My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

The Release of Power

Twilight held on tight as she pushed him further away from her friends, the boosters on her wings lighting up brighter than the sun as the two of them sailed into the sky. “Break away!” the Angel told her, and Twilight released him from her grip. She then pushed him away from her, barely dodging the blade of his scythe. Quickly she brought the bottom two pieces of her wings to her mechanical hands and pointed the guns at him. “What’s your problem?” she asked in anger, mimicking Rainbow Dash’s way of speaking. Pulling the triggers of the guns, Twilight held steady as the blasts sailed towards Zeral, and he dodged. Without a word, he struck, rushing in and swinging his scythe at her. Guns at her sides, she lifted up quickly, causing him to miss. “Why are you trying to kill us?” she asked as she replaced her wings and reached to her sides, drawing her energy blades and swooping down. Zeral lifted his scythe handle, and allowed her to strike, blocking the energy blades successfully, “What did we ever do to you?” she cried, and pushed down harder, quickly slicing through the handle. Zeral dashed backwards, dodging the deadly strike and held both pieces of his scythe separate. Suddenly he laughed, and placed the broken handle together. The green light that shined from the split came and went quickly, sealing the handle back as one, “Such power.” he said, mostly to himself. “ANSWER ME!” she screamed and lunged for him. He quickly took a strike, swinging his scythe to her side, forcing her to stop and turn so that she could block it.

Blade placed his nose against Riida’s neck, felling for a pulse. “Um, excuse me?” Fluttershy asked. “Yes Fluttershy?” he responded as he lifted his head, having found a strong pulse. “Well, I don’t mean to be rude but, what did Princess Riida mean when she said, that the Ark isn’t destroyed easily?” she asked. A cough from Princess Riida, shifted their attention, and she slowly opened her eyes, “Oh.” she groaned. “Princess Riida?” Rainbow Dash asked in worry. “I’m fine!” she said to the rainbow colored pegasus. Blade turned back to Fluttershy, “I’m not sure but I think she meant that the Ark has some sort of failsafe or something. You should ask her yourself.” he told her. “It did have a failsafe, one that even the Council didn’t know about.” Riida said out of the blue, “I oversaw the construction of that ship, so I designed it in a way that when the core is damaged to the point of exploding by either an inside job or from external means, the eight sectors immediately go into critical lockdown, and then separate from the Councilor Sphere and the walkways before separating and pull away toward a predetermined planet within the known universe.” she told them as she struggled to stand. “You should rest!” Fluttershy said in worry as the Princess again fell to her knees. Riida grunted as she continued to explain, “Twilight was only able to destroy the cannon, the core, and the two sectors that had already been filled with death. The others are on their way to their own paradise.” Rainbow Dash looked up to the battle that waged in the skies of her planet, “That pony really did get lucky.” she whispered to herself.

Again energy slammed against the blade of the Reaper, scythe against sword as the two titans warred in the skies. Suddenly Zeral did something unexpected, he dropped his scythe as she slammed her blades into it, and grabbed the top of her right wing, pulling as hard as he could to free it from its place on her back. Twilight lit up her thrusters, causing him to fall away. He quickly righted himself and swooped in to grab his scythe before it hit the ground and came back up to meet her. “It’s no wonder you were able to pierce through the Genesis Ark so easily.” he said, and reached his scythe out in front of him, changing it into a cannon just like the one Twilight had fired at the Ark Cannon. “WHAT?” she shouted and moved aside as he pulled the trigger.

The cannon around his arm was raven black, the sides highlighted with crimson red and glowing near his hand with a bright menacing green, the beam that sailed past her was both red and black swirling around each other.

“So this is your power!” he chuckled and lifted the cannon up, eyeing it with glee. “Why are you so obsessed with power?” Twilight asked, and formed her own cannon, the jets now shooting out of the little stumps that held the guns in place. Zeral flapped his demonic wings once and lifted high above her before pointing his new weapon at her. A quick calculation in her head, and a look to the town below told her he was still planning on destroying everything he saw, “Why do you frighten me?” he asked, she reacted by pointing her own cannon at his, and they both fired their cannons at the same time. “Never again!” he said, and Twilight lifted her head to listen to him, “Once I defeat you, I’ll have nothing to be afraid of.”

“You’re trying to destroy Equestria because you’re afraid of ponies?” she asked. “NO!” he shouted, “I’m afraid of YOU!” and somehow the power of his cannon increased, Twilight struggled a little, but quickly matched his blast with her own. “The change that your world brings, the nonsense and absurdity of it all.” he shouted to her, “YOU AND YOUR KIND SHOULD NOT EXSIST AT ALL!” again the power of his cannon increased, however Twilight had a little trouble matching it this time. “You’re still obsessing over that? We have the right to exist just like you do!” she shouted as the two blasts finally equalized. “Not in my universe!” he growled, and somehow increased the power again. Twilight struggled as his cannon slowly over powered her own, “It’s not enough!” she said. “No, we still have the power to win!” the Angel told her. “I’m giving it all I’ve got!” Twilight told her. “Are you sure?” the Angel asked as the blast came closer, “Have you really used my power so long as to have forgotten about your own?”

Twilight thought about it, and remembered the fights she had while she was still afraid of the DoublePack, her magic lifting her enemies and creating barriers to protect her friends, so she closed her eyes, and focused on the cannon on her arm. Her magic quickly mixed with the blast of the cannon, and somehow changed her DoublePack from the violate color it was, to pure white and the tiny jets that sprouted from her back grew, spreading onto the form of angelic wings. The blast from her cannon also changed to white, again over powering Zeral. “NO!” he growled. “Master, I cannot copy this power!” the Reaper told him, “I…I can’t even find where it’s coming from!” Zeral growled again, trying to force even more power through his cannon to no avail, Twilight’s power completely over took him, shattering the weapon on his arm. It seemed as if time stood still for him a moment, ‘Why?’ he asked himself, ‘Was it all wrong?’ and was engulfed in the light, screaming in pain.

Twilight kept the cannon aimed at the spot he once stood, even now that he had vanished. “Twilight?” the Angel asked. “He’s gone, I thought I’d feel better knowing that everypony was safe.” she told her Double Pack. “It was inevitable,” the Angel told her as they slowly descended to the ground, “He wasn’t going to stop until everything we loved was turned to dust.”

“I know but…” she tried to say, finally without words to describe the pain inside. Feet from the ground, her friends raced to greet her, and she found a smile form on her face, even under the mask.

“TWILIGHT, LOOK OUT!” she heard Fluttershy of all ponies cry out. With a start, the smile fell, and she turned around, finding Zeral, his armor almost completely destroyed with the mask on his face cracked in half and his scythe held high above his head ready to strike. The look in the one eye she could see was of fear, hatred and insanity all at once.

Twilight took a single step back, and Zeral brought his scythe down, slicing across her chest just enough to cut through the armor and a small amount of fur. She grabbed her chest, feeling the wound in the armor of the Angel as if it were in her own flesh, “But, how?” she asked, and all he did was huff, with ragged breath and a searing anger running through him, and lifted his scythe again, readying the blow he was sure would finish her off for good.

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