The Dragonborn Hunts

Chasing Moths

“Where would a Moth Priest actually go?” Katja asked Serana. She didn’t recall having heard much of anything about them beyond what she’d read in the College’s library when she was researching the elder scroll that was instrumental in her defeat of Alduin.

Serana thought for a moment. “Well, back before I… you know,” she said. “The College of Winterhold was the first place I’d think to go for any kind of magic or historical thing. The wizards know about all kinds of things that people probably shouldn’t know about.”

Katja looked to Anders, who also pondered before replying. “When we were there looking for information on that scroll, I saw that they had some books on the subject. Like the one we looked at. But I don’t see how a book hundreds of years old is going to tell us how to find a Moth Priest who just happens to be traveling through Skyrim this week. I think we should go to Solitude and ask at the inn there. Cities in Skyrim don’t get any bigger.”

Katja liked that idea a lot better than going to icy Winterhold to consult with Gro-Shub over some musty tomes. “That’s sounds like a good plan, love,” she told him. “Shall we be off?”

“Actually,” Serana chimed in, “now that I think of it… I’m going to come along with you. I’ve been really wanting to go out and explore a bit.” Katja realized this only made sense. Serana was her lookout, and it would be much better to have her coming along with them than hanging around here in the hostile territory of Fort Dawnguard. Isran’s poisonous hatred might erupt at the slightest provocation.

Still, she’d been hoping to get Anders alone. Well, maybe that could still happen. “All right, Serana. That’s a good idea. Do you have everything you need?”

“Ready when you are,” the eerily beautiful woman responded. She followed Katja and Anders as they retraced their steps down the staircase and back out through the entry hall to the front doors. Pulling out her map, Katja soon had them standing just inside the gates of Solitude. The Winking Skeever stood a few paces away.

It was full dark, and Katja realized that she now felt ravenously hungry. The effects of fast-traveling, especially if the distance was great, always left her feeling as if something had been stolen from her. Still, it beat days of surface travel through Skyrim’s bandit-and-monster-infested wildlands. She led her little band into the Skeever, and asked the innkeeper, the pleasant-looking and surprisingly blond Imperial Corpulus Vinius, to bring them some food.

Katja looked questioningly at Serana. She hadn’t spent a lot of time socializing with vampires, and didn’t really know the details of their diet. From the butchered corpses she’d seen spread on the tables in Castle Volkihar’s dining hall, it didn’t consist solely of blood. Serana answered her unspoken question by addressing the innkeeper: “Do you have some venison steaks you haven’t cooked yet?” He looked puzzled, but nodded. “Please bring those along with whatever my friends are having.” Corpulus murmured “at your service,” and relayed their meal request to a serving girl. Then the trio seated themselves at a nearby table.

After they’d sat down, Serana gave Katja a half-smile and said, “Thanks for the thought. Actually, we can eat whatever food you can. We were all human once. But after the… change, our tastes run much more to meat. Yet however much regular food we eat, there’s a hunger for blood that grows until we can’t think of anything else, if it’s not satisfied. Fortunately,” she added, pulling out a small vial and downing its contents, “I have a potion for that.”

Serana laughed sardonically as she observed the expressions of relief that passed over the faces of her two friends. “Relax!” she said. “You’re in no danger from me. I wish I could tell you the same was true of my father’s court, but it’s not. We’re all going to have to keep a sharp lookout. My father is very likely unhappy that I left home again with the scroll, and he will probably have some parties out looking for us.”

Katja took all this in with concern. Somehow the concept of “joining up to fight vampires” had seemed a lot less terrifying than this very specific war with Lord Harkon. She shook it off. She was The Dragonborn: possessed of good skills, good luck, and good friends. Who could stand against them? Their food arrived, venison chops grilled and served with leeks and boiled potatoes for her and Anders, raw ones on a separate plate for Serana. They all dug in with good appetite, and it was some time before any conversation resumed.

Corpulus came by their table to ask if everything had been satisfactory. His eyebrows raised a bit at the sight of Serana polishing off her bloody venison, but he remained discreet. Katja took this opportunity to pump him for information. “Heard anything about a Moth Priest passing through?” she asked him.

“Ain’t too often we get a visitor like that,” he replied. “But there was one came here just yesterday.”

Anders, Katja thought, I love the way your mind works. “Where is he now?” she asked Corpulus.

“Oh, he just left a short while ago,” the innkeeper responded. “He said he’d finished up his work and it was time to move on. That’s all I can tell you. He asked me not to let anyone know where he was going. I suppose he didn’t want the attention.”

