The Dragonborn Hunts

The Decision

After Katja and Wyll had descended the ladder, she jumped into his arms, throwing her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips and planting a big kiss on his lips. So far, so good, he thought, pulling her tightly to him and kissing her deeply in response. This went on for a while, and his poor cock (which had finally subsided about the time the food arrived) came right back up, ever hopeful.

Finally breaking the kiss, Katja leaned in. She rested her forehead against Wyll’s and said, breathlessly, “Wyll! I want to marry you!” Wyll was poleaxed. Kat wants to what??! In a million years he had never thought he would hear her say these words. Anders was the older and wiser one, the stable one, the guy who wanted to settle down. She had in effect dumped him to go questing with Anders for an indeterminate length of time, and he’d been convinced that his worst fears had been realized and she was never coming back, never going to share his bed again.

As casual as Wyll’s attitude toward sex and love had been throughout his young life, that thought was like a wound that was too deep to heal. He had been nursing that pain the entire time she was gone. And now, she said she wanted to marry him? He caught his breath, holding her even closer, and said, “Kat? … What about Anders?”

“Oh,” she said, sending him even deeper into confusion, “I want to marry him, too.”

Wyll stepped over to the bed and deposited his erstwhile lover on its surface, then knelt at the side of it so he could look into her eyes. Katja looked back at his, the hurt and confusion showing in their sky-blue depths, and felt a stab of pain. She was doing it wrong again! Taking a breath, she began trying to explain. “Wyll, I love you. And I love Anders. I can’t bear to part with either of you. I have tried, really tried, to act like a normal woman and just choose one or the other. And I can’t. I’m willing to give up all other men, but I can’t give up you. And I can’t give up him, either. Can you understand?”

Wyll gazed into her eyes, the plangent appeal there along with the love and desire he had seen so many times before, and his heart melted. “Oh Kat, you drive me crazy. I love you, and I’m willing to marry you. Even if you’re also married to Anders. I love him too. But how are you planning to pull this off?” An expression of joy transformed her face, as she beamed at him and brought him in for a tender kiss.

“When I was going up to the Blue Palace in Solitude a few weeks ago,” she said, “there was this kid standing around outside the front entrance. He said his name was Dudestia. He told me that there is a way for me to marry more than one man. I guess we couldn’t stand up in the Temple of Mara together, but the three of us could be married.”

Wyll took this in with a certain amount of skepticism. He had never heard of such a thing. But even if it were possible, how was she going to convince Anders to go along with the arrangement? His friend was a lot older, and a lot more conservative. Would Kat’s plan be like a punch in the gut to him? He kept his reservations to himself, however. What mattered, above all, was that Kat loved him enough to want him as a permanent part of her life! Before he met her, he would never have imagined that such a thing could mean so much to him. Women with marriage on their minds were a hazard to be avoided, not a goal to be sought. But she had stolen his heart, and now he didn’t want to live without her.

Pushing his advantage, he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately as his fingers trailed down to unfasten the robe’s tied belt and reach within to squeeze a breast. Between him and Kat there was some kind of magical sexual connection, which seemed to blaze from a spark to a raging forest fire in an instant; and as he gently tweaked her nipple he felt the thrill that ran through her as if it had passed through his own body. His cock throbbed, aching to be inside her.

“Oh, Wyll…” she breathed, reaching for him. In moments he had pulled off his clothes and stood naked and rampant before her. Her robe discarded, Katja gazed up at him. His magnificent physique, his angelic face, and that huge, stiff cock were so compelling she got short of breath just looking at him. She felt so relieved to have confessed her desires to him, and to have had them accepted. There was still that little matter of discussing the situation with Anders… and defeating the evil vampires, of course. But she felt sure that all would work out for the best. Was it youthful innocence, or the power of The Dragonborn that made her feel that way?

She grabbed him by the hips and pulled him closer, his gigantic member thrust almost into her face. Taking it in both hands, she began squeezing and stroking it as she licked and sucked the head and ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Wyll moaned slightly, resting his hands on her silken hair as she did her best to pleasure him this way. Since reaching adulthood he had not yet met a woman who could take him completely inside her mouth, but Kat didn’t do a bad job of trying.

When the sensations were beginning to carry him away Wyll pulled back, crouching to put his tongue in her mouth. Then he stooped lower, kneeling now, and took first one breast, then another in his hands as he suckled it and tongued the nipple to erection. Pushing Kat gently back to lie flat on the bed, he began tonguing her slit, sucking at her clit within its swollen hood and running his tongue deep inside her.

It didn’t take much of that before Katja was panting, thrusting her pelvis upward to meet Wyll’s mouth as he brought her rushing toward climax. She pressed his head down as she spasmed, throwing her head back to cry out as the wave of ecstasy spilled over her. Then, panting, she reached to pull at his massive shoulders, dragging him up until his face was on a level with hers and his quivering, rock-hard cock was slipping inside her.

