My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

It's My Fault

“The Genesis Ark!” Blade whispered to himself as he watched the sky light up with streaks of light. “That’s the Ark?” Fluttershy asked, “I thought it was way bigger.” Blade turned to her, somewhat confused, “That’s just pieces burning up in the atmosphere.” he said still in a kind of shock and turned his eyes back to the sky, “It’s kind of like a meteor shower.” Fluttershy looked to him, curious as to how he might react now, “Oh.” was all she said as she watched a tear slide down his cheek.

“Twilight!” she heard Rainbow Dash call out. Twilight didn’t even move her head to greet her friend, she just looked to the sky in shock and tears as the pieces fell to Equestria and burned up before they hit the ground. Rainbow trotted up to her, Breeze still on her back as he hung his head in exhaustion, asleep, “Twilight snap out of it!” she said. Blade and Fluttershy saw them both and ran up to the shocked unicorn. “What’s wrong with her?” Rainbow asked as she turned to the grey pegasus. Blade couldn’t stop the tears from coming, instead he just wiped them away with his leg and looked to Twilight’s face, “She’s in shock!” he said. “Twi!” they all heard as Applejack and Rarity came running up to them. Pinkie Pie then came out of hiding and joined them, “We couldn’t stop him,” Rarity said as she came to a stop, “He was just too strong, and now we don’t have our NanoPacks.” Blade growled, even though the tears kept coming and turned to Rainbow Dash, “Sorry, same here. She sacrificed herself to save me from a stupid missile.” she said, and lowered her head in sadness. “Zeral snapped mine in half, releasing the nanites out into the air to die.” Blade said, “Is that what that golden dust was?” Pinkie asked. Blade simply nodded, and turned to Twilight, “She’s our last hope, and she’s in complete war shock.” he said.

“TWILIGHT SPARKLE!” they heard Riida call out, even Twilight snapped out of her stupor, sort of. Twilight responded by moving her head to look at the spot Riida appeared. “The whole of existence is relying on you and you simply sit there?” she asked, her eyes narrowed in anger. “Give her a break,” Rainbow huffed, “She just destroyed the Genesis Ark!”

“Hah!” Riida said, “Destroying the Ark is never going to be so simple!” Blade lifted his eye brow in confusion, and then he opened his eyes in realization, “If you will not fight for the survival of all that exist, then I will!” she shouted, and walked past the group of ponies. “It can’t be!” Blade whispered to himself. “Calm down Rainbow Dash!” Applejack said as she held the pegasus in one place. “Calm down?” Rainbow shouted, “You’re just going to let her walk away like we’re just nothing to her?”

“Now Rainbow, you know that aint true.” Applejack said, “Riida’s just tryin to keep us all safe.”

“Yes, but, why did she have to say such mean things to Twilight?” Fluttershy asked.

Zeral kept his eyes to the sky, watching as the pieces of the Ark streaked across the blue. “I never thought I’d face you myself after you filled my body with Theyron, Zeral.” he heard Riida say as she found her way to the battle field. He turned his eyes to her, and somehow, she could tell that under his black lifeless mask, he was smiling. “Tell me, when did you suspect treason?” he asked. “You were far too eager to prove yourself in battle. I thought I taught you better than that my former pupil!” Riida said, “I realized the potential when you so callously slaughtered the solders of the last war you were in.”