Katja locked the man’s gaze with her own and said sincerely, “It’s important that I find him right away!”

To her surprise, Corpulus folded like a Khajiit’s tent and replied “Ah, well, in that case I’ll tell you what I know. He took the road southwest out of town, and said he was going to be crossing over the Dragon Bridge. That’s all he told me. I hope it helps.”

Katja thanked him effusively, as she considered. She had managed not to visit the village of Dragon Bridge as yet, having never had any reason to go there. She could fast-travel to the bandit camp atop the hill overlooking the town, but stumbling around in the dark up there was out of the question. Besides, she would need to ask people in town whether they’d seen the Priest and his party, but everyone would be asleep at this hour.

Those were her rationalizations, at least. At the root of it, she really, really wanted to spend some time alone with Anders in a comfortable bed and she couldn’t help wondering how many more opportunities there were likely to be for that before this anti-vampire crusade was over. So, while Corpulus was still standing there she told him, “We’d like a couple of rooms for the night.” He brightened right up, pleased that these seemingly well-heeled travelers wanted to spend more of their coin at his inn.

Their meal concluded, the three arose and Corpulus led them upstairs. Katja directed Serana to take the room on the left, and Corpulus put her and Anders in the room on the right – the very room where Katja and Wyll had stayed, several months ago, after her escapade at the Thalmor Embassy. The memory of that night, and the following morning, sent a sharp surge of lust through her along with a twinge of regret. Even though she was committed to being with Anders, was considering giving up her carefree life to make one with him alone, she couldn’t help missing Wyll. It didn’t take much in the way of oracular vision to guess this was going to cause her problems down the line; but for now, she shrugged it off.

As soon as the door had closed behind Corpulus, leaving them alone at last, Katja lunged for Anders. He was standing at the foot of the bed and was knocked backwards, letting himself fall flat on the bed with his legs hanging over the end and Katja sitting on him. He grinned at her and raised the upper part of his body to pull her down for a tender kiss. Then he remarked casually, “Don’t you think it might be a good idea to take off our armor, love?”

She bent down to clash the hard ebony of her armor’s upper section against the equally hard moonstone-and-quicksilver of his Elven gear. Banging a couple of times she smiled back at him and said, “Looks like you’re right…” Reluctantly, she rolled off of him to sit at the side of the bed. He sat up and helped her with her buckles, pulling the top part of the armor off her leaving her nude to the waist, her full breasts bobbing appealingly.

She stood up then and Anders, still sitting on the bed, knelt to help her unlace the ebony plate that constituted the armor’s main lower piece. There was also a sort of chain mail thong bikini bottom, and her firm but rounded buttocks were exposed. He’d been watching them for hours, and was becoming rather anxious to remove his own armor, because the hard-on he was getting was really kind of painful. Parting the plate, he gave her butt cheeks a firm squeeze and ran his hand down between them to caress her sex. Then he hastily stood up and began (with some assistance from Katja) to get his own armor off in a hurry.

In moments their hardware had hit the floor and been kicked aside, and they stood naked a couple of feet apart – each drinking in the sight of the other like it was the finest wine. As much as she loved having sex with Anders, or necking with him, or having long and interesting conversations with him; sometimes Katja thought she could just spend hours looking at him. Perhaps her vision was colored by love and attraction, but she still thought he was one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen.

She broke her spellbound gaze to step closer to him, putting her arms around his neck and pressing her body to his. His cock pressed against her belly, warmer by far than the rest of his skin and pulsing slightly with eagerness. It seemed to her that it had a mind of its own, sometimes – as in fact, it also seemed to its owner. What was on that mind most of the time, he had noticed, was this lovely lass who was now squeezing so close to him a flea could not have gotten between them.

He bent his head to kiss her deeply, his tongue in her mouth and his hands roaming her body. They stroked down her back and seized handfuls of her buttocks, pulling her still closer. Oh, Kat! As he pulled away a little he saw her eyes were alight with desire. No other woman he had met took such deep pleasure in love as she did, or inflamed him so much.

Putting his hands on her slender waist, he guided her over to the bed. “Sit down,” he murmured, panting slightly. “I want to eat you.” It had been a couple of days since they’d been able to take a bath, and her sex was a little musky. Anders didn’t mind at all. She tasted like Kat, like feminine arousal, like home. She had not menstruated since he had known her, apparently the result of the amulet she wore that protected her from pregnancy and venereal diseases. It had a different effect on men, though he wasn’t sure what it was. Wyll, who wore one all the time, certainly didn’t seem to suffer any curtailment of his sex life as a result.

