and began pulling the trigger. “STOP!” they heard from behind Zeral.

The girl scientist, Trilli, stood there with her own NanoPack in hand, a large crescent ax with a brilliant red handle, and what looked to be a large six pointed star at the end. “Leave now!” she called out to Breeze, “Tell the Council of his actions when they arrive, we can’t let Zeral get away with this!” she said and lifted the massive blade above her head. Zeral quickly flipped his gun in his hand, changing it into a sword that looked strikingly like Breeze’s. Trilli was just about to strike, when she felt the blade run straight through her. Her NanoPack quickly shrank back into a small single handle, and crumbled into dust. “I warned you.” Zeral said as he pushed her body over the edge of the cliff. “Oh dear, I do believe that was your weapon that killed her.” he said, and flipped his weapon back into its handle. He quickly placed it back into the holster on his side, and turned back to the cave before yelling, “Guards, guards! The assassin has gone insane; he just killed one of the scientists!” Breeze snapped out of his stupor, and used his good leg to jump away, trying to stay ahead of the small squad of soldiers, each having a different weapon in their hands. Zeral smiled maliciously, as he turned back into the cave. Curiously he turned to an unconscious Rarity, “Pity you were a unicorn, if you were humanoid, it might have ended differently.” he said softly, and passed her by. Rarity opened her eyes with a snap, and sat up, thinking of the poor girl that was just killed, ‘Farewell.’ she thought to herself sadly. “Um…excuse me.” she heard from outside her glass prison. When she looked, she saw her friend, Fluttershy, standing there as if waiting to be noticed. “Um…I was wondering Rarity, is everyone alright?

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