My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

The Final Act of Friendship

Desperate to stay alive, Twilight reached over and grabbed the blade of the weapon as it tried slicing through her. Zeral kicked her metalichands, removing it from his weapon and again lifted it up. Suddenly Twilight’s jets started up, pushing her forward until she rammed her shoulder into his chest, and was ejected like the others from her armor. Twilight rolled on the ground as she moved further away, coming to a halt as the Angel wrapped her arms around Zeral, and lifted him into the sky.

Dizzy and tired, Twilight lifted her head to watch as the two of them ascended out of view. Shock again came over her as she watched her new friend disappear.

“HERRRR!” Zeral growled and lifted his scythe again, plunging the blade into the side of the Angel, and pulling it out to do it again and again. He didn’t even notice when the scenery changed from that of a rushing sky, to the vast darkness of space, “Release me you wretch!” he growled, only to feel the grip around his waist tighten. “I will not let you succeed Zeral.” she said as she began to spark from her injuries. Again he plunged his scythe into her side, “How are you not dead yet you creature?” he asked. “The creature you speak of is named Twilight Sparkle, and she is my friend!” she responded. “What?” Zeral asked, “No, this can’t be!” Angel increased her boost, lifting him further away from the planet below them, “You…removed yourself from your host?” he asked, and tried to pull his scythe from her side. The blade stuck fast, holding tightly to the armor that surrounded it, “Grah, release me!” he heard the Reaper say. “I’m afraid I cannot do that,” the Angel said, “We have given you plenty of opportunities to change, I’m afraid you’ve given me no other option.” Suddenly her eyes began switching between red and her usual green, “No, the core is damaged!” Zeral said in shock, “You’ll kill us all!”

“Again, you’ve left me no alternative” she told him and again tightened her grip around his waist, “And I have two cores, remember?” Zeral let the one eye they could all see, go wide, “NO!” he shouted. “Release us!” the Reaper commanded. The light’s in the Angel’s eyes, seemed to shut, and for a second, Zeral could see beyond the mask, the white pony Alicorn with her golden mane shine like the lights of heaven, and a small tear travel down her cheek, “Goodbye my friend.” she said, “I’ll never forget the lessons of friendship I have learned, and the time I spent with you, as my best friend!” with her final words, she began to shine again, Zeral and the Reaper both caught in the same light, “NO,” the Reaper shouted, “STOP!” Zeral released the handle of the Reaper, and struggled to remove the iron grip of the DoublePack, just before it exploded.

The light from the explosion was bright enough to cover Equestria in a light brighter than that of Celestia’s sun. Celestia from her room in the castle had to use her wing to shield her eyes from the light. When it faded, they all looked back to the sky, all except Twilight, she just turned away and cried, silently at first, but it quickly became a sad shout of loss. Remembering their NanoPacks, the others all began to cry on their own, Rainbow Dash quickly discarding her pride when Breeze placed his front leg on her shoulder, surprising him with a tight hug. Fluttershy just buried her face in Blade’s chest, and he used his wings to surround her in a hug with one of his front legs patting her soft mane.

He looked to the sky, and for a second he thought he could see a group of six friends, that looked strikingly like the friends he had now. They played and hugged and laughed, the one that looked like twilight, turned to him and smiled. He smiled back, for once a real smile unhindered and free. With a nod, he turned back to the crying Fluttershy and tried his best to comfort her.

A few weeks afterwards, all of the ponies had moved back into Ponyville, and within a few months all of the houses had been repaired with Blade and Breeze staying as far away from the construction as possible.

Blade trotted over to Fluttershy’s cottage, a bouquet of daisies in his hoof and a small box of chocolates in his coat pocket. He knocked gently, the smile now naturally on his face, even if it was small. When Fluttershy answered, she smiled gently, and Blade looked to her in a slight confusion. On her head she wore a helmet exactly like the one she had with the Valkyrie. Then he smiled at her, knowing that she was remembering her friend the best way she knew how. “I brought you a letter!” they heard a friendly familiar voice say from behind them, Blade moving aside to reveal a derpy eyed grey mare with a blue postman’s hat and brown leather mail bag. In her mouth she held a single white envelope.

Breeze had been practicing his own magic, and now walked on clouds for the first time, it freaked him out a little as he walked up to Rainbow Dash’s house in the sky, and used his horn to knock on the door, seeing as his hooves never made any noise anyway. She opened the door, a sad nostalgic look in her eyes but a smile on her face. Breeze looked into the house as she exited, spying the picture on her night stand, a picture of her in her Jetwing armor showing it off to the Wonderbolts themselves. All three of them had their mouths touching the floor with shock, and he chuckled at how he remembered how she had showed off to them. “Ready?” he heard Rainbow Dash ask, and he turned to her before closing her door behind him. “Ready!” he responded, and followed her to the balloon he had used to get to the clouds.

Rarity hummed as she worked, once again open for business, she sewed her dresses happily. The bell on her door rang for the first time that day as a customer walked in, “Ooh, pretty!” she heard a familiar voice say, “Oh, hello Derpy!” she said to the wall eyed mare. “Can I have that one?” Derpy asked as she pointed her hoof to one of the dresses on display. The dress was designed almost entirely off of the Sapphire, only now had a dress of diamond white silk flowing off of the belt. Just as well, almost all of the metallic armor had been replaced with sparkly diamond like fabric. Underneath the dress, was a sign that read ‘not for sale’. “I’m sorry dear, but I’m afraid I’m not going to sell that one.” she said. “Why not?” Derpy asked in curiosity. “Because it has so much more than value to me.” Rarity told her, “I even declined an offer Sapphire Shores made on it yesterday.” Derpy nodded in understanding, “Well, alright then. I brought you a letter!” they grey mare suddenly said, and dove her head into the mail bag at her side, bringing out the letter that was addressed to Rarity. The white pony then used her magic to lift the letter, and watched as the grey pegasus turned and left.

“Are you sure you’re alright Pinkie?” Mrs. Cake asked as Pinkie trotted out of the kitchen with a jar of what looked to be gum balls. “I’m super Mrs. Cake!” she said with a smile and happy tone, “Just doin my usual!” and with that she set the jar of gum on the counter next to the register. The jar was large, easily the size of Pinkie’s head plus the poufy mane, and inside were several balls of pink bubblegum balls. The label read in large pink letters ‘Party Bubble Bubblegum!’ and behind the letters, floated a lot of pink bubbles. Only when you looked closely could you find a hoof drawn picture of what she remembered the Bubble looking like, reflecting off of one of the bubbles. Suddenly a jingle sounded off as the door opened, “I brought you a letter, and three pieces of your bubble gum please!” Derpy said, and shoved her head into her mail bag. Pinkie and Derpy made the exchange with a single bit accompanying the envelope, and Derby popped one of the balls in her mouth before turning and walking out the door.

Big Mac turned to the mailmare as she spoke, “…so you see, I really need to get this to her!” she said. Silently he pointed his hoof towards the barn, “Is she on the other side?” Derpy asked. “Eyup!” he replied and went back to harvesting apples. Derpy made the short journey to the red barn, turning the corner and spying a very strange sight, Applejack had a watering can in her hoof, and was sprinkling it on a small garden of turnips. “Oh, howdy Derpy!” Applejack said as she finished up and turned to the grey Pegasus. “Huh, oh!” she said, and dunked her head in her bag, bringing up the right letter for Applejack. The smile she had said her line for her and Applejack gently took it from her, and opened it.

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