These clinical thoughts, passing through Anders’ mind as he pleasured his beloved with his lips and tongue, did not detract from his own arousal in the least. That second mind residing in the swollen head of his cock didn’t give a skeever’s ass what the mechanism of Kat’s amulet might be, or even if she wore one. Hell, its agenda was probably to convince her to take it off, so it could get busy impregnating her with a little brother for Anja.

At the other end of things, Katja was as usual floating in a cloud of delicious sensation as Anders’ mouth worked its magic at her fork. Lying back, humping her crotch into his face and stroking his hair with her eyes closed, she let herself ride that wave, up-up-up until she burst in a prolonged moan of ecstasy, wetting his mouth with a flood of slightly salty juices. As she climaxed she threw her eyes open, staring up at the dimly lit ceiling above the bed, sparkling lights exploding inside her head. Aaah!

If she thought about it, it seemed slightly unfair to Katja that she got to come over and over again, but Anders (or Wyll, or any of the many other lovers she had known) had to wait awhile before they could repeat. But on the other hand, that was just the way Nature worked. Why fight it? Lifting herself up on her elbows, she looked down at her beloved as he raised his eyes to hers, a satisfied smile on his face. He loved to make her come, and she found that one of his most endearing qualities.

Come here, she beckoned silently, her lips curving in bliss. Anders stood from his crouching position then climbed onto the bed, straddling her, before walking himself up on his hands to join her. His face was wet with saliva and her juices, and he stopped halfway up to blot it off a bit between her breasts, turning his head from side to side to nuzzle them. Then he began working his way up from there, planting hot kisses on her bare skin: her breastbone, her collarbone, the neck where it joined the shoulder (ooh!). He ran his tongue up her neck from there to her chin, arriving at last at her mouth and engulfing it in a deep kiss.

He had still not entered her with his cock, which was quivering with eagerness. Now he began working it back and forth in her sopping wet furrow, pressing it to her and rubbing against her clit. This was delicious agony for him as it was for her, but he kept at it until she was crying out again, so close to coming that the moment he rammed it home she screamed and bucked, spasming upward to meet his thrust as if she had been struck by lightning.

Anders closed his eyes, the feelings as Kat’s cunt clenched around his cock almost too much to bear. But he just managed to hold on. He wanted more, wanted this to go on forever. In the back of his mind he knew that wasn’t possible, but he knew it could last a little longer, at least. He gave Kat a moment to recover and fully enjoy her orgasm, stroking slowly and gently and kissing her fervently until her spasms had subsided. Then he began using deeper, firmer strokes, penetrating her to the fullest. Augh, it felt so good!

Anders had done this to her on many and many an occasion, and Katja loved it every time. It was almost magical, the way he could draw her to a screaming peak of sensation, let her rest a bit, then do it again and again. If Wyll did this on a regular basis she’d have been worn to a nubbin, but somehow with Anders she had the ability to pour herself fully into the experience taking nothing but pleasure, unbelievable pleasure, and suffering no harm.

They made love face to face for a time, then by unspoken agreement pulled apart long enough for Katja to get on her hands and knees facing the head of the bed – so Anders could enter her from behind. In this position her irresistible ass beckoned to him, and the feelings as he thrust deeply inside soon sent her tumbling over the edge once again. This time, she sensed his urgency as he reached his own climax at last, and it heightened her excitement as they groaned in unison and he pumped his load into her. His strokes continued for another few seconds until every drop had been expelled. Then he fell down to wrap her with his body as they both knelt, panting.

The two of them, still locked together, fell sideways onto the bed with their heads resting on the pillows. Anders squeezed Katja tight, kissing her shoulder. “Oh, darling…” she murmured breathlessly. After all this time, the experience of making love with him was still mind-bending and left her feeling as if she had been transported to some other plane of existence. She hugged his arms to her as he was hugging her from behind, her mind still fragmented by lust and love.

After he had softened and slipped from within her, Katja rotated in his arms and planted a deep kiss on his lips, her hands cradling his head. “I love you,” she said softly, “so much…” He lay there, still trying to bring his own mind back into focus. It appeared to have wandered off while Mind #2 was having so much fun.

Kissing her back, then hugging her to him tightly and gently kissing her forehead, he replied as softly “Kat, you are everything to me.” Promise you will never leave me, his mind continued. But his mouth prudently left it at that.


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