Suicide Squad His Queens


Martha Wayne is not exactly the perfect daughter that Bruce was hoping for. Her life had been one big downward spiral ever since he mother walked out on them. Then there was the incident that fully changed her life. She feels like her life is over. That is u til she is locked away in Arkham Asylum were she makes some knew friends. Martha quickly befriends no other then the Joker himself. What happens when they set there sites on a nice doctor, Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Will they make it out of the asylum together or will someone get left behind. And what will happen when the government starts recruiting villains to fight there battles. Only time will tell.

Erotica / Action
Rubble Uguz
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Dad, please! I’m sorry it won’t happen again,” I begged as he forced me into the back of his car.

“I know you believe that bunny, but you’re not in control.” He answered as he slammed the door shut, locking me inside.

“I can control it, I promise!” I yelled as tears started to pour from my eyes.

“You can’t. You have no control, and that makes you dangerous.” He answered.

“I didn’t mean to hurt those people,” I told him for the hundredth time.

I felt like he does not believe me.

“I know bunny, and that’s why we’re doing this. They can help keep you safe.” He told me as he gave me a quick glance, threw the rearview mirror.

It was upsetting that he could not even look at me anymore, but I understood why. Since the incident, I no longer look or act like myself. Actually, I don’t even know who I am anymore. Everything had changed. The first was my eyes.

When I woke up after the incident, my bright blue eyes that looked so much like my mother’s where now a dull gray color. The next to change was my skin. The olive complexion I inherited from my father started to pail until I was as white as a ghost. Then my dark, almost black hair started to turn white. Starting at the tips and working its way up to the roots.

I basically now looked like Liv, my best friend who sometimes comes to town to help in the morgue. I guess that made sense we were both basically the same. Not that I eat brains or anything but I am a soul eater now. I need to feed off of others to survive.

“Don’t you mean you’re locking me up with the worst people ever so you can keep everyone else safe?” I corrected him.

“It’s not permanent. Just until we can find a cure.” He repeated.

“What if they don’t?” I mumbled as I looked down to my paled fingers.

“They will.” He answered as the car came to a stop in front of the big Iron Gate.

I looked at it as it screeched to life, opening up to swallow me whole. I turned and looked out the back window watching the gates close behind me. A few seconds later, the car was stopped. My dad came around and opened up the door for me.

I reluctantly climbed out of the car. I quickly pulled my black hoody up over my head, trying my best to cover my face. At that moment a blonde woman with blue eyes and a huge smile walked up to us.

“Hello, welcome to Arkem Asylum my name is Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and I’ll be showing you around.” She said to me as she fiddled with the pocket of her long white lab coat.

“You’re not coming in?” I asked my dad as I took in her words.

“No, it’s better if I don’t.” He answered.

“And it would be best if no one found out who you really are. I already talked to the doctors.” He told me.

“You mean you pain them off,” I said to him.

He was going to respond, but before he could, I turned back to the doctor.

“I think it’s time you take me to my cell, Dr. Quinzel,” I told her.

She gave a quick look at my dad and then back to me.

“Right this way.” She said as she leads me threw the massive doors.

Inside did not look any better than outside. The building was old and falling apart. The building only seemed to be made out of cold stone. Everything was a shade of gray. This place looked like absolutely the worst place to be ever.

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