The Dragonborn Hunts

The Next Step

When they had returned to the platform in Valerica’s laboratory, Katja began thinking about how they were going to get ‘home.’ She really didn’t feel like wandering through miles of gargoyle infested passages to return the way they had come. “Where does that door lead?” she asked Serana, gesturing to a door at the top of a flight of stairs on the far side of the room.

“No idea,” she replied. Oh right, Serana had never seen this place before.

“Let’s find out then,” Katja said, and her companions trailed behind her as she headed for it.

Oh! The door opened onto a small stone bridge that spanned the space between two of the castle’s towers – and it was open to the air! Katja sucked in a double lungful of the icy cold, damp stuff, thinking it was the most delightful breath she had ever taken. Sunshine, flowers, and butterflies would be nicer perhaps; but this had dank castle corridors beat all hollow – and from here, she was able to fast-travel them to Fort Dawnguard.

They arrived near the front steps, for which Katja was thankful. It was dark out, and she had no way of knowing the time. She led them at a slow pace in through the double doors, and found the circular entry hall empty. They needed, she supposed, to find Dexion and give him the scroll they had recovered at such effort. But it could bloody well wait until they’d had some sleep.

“Anders,” she said, turning to her lover, “I noticed there was a double bed up on the second floor near where Isran had Serana when we got back time before last. Let’s go see if it’s available.” He followed her up the stairs and they found the bedroom, tucked into a good-sized alcove along one of the corridors. The bed looked unslept-in, and nobody was around.

With a clump, Katja dropped her pack on the floor. “Help me?” she asked, looking up at Anders. He could tell that, restored though her soul might be, her body was on the verge of collapse just from everything they been through during the past hours. He gently unfastened her armor for her and set it down on a nearby bench. She stood there naked, and he couldn’t help feeling a spark of desire. She always seemed to have that effect on him, even as tired as he also was at this moment.

Anders peeled off his own armor, and turned to find Kat sitting on the bed staring into space. He approached her, his cock half-hard, and she looked up at him with a tired smile. She cupped his stiffening member in her hand, applied a sweet little kiss to the shaft of it, and said “I’ll see you in the morning.” Then she pulled the bedcovers down and rolled into the bed, her head half-engulfed in the pillow. Yawning hugely, Anders slipped into bed beside her. He wrapped himself around her backside, giving her a tender kiss on the nape of her neck. And they both drifted off to sleep.

Hours later, Katja awoke feeling fully restored. Ah, it was so good to be fully in possession of her soul once again! Her heart she’d parceled out to Anders, to Wyll, and now to Anja as well, not counting the part of it already held by her family in High Rock. It seemed to expand to keep up with the demand. But her soul was another matter, and she vowed never to let it slip from her control again.

Anders was sleeping curled against her back, one arm draped over her, and snoring softly. She squeezed his hand and kissed it, then rotated under his arm to face him. She lay there, eyes half shut, admiring his sleeping face. Then she kissed him on his brow. When that failed to get his attention she reached down between their bodies and found his member half stirring, a morning erection beginning to grow. She pulled it up, and reached underneath to tickle his scrotum gently, in smooth light strokes.

Immediately his cock got stiffer, there was an intake of breath, and his eyes opened to look upon her sleepily, warm affection mixing with growing desire. “Good morning my love,” Katja murmured. She lifted her face and kissed him full on the mouth, meanwhile stroking his cock and balls with one hand. He kissed her back with growing heat, pressing her to him.

“Oh Kat,” he said softly. “I’m so glad you’re all right.”

“Right as rain,” she replied jauntily, giving him the impish smile that had captured his heart from the first time he had seen it. He cast a quick look around. Their bedroom was not the most private place one could want, but nobody seemed to be stirring in the vicinity. He reached down between Kat’s legs with his free hand and massaged her mound, slipping two fingers inside to find her wet and ready for him. Then he rolled over on top of her, supporting his weight on his knees as she spread her legs to receive him, and thrust his cock deep inside her.

Katja gave a little gasp as he went in. Oh, that felt so good! She wrapped her legs around his hips and met his thrusts, their pubic mounds bouncing together as his shaft slid in and out. Soon she was crying out, her moans rising higher and higher in pitch as his thrusts came harder and faster. “Oh yes! Yes!” she cried as her back arched and her cunt clamped down on him, pulsating as her orgasm swept over her.

Anders gritted his teeth and held on. The pleasure was overwhelming, and there were few things he found more exciting than having Kat writhing, impaled on his cock, in ecstasy; but he wanted some more. Besides, he had only just woken up. After Kat had recovered a bit, he began stroking again. Kneeling, he put one of her legs up on his shoulder so that he was entering her from a more sideways angle. This offered deep, deep penetration and felt amazing.

After a while of this Katja brought her leg down, rotating on Anders’ shaft so he was now fucking her from behind. She put her head down on the pillow, ass in the air, and he began pumping into her harder and harder. Soon they were both soaring up again, heading for a climax. And this time Anders was along for the ride. He couldn’t stop himself, his cock throbbing and pulsing as he shot his load deep inside her with a low groan. Kat collapsed on the bed in front of him, her muscles gone weak; but while remaining ensheathed in her as the last pulsations died away, he supported his weight on his arms.

Slipping out then, he fell to the side and rolled over on his back. Katja rolled too, pillowing her head on his shoulder and stroking his well-muscled, slightly sweaty torso with her free hand. She stuck out her tongue and licked his armpit. Mmm, salty! “Anders?” she said, in a soft little voice, “I want to go home and take a bath.” He lay there thinking about it. No doubt, the two of them were getting a little rank. Why not go home for a while? They could get cleaned up, check in with Wyll and the little family group in Breezehome, pick up some more supplies.

“Sure, honey,” he said quietly. “When do you want to leave?”

Katja threw her arm across his chest, hugging him. “Let’s get some breakfast, first,” she said. “And I suppose we had better find out what’s next on our agenda in the anti-vampire crusade. Then we can just take a short break. I sure wish there were a few more bathtubs in Skyrim!”

“There’s always nice icy lakes and rivers,” Anders pointed out half-jokingly.

“Do you have enough magicka to heat up Lake Ilinalta for me?” she asked him sweetly. He just kissed her. In a little while they got up and put on their armor once again.


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