The feelings as Kat’s hot, slippery cunt engulfed him were so intense that for a moment Wyll just gasped for air. Then, locking his mouth on hers, he began pumping in and out, driving all the way into her with each stroke. She broke from the kiss so she could breathe through her mouth, panting and moaning as the friction of his driving cock began taking her over the edge again. Wyll had not been celibate during her absence, expecting that he might never hold her in his arms again; but now here she was – and the excitement of that, the utter delight of it, was filling his mind with white light. There was no holding back.

The two of them thundered to climax, then collapsed as if they had been flattened by an oxcart. Katja rolled Wyll over so she was lying above him, his cock still clasped within her as the spasms of her orgasm gripped him and the last drops of his seed were squeezed out. As he softened and began to slip out, she continued to lie atop him, his massive chest like a mattress on which she might take a little nap. She kissed his chest, tongued his nipples, stroked his arms as her head was tucked below his chin.

When their breathing had returned to normal she wriggled up his body a little and looked into his eyes. His expression of blissful contentment filled her with happiness. She planted a few sweet kisses on his face, then rolled over so that she was tucked beneath his arm, her head resting on his shoulder. They continued like this for some time, not speaking. Finally Katja heaved a soft sigh and said quietly, “Wyll, I think I’m going to spend the night upstairs.” He bent to kiss the top of her head, his question unspoken.

“I still think that it would be best if Anders and I finish up this vampire project without you. You know how you guys get when all three of us are questing together.” Wyll felt a little hurt at that.

“You didn’t mind having us with you when we killed Alduin,” he pointed out.

“That was a special case,” she replied, “and I couldn’t have done it without you. But whenever both of you are along on a quest, I feel paralyzed because I can’t shoot without hitting one of you. You’re always jumping into my shot.”

Wyll digested that for a moment in silence. He had to admit, when he and Anders were working together with Kat there was a tendency for them to get a little… overly enthusiastic. Each of them was so determined to protect their beloved that they didn’t really give her a chance to add her own contribution to the battle. And much as he and Anders wanted to protect her, it would be insane not to admit that she was a formidable warrior in her own right. Her skills, especially in archery, had become amazing over the months since they’d met.

Squeezing her to him and kissing the side of her head he said, “You have a point. But is that all?”

Katja lay there for a while without responding. Finally she said, “I still have to sell my plan to Anders. I’m not sure how he’s going to like the idea.” After another minute she added, “He loves you too, I know he does. But his attitudes are a little… conventional. So I need to work on him some more. Okay?”

Sitting up slightly, Wyll gathered her in his arms and kissed her firmly. “Don’t worry, Kat,” he told her smiling. “Don’t you always come out on top?”

Shaking off her worries, she smiled back at him. “Sure I do!” She gave him an enthusiastic kiss, then rose from the bed. Cleaning herself up with a towel from the bedside, she put her robe back on. Turning to Wyll again as he lay there watching her, she said “We’ll probably be getting breakfast early and then going up to Whiterun to visit with the Breezehome crew before heading off to the Ancestor Grove. See you then?”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” he replied equably, a sunny smile wreathing his lips.

Katja waved at him and was soon up the ladder to the Suite above. Anders was no longer at the table, so she took a quick dip in the pool to wash away any stickiness that might have resulted from her recent romp. She didn’t feel guilty about being with Wyll, exactly, but it just seemed more… polite, somehow, not to be shoving it into Anders’ face by showing up reeking of another man’s seed.

Toweling off, Katja donned her robe for the fourth time this evening and went up the stairs. She chose the side of the gallery opposite to the one they’d ensconced Serana in. Whatever she might be getting up to with her Elf, Katja would prefer not to intrude. She arrived at the master bedroom and found Anders still up, sitting at the table sipping a Nord mead and reading a book. Considering his scholarly bent, it was surprising how seldom she caught him at this activity.

She stole up on him and enfolded his head in her arms, kissing the top of it. He roused from his concentration to smile up at her, then rotated in his chair to hug her around the hips. He buried his face in her midsection, pushing aside the fabric of the robe to kiss her in the general vicinity of her navel. Ooh. “You waited up for me,” she said with quiet delight.

“Not sleepy yet,” he replied, standing and drawing her into the circle of his arms. She sensed that he was reclaiming her, after her visit with Wyll.

Gathering her courage, speaking to his chest, Katja told him, “I asked Wyll to marry me.” Anders stiffened momentarily, then hugged her even tighter.

“You what?” he asked softly.

And I told him I want to marry you,” she added, lifting her head to look him in the eyes. A complex parade of emotions seemed to pass through them as he gazed at her. Curiously, he appeared to be a lot more focused on her second remark than he had been on the first.

