The Dragonborn Hunts


Wyll grinned at her, appreciating her motives if questioning her wisdom. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see,” he said noncommittally. As soon as they were fully inside the Suite, Katja’s eyes were moving around, searching for Anders. Wyll took note of this and knew what was on her mind. He’d accepted that he only held a part of his lover’s heart, but it still gave him a little twinge of regret when her attention veered from him to his friend and rival. There were quite a few people in the Suite, relaxing in the central bathing pool or having a meal at one of the tables on the mezzanine, but Anders was not among them.

Giving Wyll a kiss and a squeeze, Katja hastened up the stairs. She found Anders sitting by himself at the table in the master bedroom area, sipping from a tankard of ale and looking thoughtful. A plate of food sat on the table in front of him. She called to him, “Anders!” and rushed to him. His warm brown eyes lit at the sight of her, yet she sensed a cloud behind them. Something was troubling him. She fell into his arms, squeezing him to her as she pressed her mouth to his. “Is everything all right, darling?”

Anders stood holding her, shaking off his melancholy with a will. She was here again, in his arms. But her days away had left him feeling as if the sun was never going to shine again. Was he losing his ability to remain satisfied with the arrangement that he, Kat, and Wyll had come to a few months before? He bore Wyll no enmity. Who could dislike Wyll? A stauncher ally or sunnier companion had never been born. Yet the uncertainty of Anders’ position, the never knowing when he got up in the morning if he would be with his beloved or merely missing her, while she was gone for an unknown period of days (or worse – here, but sleeping in another man’s bed), was beginning to gnaw at the core of his being.

Kat was always honest with him, and Anders felt he owed it to her to be honest in turn. But it was so painfully hard to articulate his feelings. What if she rejected them as an attempt to limit her freedom? What if she decided to throw off his clinging, needy love to go be young and carefree with Wyll and whoever else caught her fancy? The 10-year difference in their ages meant they were at different points in their lives. With every passing year Anders longed more for stability, for building a future – while Kat was just getting started, in the prime of enjoying her life without ties or responsibilities.

Katja was now holding Anders’ arms, looking up at his face as a series of emotions passed across it. This was serious! Whatever was bothering her lover, it seemed to be really tearing him up inside. And, after his recent revelations about his hopes for the future, she could only guess that her prolonged absence from his bed was at the root of it. “Anders! I’m here now! I love you!”

He pulled himself away from the thoughts that were ravaging him, to look into her eyes with love. “I know,” he murmured, and kissed her deeply. She received his kiss whole-heartedly, though the situation still troubled her. She loved Anders more than she could express. That fidelity was not in her makeup, that she was irresistibly drawn to Wyll, did not change that fact. After months of happy accommodation, she suddenly felt stabbed to the heart by the same conflict that had troubled her when she first realized that she loved and wanted them both.

But Katja’s irrepressible nature soon reasserted itself. Pushing aside the intensity of her feelings, she let her excitement about the recent turn of events spill out to wash away the pall of heavy emotions. “Anders!” she exclaimed, “I am now Thane of the Reach!” He smiled at her, pleasure in her happiness easing his troubled mood. “Congratulations! So, you bought a house?”

We bought a wonderful house!” she replied joyfully. “It’s called Vlindrel Hall, and it’s just a few flights of stairs up from the Markarth main gates. It’s like, twice the size of Breezehome. And, it came with a housecarl! A male housecarl!” Anders cocked an eyebrow at her. “Oh?” “Yes! His name is Argis the Bulwark, he looks to be around your age but he’s super grim and warlike, big like Wyll. And we brought him back to Whiterun so I could give him to Lydia.”

Anders looked a bit taken aback. “Um… Kat, you can’t just move people around like you’re playing with dolls.” Ire flared in her eyes. “I’ll have you know I have never played with dolls.” After a moment her anger subsided, however, and she appeared a little chastened. “I know, Lydia was mad at me too. But I think she’ll get over it. She needs some help looking after Anja and I think both she and Argis were lonely, being housecarls all by themselves. This way they’ll both have some company, and if anything more comes of it all to the good.” She considered some more before adding, “If Balgruuf can ‘give’ Lydia to me, I don’t see why I can’t ‘give’ Argis to her. She’s beautiful, and Argis is a hunk even if he does look a little hard-bitten. They’d make a perfect couple.”