“Wars are to be fought with tactic and weapons my teacher!” he said, “Isn’t that the message you were trying to send?” Riida simply narrowed her eyes at him, kneeling down to point her horn at him, “Wars can be prevented,” she said, “instead you started this one.” and with a growl, launched a beam of starry silver magic at him. The magic hit him square in the chest, pushing him into the center of town as she slowly followed after him. Zeral sat up and held his chest, “Ngh!” he grunted as he propped himself up, “You tried to kill me, twice.” she said. “And you held me back!” he said, and rushed in, punching her in the cheek. Riida landed on her side, sliding along the ground as her cheek throbbed with pain. “Is this what you’ve been reduced to?” she asked, and disappeared in an Air Flash, slamming her back hooves into his chest, “Nothing more than war and destruction?” Again Zeral found himself rubbing his chest as he sat back up, “It’s what you taught me, old friend!” he said, and reached his hand out, creating a hand gun and shooting it at her. The spherical dome that surrounded her shattered, taking a great deal of the power away, but leaving enough to knock her down. “I taught you how to lead!” she said and flapped her large wings to lift herself up, “I taught you how not to fight!” she shouted and like Celestia, shined with a brilliant light, before slamming into him head on. Zeral held onto her with both of his hands, pushing against her might with all of his strength, “You mean those lectures of reason and negotiation?” he asked, “Did you use those tricks on the planet Coluca 6?” and tossed her aside. She soared up and circled back around, “NO!” he shouted and tried to grab her again. “They left me no choice!” she called out, and slammed into him even harder, “That planet had been turned into a coliseum! Had I known earlier I wouldn’t have even gotten any of you involved.”

“Did you even try talking to them?” he asked, “NO! You simply slaughtered the lot of them!” he shouted back and reached up, before slamming his elbow into her neck. Riida hit the ground hard, and vanished with an Air Flash seconds before the blade of a scythe slid by where her neck used to be, “It was your actions that spoke to me that day, a sight that I copied. YOU made me into what I am now!” he shouted and raced after her, bloodlust in his eyes, and voice.

“It’s not your fault dear!” Rarity tried to reason as Twilight sulked. “Ooh, what if Riida can’t stop him?” Fluttershy asked. Blade sat there, mumbling to himself, the only words she could really understand was ‘can’t be’ and ‘but if’. Rainbow Dash had placed Breeze on the grass by now, lying next to him to make sure he ‘stayed warm’. Pinkie continued to pace in Twilight’s place, trying to think of something that might work. “Wait!” she called out, catching the attention of everypony except Blade and Twilight, “What if we…” she began, “call the Changelings to come and copy us, then he’ll get really confused and then he’ll get a headache and just give up?”

“Um…we’ll use that as plan B!” Applejack said in Rainbow’s place. “So I still have to think of a Plan A?” Pinkie asked as she looked sort of down trodden. Applejack almost felt bad, but then the pink pony smiled again, “Well, better get thinking!” she said and began pacing again. “It’s no use!” they heard as Breeze lifted his head. His voce still groggy from slowly waking up, “All of our NanoPacks are destroyed and Twilight’s in war shock, it’s her first time killing anypony.” he said, “I can relate.”

“She may not have killed anypony after all.” they finally heard Blade say, “Princess Riida said that the Ark wasn’t destroyed that easily, and something Fluttershy said earlier has been bugging me.” After he finished, everyone, including Twilight Sparkle turned to him, “The meteor shower stopped.” he said. “So?” Rainbow Dash asked. “It should have been bigger than that, so big it would have lasted a few days.” Blade informed them. Suddenly Twilight turned away, mumbling to herself mathematical equations and numbers. “What’s she doing?” Breeze asked. “Figuring something out that I can place by memory, the Ark was placed with the councilor chambers and the campus sector facing us. Just as well, the amount of debris that fell was only about three eighths of the total steel mass of the Genesis Ark.”

“Actually it was about 12.588349809% of the total mass of the Ark!” Twilight corrected. They all turned to her in surprise and happiness, “TWILIGHT!” the girls called out, and Blade just looked to her, “I see you’re feeling better.” he said. “I got lucky!” she said, “I didn’t kill anypony!” Fluttershy smiled happily, “Really?” she asked. “Better get moving or you might actually have a death on your hooves!” Blade said, and pointed to the middle of town. They all watched as Zeral and Riida battled it out, Riida using Air Flash and magic while Zeral still out matched her in combat. Suddenly he punched what looked to be thin air at first, but quickly changed to Riida as she hit the ground, unconscious. They all gasped in shock, and Twilight listened as the Angel spoke up, “Well, let’s top him!” she said, and Twilight nodded, standing on her back hooves as the armor surrounded her. With a single lunge, she tackled Zeral before he could take his final blow.

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