“You really want to marry me?” he asked, naked longing in his voice.

Katja threw her arms around him, squeezing him tight. Then she stepped back a little to look into his eyes again. “Yes, I do,” she said softly. “And I want to go on adventures with you, and I want to have your babies, and I want Wyll to be part of our family. I need him, and I need you.” Anders looked down at her, her gray eyes almost purple in the dimly lit bedroom. And he realized that she was being completely honest with him. What she had to say was not what he longed to hear, not entirely. But maybe it was close enough.

“Yes, Kat! Yes! All right, I will marry you – and if you want Wyll to be part of our marriage that will be all right. As long as we are together.” He hugged her tight. In another moment he added, “Uh, how were you thinking that was going to work, exactly?”

“There’s a kid in Solitude,” she told him, explaining about Dudestia and the multiple marriage thing. He took it all in then said lightly, “Considering both of our families are in High Rock and Wyll’s is in Dawnstar, I suppose it’s not going to be much of a wedding.”

Katja laughed out loud, hugging him tight. Her joy was so great, she thought she might burst. Everything was going to be all right! Oh, provided she didn’t get killed trying to defeat Lord Harkon, of course. After a moment she told him, “I explained to Wyll that I still want to finish this vampire mission with you while he stays here. He was OK with it. I love you both so much I can’t stand it, but when the three of us are questing together and run into an adversary, trying to keep from shooting you two is really difficult.”

Anders considered that for a moment, and had to admit that there was truth to what she said. He’d gotten carried away a couple of times himself when the three of them were questing, and taken an arrow shot by his beloved as a consequence. When it was just the two of them, their almost-telepathic bond seemed to prevent such mishaps.

“So, tomorrow we’re off to visit at Breezehome and then heading for the Ancestor Grove?” he asked.

“That’s the plan,” Katja said. She was still floating on Cloud Nine, scarcely daring to believe that her spur-of-the-moment plan seemed to be working out exactly as she’d hoped. She had the feeling there were still a few… details to be sorted. But her future suddenly looked brighter than it had since she had first realized that Anders wanted more from their relationship than she had been giving him.

Anders shrugged out of his robe and tossed it aside. His cock was standing upright, ready for her. This might not be the complete triumph he had hoped for, but it was more than he’d expected and he was feeling nearly as joyful as she was. She shed her own robe as she rose to meet him, pressing close to embrace him and tilt her face up for a kiss.

Katja’s recent session with Wyll had been exciting, satisfying, wonderful. But her passion was inflamed again as she melted into the arms of this man she loved so much it took her breath away. Leaning into him, pushing him gently before her, she guided him backwards to the bed and he sat down on it. As he sat there on the edge she knelt and took his cock in her mouth, sucking him in deeply and tonguing the head as it slipped inside. Anders gasped.

After working him over for a while, she beckoned him further up the bed, until he was sitting near the head of it with his cock standing straight up like a torch. Then she crawled up the bed after him, her eyes alight with desire and a wicked mischief. Resting her hands on his shoulders and bending in to kiss him deeply, she came the rest of the way up and straddled him, slipping down over him to engulf his cock in her hot, slippery depths.

Anders gasped a second time, and shuddered as she slid all the way down on his shaft. Clutching her buttocks, he gave her a boost as she bounced up and down on him. Oh, yeeeesss! Her breasts brushing against his chest, her face held an expression of exalted bliss as she rose and fell. His grip on her ass tightened as the sensations began to overwhelm him. No, wait! Not yet! But there was no stopping it. The feeling rose within him like a tidal wave surging to shore, and he couldn’t do anything but ride it until it crashed on the beach, washing away everything before it. As he gave up his seed in a groan of ecstasy, Kat was screaming at the top of her lungs, vibrating atop him.

Both of them sat there gasping for breath afterward, like fish cast up on the shore by that tidal wave – and about as weak. Katja fell over Anders, cradling his head in her arms. He wrapped his around her back, pulling her to him as she continued to encase his softening member within her. “I love you so much,” she said softly to him. “We’ll have beautiful babies…”

By the Divines! That remark electrified him. He wanted Kat’s babies almost as much as he wanted Kat, but... “Not yet, though, right?” he asked.

She smiled down at him, her eyes widening. “Oh, no! Not until we’re through with Lord Harkon, at least! And we’ve still got to find a place where we all can live. Once I take off my amulet it will probably be a month or more before I can conceive a child.” Selene had been quite clear about the details when presenting Katrine with that amulet all those years ago. Though worn around the neck, its power was very specific to her genital area. It had halted her monthly cycles as a side effect of preventing conception, something she had not minded in the least. She had a moment of regret that moving into the next phase of her life would be going back to that messy necessity; but really it seemed a small price to pay for the joy she anticipated.


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