Anders shrugged. Once his little lover got rolling, there was no stopping her. What could he do but be swept along? Katja abruptly seated herself at the table and picked up a bread roll, taking a big bite and then washing it down with a little of Anders’ ale before continuing in a more serious vein. “Anders, when we came into Whiterun a little while ago we were attacked by a Master Vampire right out in front of the door to Breezehome. Everywhere I go people are talking about increasing vampire attacks, and I think it’s time to do something about it.”

She had some more bread and another sip of ale. Breakfast seemed to have been a long while ago. “I heard someone mention an organization that’s forming, like the Companions or the Blades, but specifically targeting vampires. They’re recruiting at some fortress out beyond Riften, and I think we should join up. Assuming you want to come along with me?” Anders gave her his warmest smile. “I’ll follow you anywhere, Kat. You know that. And fighting vampires seems like a worthy cause. What about Wyll?”

Katja thought about it. Her two men in tandem were unstoppable. But just as she’d guessed when she first considered having both of them fighting at her side, the situation could be a logistical nightmare. She would barely be able to get an arrow in without risking hitting one or the other of them as they leapt into the fray. Of the two, she supposed Wyll was the more effective killer. He accomplished by ferocity and main force in seconds what might take Anders 3 or 4 times as long to achieve with destruction magic. But Anders had more knowledge about the world and its dangers, and he and she made a better fighting team.

But of all the factors she was considering, the one that carried the argument for her was her relationship with Anders. She’d gone off and left him for a couple of days, and returned to find him so sad at her absence that even her return had failed to completely lighten his mood. She needed to spend some time together with him, one on one, and reassure him that her love for him was as deep as his for her. Wyll… well, she knew that Wyll’s once-casual feelings for her had gone deeper as well, and she would miss him. But she felt he was better-equipped emotionally to withstand a prolonged separation.

Anders had seated himself beside her at the table and was watching her, waiting for an answer. Her decision made, she smiled at him and said “I think Wyll should stay here. I’d like to have someone close at hand who cares about Anja and can help Lydia and Argis if they need anything. And who knows when we’ll be back? This could take months.” Elation flared in Anders’ heart. Yes! He might not wish Wyll harm, but he wanted Kat for himself. He was coming to realize that more as the months went by. This anti-vampire crusade would be his chance to win her, if anything would.

He reached out to grab her hands, holding them firmly while looking into her eyes. “You and I should be more than a match for any den of vampires, love” he assured her. Noticing for the first time that she was eating his supper, he asked “Have you eaten yet?” An expression of puzzled concentration passed across Kat’s face. “Wyll and I had breakfast in Markarth what seems like two or three hours ago. But I am hungry.” “How about we get a soak, and have Lane whip us up something for afterward?” he asked. He knew his beloved well, and the chance to climb into hot water was something she rarely passed up.

Katja smiled brilliantly at him, squeezing his hands then rising to her feet with a cheery “Okay!” She peeled out of her street clothes, much easier than getting out of armor. She enjoyed the excitement of questing in dangerous places, and was already looking forward to the project she was embarking on with Anders. But a little peace and quiet now and again was enjoyable too.

As she was undressing, Anders stood up again. Forgetting for the moment that he was planning to take a bath too, he just stood gazing at her. She stirred him to his soul, although he had to admit that his crotch appeared to be involved as well. Starting slightly as he remembered what he was supposed to be doing, he took off his shirt. By now Kat was standing there in the nude, rummaging through her pack for a robe, and he came up behind her to press himself against her bare skin. His trousers were soft, though what was contained within them was not.

He bent over her, wrapping his arms around her, inhaling her scent as his face pressed to her bare back. “Mmmm!” he said. Then, “wanna screw first?” Katja snorted and stood upright suddenly enough to bash him in the nose; but he was ready for her and got out of the way. She rotated to face him, her eyes wide. “Why Anders,” she said, surprise painting her features. “It’s almost as if you could read my mind!” With that she stepped forward to fall into his arms, her breasts pressed to his bare chest as her hand wandered down to press and stroke the firm bulge straining his trousers.

Ooh, it was so hot! She felt a little guilty at leaving it all on its lonesome for so many days. Making love with Wyll was Big Fun, but making love with Anders had another dimension to it. Oh, how she wished it were possible to have both of them with no hurt feelings, but she realized that she was just going to have to face the facts. Anders needed more of her than she had been willing to give him. Was she willing to give him up and tear his heart apart, just so she could have the freedom to hop from one bed to another for a few more years before settling down? She definitely did plan to settle down someday, have a family and a home and some continuity to her life. But not yet!

