My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds


Twilight sat there, a large bottle of ink, her fifth one, and seven broken quills on the floor. This time, not a scroll, but instead a large stack of paper at her desk, “Twilight,” she heard Spike say from behind her, “Everypony is ready except you, the Princess’ are expecting us as well.”

“I’m almost done Spike!” she said, and finally dotted what the baby dragon could only guess was the last period, only to have her dip the quill again and start writing again, “Twilight, Sparkle!” she said out loud, and finally placed the feather into the nearly dry ink well. “Done!” she said, and lifted the entire stack with her magic. “You know Spike?” she asked, “Out of everything I did as a humanoid I still never found out how they get paper cuts so easily.” she said and walked out the door. Spike scratched his head with one of his claws as he followed her to the street. “Ready?” she asked and turned to her baby dragon. “Ready!” he responded happily, and they vanished with the power of her magic, reappearing at the train station. “Hi girls!” she said happily as they met up with them all, “And boys!”

“What do you think the Princess’ want with us?” Breeze asked as he mimicked Pinkie’s bounce movement for movement. “Yah!” Pinkie agreed as she bounced next to him, “Maybe they want to throw us a party!”

“It had better not be as boring as the Gala!” Rainbow Dash said as she waited for her Special Somepony to settle down. “And hopefully he won’t be there!” Rarity added. Twilight chuckled a little, and looked to her friends. She imagined them all having the pony versions of their NanoPacks close by, each of them smiling happily as they chatted about something she couldn’t hear. “I just hope there’ll be food!” Blade said as he rubbed his hoof to his stomach, “I wanted to treat Fluttershy to lunch before we got that letter!”

“Oh, I’m sorry!” she said to him. “It’s not your fault, I just have lousy timing with these things.” he told her. “And here she comes!” Applejack said as the train arrived.

The trip to the castle was completely uneventful, except for Pinkie and Blade complaining about there not being any food on board. When they arrived they were quickly escorted to the castle, and brought before the Princess’ Celestia and Luna. It seemed as if every pony in canter lot and Ponyville had been stuffed into the throne room as they made their way down the carpet. “Well this is a surprise!” Breeze whispered. “But I don’t see Princess Riida or Spiral Chain!” Blade commented in the same hushed voice. Both were quickly shushed by both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

Once they made it to the throne, Princess Celestia lifted her wings and silence fell. “Ponies of Equestria,” she began, “Thank you for joining us to congratulate our heroes.” With the last of her words, the crowd roared again, cheering for the eight friends as they stood in front of all. Breeze smiled as he waved his hoof to them all and winked at a group of mares. Rainbow Dash lifted her hoof and he quickly stopped. “For their bravery, we gather to celebrate this day, a day appointed to remember the sacrifices they have made for us and the disaster they have driven away. May we celebrate the day of victory as the ‘Star Fall Celebration’ in honor of our heroes!” Luna said as she finished the speach, and the roar started up again, louder than the first time. “And to you two,” Celestia continued as she looked to Blade and Breeze, “I feel as if this may not be enough of a thank you, for if you had not come to our aid, I fear we may have perished long before Riida had come to us.”

“It was our honor to assist you Princess.” Blade said as he bowed in a pony like fashion. “Where are Princess Riida and Spiral Chain anyway?” Breeze asked. “The two of them have business elsewhere, the Wandering Princess and her student are busy ponies after all.” Celestia said with a smile. “Still, Spiral Chain got the best name out of this deal. I kind of feel stupid with just Breeze as my name, wish I had a second part to it!” the younger brother suddenly said. Celestia smiled, and looked to his Cutie Mark, “Perhaps Cosmic Breeze would suit your liking?” Luna interjected. “And Galaxy Blade to yours?” Celestia said to his brother. Breeze’s smile spread across his face, growing each second he thought about it, “They’re perfect!” Blade said in his stead.

The party that followed was enormous, Pinkie actually had fun dancing with everypony she could find as she made suggestions to Vinyl Scratch, a DJ pony with a white coat and blue mane and tail with light blue highlights that had a musical note for a Cutie Mark and dark purple sunglasses on. Rarity stayed mostly with Spike as he brought her drinks and pillows when she asked, they even went out to dance at certain songs. Fluttershy stayed close to Blade, refusing to call him by anything but that, and Rainbow Dash danced with Cosmic Breeze. After he had told her his new name, she had said that it was twenty percent cooler than Breeze alone. Applejack enjoyed herself as well, talking to other mares about how cute Blade actually was, and warning them not to get between him and Fluttershy, saying that it was a personal experience. Twilight on the other hand walked up to Princess Celestia, the stack of paper floating next to her, “Aren’t you enjoying the celebration my student?” Celestia asked. “No, I am Princess, however I do have something urgent to discuss with you.” Twilight said. “Oh?” Celesta said as she brought a piece of cake to her eye level and licked her lips gleefully at it. “I request that this book be published and delivered to every library in Equestria.” Twilight said suddenly, breaking Celestia’s focus on the treat in front of her, “A book?” she asked. “Yes, a documentation of the events, from several pony views!” Twilight said as she delivered the stack of paper to her mentor.

“I hardly think that…” Celestia said as she looked to the papers, “Not just for them, but for me. It’s my way of telling the world of the new lesson in friendship I’ve learned.” Twilight interrupted. “And what is that lesson Twilight?” Celestia asked.

Twilight took a deep breath, “Friends are special to us, no matter what they look like or where they came from, and to lose one is hard, but as long as you keep them close to your heart, then no matter what happens, they’ll always be remembered, and as long as you remember your friends, they’ll always be with you.” she unicorn said, the noise of the party dying to a low murmur as she spoke, “I lost many friends in this war, and I hope never to lose another, but I’ve realized that through simple acts like writing a book, or making a dress, even keeping a picture of them, you can keep even those lost friends close.” When Twilight finished, she turned to her side, and there stood the pony version of the Angel, smiling brightly at her, though only she could see the apparition.

Celestia smiled and magically took the papers from her student, “I will make sure it gets done my student!” she said and wrapped one of her wings around her. “Thank you Princess!” Twilight said, and ran off to join her friends in the celebration. “A lesson well learned my little pony!” Celestia whispered to herself and turned away from the party, taking the paper and the piece of cake with her.


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