Phosphenes ;5seconds


Phosphenes (n.) the color or "stars" you see when you rub your eyes. • Chae Hyungwon has the mating stare; 5 seconds eye contact with another person would result to copying their sexual feeling. As he lived by in his vampire-wolf blood, hyungwon found out that the man next door was more than a threat, he might be the cause of this. Hoseok felt the need for Hyungwon. No, It was not just a need, he was craving for his very existence. As he tried each day to be closer to him, he didnt saw the warning signs that he was not just risking his blood but also his heart.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Where a man with 5 seconds ability found his mate on a man who's trying to hide something.


"Your stares, much more powerful than my ability, It weakens me, I want to make you mine."


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Copyright © Abhor 2019

This book is a work of fanfiction.

Information written are not necessarily. true.


Phosphenes contains words and sexual content.

Rub your eyes,

enter this world.


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