Still pressed against Anders’ chest, she sighed. She loved him so much! Maybe with him, a settled life wouldn’t be so bad. And they could still have adventures together, perhaps. For a moment a vision appeared before her eyes, of a sprawling residence overlooking a sunny meadow with a sprightly river flowing at the bottom of it. Their children and Anja, along with Lydia and Argis’ brood (she pictured 2 boys and a girl), laughed and played through the halls as she and Anders returned, laden with loot, from another expedition during which the housecarl couple had been watching the children. This fantasy seemed so utterly absurd, she found herself shaking with suppressed laughter.

“Kat?” Anders asked. One moment she’d been about to get down and dirty on him, and the next she was lost in thought… and laughing? “Nothing,” she smiled. “Just a whacky thought. Let’s see about this, shall we?” With that she seized the waistband of his trousers and pulled them down off of him. He could certainly have worn underdrawers with these, but seemed to prefer to go without them – and his fine, thick cock was standing at attention before her eyes.

She knelt on the carpet and took him in her mouth. Since she couldn’t really do this successfully with Wyll, she’d been honing all her cocksucking skills on Anders; and she’d found that she quite liked it. That big, stiff, slightly salty member filling her mouth made her think of how it would feel in the other end, and the stimulation as her lips rubbed over it, her fingers tickling his scrotum as it tightened, conveyed his excitement to her like the electrical charge from a Sparks spell.

Anders gasped. Oh, yeah. He held her head gently as she worked on him. Damn, she was getting good at this! It had only been a short while ago she had first sucked him to orgasm, and now she seemed close to doing it again. Days without her had raised his libido to a sharp hunger within him. But no, no… can’t come yet. He went from pulling in to pushing back on Kat’s head, making her release him from her mouth and look up at him. Her eyes had gone softly focused. Evidently she was enjoying it as much as he was! But he still wanted to make her come.

“Slowly, my dear…” he murmured, giving her a hand so she could rise. Then he kicked off his trousers from where they lay puddled around his ankles, and led her to the bed. He beckoned her to sit down on the edge, then he knelt and began pleasuring her with his mouth. Ooh! Katja lay back to enjoy this, her legs spread wide. Anders had a lot of talent in his tongue and lips, and he seemed to enjoy eating her as much as she did him. As ever, it took only a minute or two of this before the feeling rose in her, a little burst of pleasure in the area of her clit that radiated out to encompass her entire body. She cried out and pressed him to her as she came, then relaxed and lay there panting, smiling, as he kissed her inner thighs before beginning to work his way slowly up her body.

By the time they were face to face, his hard cock was slipping inside her still-throbbing, dripping cunt. Oh! That felt so good! As sometimes happened when they were together they moved as in a trance, riding the sensations of their bodies like a wave of warm silk while their spirits soared and twined. An endless instant later, the fire ignited within Katja and Anders at once, spreading like a shockwave to engulf them in ripples of ecstasy. Anders held her tightly, encased in her to his full length, gasping for breath. His warm brown eyes were alight with exultation, her cool sea-gray ones radiating love.

From the depression that had dragged him down before Kat’s arrival, Anders now felt on top of the world. She loved him, he knew she did! And she was willing to join with him in a long-term endeavor that would take her away from here, away from Wyll, away from any other guys that might catch her eye. He understood that a woman with appetites like Kat’s was a rarity, and that it shouldn’t surprise him if she occasionally felt like dining on some less-usual fare.

He’d even be willing to grant her the occasional bit of outside activity, as long as her heart belonged to him and her children were his as well. Though now that he thought about it, why should that matter? He already loved Anja, no relation to either of them. He knew he would love any child that was a part of Kat, whether he had provided the seed to create it or not. It was loving and being together as a family, not sperm and eggs, that made a father or a mother.

When their breathing had returned to normal, the two rose from the bed. Anders donned his own robe and Katja completed the long-interrupted search for hers, which she put on. Then they walked down the stairs to the common room, holding hands, and slipped into the hot pool. They spotted Wyll sitting at their usual table, a few paces from poolside. He too had evidently found breakfast either lacking or too long gone, and was working on a plate of food. Before climbing into the pool, Katja took Lane aside and asked him to deliver some more food to Wyll’s table. She could only hope some of it would still be left by the time they’d finished their soak.

Katja and Anders joined a small throng of Suite customers in the pool. Business seemed to be up, and she made a mental note to herself to check with Lane for her share of the profits. Her recent real estate purchases had left her purse a little on the flat side, and who knew what expenses might be involved in launching a general campaign against vampires? They sat there on a bench, holding hands and enjoying the hot water. Neither found much to say. After their blissful session of lovemaking they seemed to be floating, at peace with the world.

When the hot water had begun to carve wrinkles in the pads of their fingers they climbed out, stomachs rumbling. After toweling off and re-donning their robes they hastened to join Wyll at the table. He’d finished eating, and was just sitting there taking in the ambience of the Suite, enjoying himself after a satisfactory meal. He greeted them with a smile, and beckoned to the largely untouched plates of food that had arrived in their absence.

”Oh good, you left some for us!” Katja said teasingly. Wyll grinned at her. “Eat up!” he said. She and Anders fell to devouring the food with surprising hunger. He’d been about to eat dinner when she arrived, and she had been feeling a little peckish. For some reason, they were both now ravenous. When the gnawing in Katja’s stomach had been reduced to a manageable level, she began filling Wyll in on her current plan. “Anders and I are going down toward Riften, and joining up with the group that’s trying to do something about the vampire attacks,” she told him.

Wyll had an idea where this was heading. That lingering dread, which had grown at the back of his mind over the past few months, was coming to the fore. “You want me to come along?” he asked, though he feared what the answer would be. Kat touched his arm, even as she took a drink of her ale. “I’d really like you to stay here, and keep an eye on Lydia and Anja,” she told him. He felt as if protest was futile, but couldn’t stop himself from making it anyway. “Wasn’t that why we brought Argis to stay at Breezehome?” he asked.

Uh-oh, Katja thought. She had confidently expected Wyll to accept whatever their relationship brought with a smile and a hearty “Oh well.” Instead, it was beginning to look as though he was as unwilling to part with her as Anders was. Now what? “Anja loves you,” she told him. “She needs all the people she can get in her life who will be there for her. You can bring them supplies, come by for visits, make them feel like they have some support. I don’t know whether Argis even likes kids. He certainly doesn’t seem like a logical candidate for Dad of the Year.”

“And I do?” Wyll asked. Despite himself, despite the hurt he was feeling, he couldn’t help smiling. Katja returned that smile. “Who wouldn’t love you? Wyll, you are marvelous! Anja adores you, and I am extremely fond of you myself! You’ll be fine, and when the vampire threat is eliminated we’ll all be back together again. Okay?” Her eyes were shining as she looked at him hopefully, and he was powerless to deny her. He had his own suspicions of the likely outcome of this prolonged adventure, but what could he do? He loved Kat, and he was going to love her whether she was his or not. Meanwhile there were… other compensations. A small fragment of his usual zest for life returned to him, as he considered that there were many joys to be found, if you had eyes to see.

Katja squeezed his hands and gave him one of those radiant smiles that came from the heart. She loved him, and she willed him to be all right, to be happy. She couldn’t bear it if either of her men were lost in the sink of despair because she had decided to devote herself to the other. So that would not happen! She hoped.

The three of them finished eating their extended dinner, and sat talking and watching the passing parade as the life of the Suite went on around them. “There seems to be lot more guests than usual,” Katja remarked. “They’re all here for a glimpse of The Dragonborn,” Wyll told her with a grin. She doubted that, since most people were not paying her any more attention than usual. It was not as if she was the most beautiful woman in the room, or anything.

But perhaps what he said had some truth in it. Her reputation had spread, and people with time on their hands might well seek out a brush with fame. They could go back home and say, “I went to the Luxury Suite. Yeah, it’s owned by the Dragonborn. She was right there, eating dinner on the other side of the room. And I slept in one of the beds she slept in.” Most of them wouldn’t have recognized her if she’d gone up to them and squeezed their crotch.

As the hour grew late and the crowd thinned, the three friends parted ways – Wyll to sleep (alone, apparently) in his basement bedroom while Katja and Anders climbed the stairs to spend the night in the master bed. The afterglow from their recent time together left them still touching and stroking a lot, floating in a miasma of love that made it hard to focus on the world around them. When they had taken off their clothing and climbed between the sheets, Anders took her in his arms and made love to her again, with the slow concentration that was possible now the edge had been taken off. It was a long while before they slept.


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