The Dragonborn Hunts


The magic map might not be up to the task of navigating them around the Chantry, but it had no problem returning them to the Luxury Suite. Katja’s heart swelled with joy at the sight of home appearing before her eyes. “Last one in’s a skeever!” she said cheerily to her companions, and headed for the front door. Then she trotted right up the stairs to the master suite and dumped her pack and armor, before returning downstairs in her robe, to hop into the delicious hot waters of the Suite’s central bathing pool. Ah, bliss! Anders was right behind her, and Serana followed them a couple of minutes later.

Katja leaned close to Anders and kissed him, her hand on his thigh, and his cock began to look interested. She didn’t want to embarrass him by producing a full-blown hard-on here in the middle of the common room, so she backed off a little. She was still feeling a little tired from their trek, and in need of a real hot meal with, who knows, actual plates and utensils perhaps. Maybe even some vegetables. But once those were out of the way, she definitely wanted to get Anders alone in a nice soft bed.

As they sat soaking, talking little, Wyll came in through the front doors. Katja, despite her near somnolence, spotted him in an instant. His angelic face lit with delight at the sight of them, and he knelt at poolside to give her a kiss. “Miss us?” she asked, grinning up at him. He returned the grin, and extended a hand to Anders before giving her a second, even more thorough kiss. “Could you order us some food, please?” Katja asked him. “Whatever’s on for us, and some raw steaks for Serana?”

“Sure,” he nodded, and made his way over to the bar. Katja noticed Wyll seemed to be spending more time in “street clothes” these days, and was sweeter and sunnier than ever. Was he… =gasp=… on his way to getting domesticated?

Personally, Katja would just as soon see Wyll naked or in the revealing Elven armor she’d made for him. With a body like that, why hide it? But she supposed proprieties must be observed. She followed his progress as he walked over and talked with Lane for a few moments. When he came back, he was carrying three bottles of mead. “I thought you might be thirsty,” he said, passing a bottle each to Katja and Anders as they sat soaking.

Katja grasped the bottle and took a healthy swig. “It’s cold!” she said, amazed. “Yeah. Anders, remember how you chilled our ale after we moved Lydia and Anja into Breezehome? I told Ellis about that and it turns out he has a few Destruction spells too. So now the Suite is keeping a barrel of ice on hand to chill drinks and preserve food. Works pretty good, huh?” Wyll smiled. Katja was delighted.

The cold mead tasted particularly good while sitting in the hot water, but her fingers and toes were starting to wrinkle and besides, Katja was eager to talk with Wyll in detail about their quest. So she slipped out and toweled off before donning her robe, soon followed by Anders. She noticed that Serana lingered in the water, which was a little above the temperature of blood, for a while longer. She seemed to be keeping an eye out for inn guests who might be… interested in her. Well, Katja couldn’t blame her. Her own sex life since arriving at the Suite had been busy and fantastic. So far as she knew, Serana had had only one night to cut loose in how ever many years it had been since she was locked away in that tomb. And she was, to all appearances, a beautiful young woman.

Wyll had set up at their usual table on the mezzanine, and she joined him there shortly before food started arriving. She took him by the hands, gazing into his sky-blue eyes, and dragged him up onto his feet so she could throw her arms around him in a full-body hug. Through the fabric of her robe and his trousers, she could feel him hardening. Oh yes, that’s Wyll! She bent her head back for a deep kiss, then took a chair as Anders arrived.

Bowls of a rich and savory stew soon appeared at the table, along with some still-warm bread rolls and fresh-churned butter. Thanking Lane, Katja reminded him of the raw steaks for Serana. “Coming right up,” he said, and returned shortly with a plate of slightly warm, blood-dripping goat cutlets. He brought along a sharp knife and a fork, too. Serana had spotted the food and knew it was for her, so she had climbed out of the pool and was with them at the table, wearing a robe, a moment after her meal had been delivered. She, too, thanked Lane.

The four of them ate, with little conversation, until the more ravenous members of the party had eaten enough to be able to concentrate on anything else. Washing down a last mouthful with the remains of a second bottle of mead and sighing contentedly, Katja said “Wyll, you would not believe the places we’ve just been.” Last time they were all together, she and Anders, accompanied by Serana, had been about to go to the Ancestor Grove. There was a lot to catch up on, and some amazing stories to tell.

Wyll hung on her words, frequently punctuated with exclamations from Anders as they got onto the subject of Gelebor and Vyrthur. “Snow elves?” Wyll asked in amazement. “Everybody knows they’ve been extinct for thousands of years…”

“I know!” said Anders. “And we talked with one at length! He told us that his people became the Falmer as a result of a bargain they struck with the Dwemer, using some kind of toxin. I expect we’ll be interviewing Dwemer, next.” After a moment’s thought he added “Though, they don’t sound like the kind of people you’d really want to know. Can you imagine doing that to an entire race?”

The plates were empty, but the conversation went on into the middle of the afternoon, as they filled Wyll in on the Chantry, the surprising outdoor Falmer villages, and the battle at the Inner Sanctum. Wyll had little news to relate himself. Things were quiet in Whiterun, there had been no more vampire attacks, and Anja now had her own little bedroom in Breezehome while Lydia and Argis occupied the master bed. That couple, whom Katja had brought together, were eagerly awaiting the end of the vampire conflict and their forthcoming wedding.

The planned marriage among Katja, Anders, and Wyll, was not discussed. There were still a few kinks to be worked out, and Katja wanted them to have a home together away from the Suite, where they could have privacy – but close to Whiterun and Breezehome. She had become convinced that the home she had sought for Anja would be the home that was forming in Breezehome with Lydia and Argis, not with her and Anders or anybody else. The housecarls had become the girl’s parents, and she wouldn’t tear them apart for anything. Her role as “Auntie” would have to be enough.

The two bottles of mead and a decent meal on top of the long quest and a hot soak had left Katja feeling somnolent, and after the excitement of being home and telling their adventures to Wyll had worn off, she realized she was really in need of a nap. She yawned and stretched. “I think I need a few hours’ sleep,” she said. “Anders, do you care to join me?” He had shared all the stresses of their recent adventure and was older as well – he should be as tired as she was.

“Good idea,” he said, though he didn’t really seem to be drooping or anything. Katja fixed Wyll blue eye to blue eye and said, “we’ll be back down this evening.” He gave her a smile and a kiss. The promise was there, and he had not failed to hear it.

Serana, needing no sleep and claiming to be in no need of rest as well, continued to hang out at the table after Katja and Anders had left. Wyll drew her out, and found her to be an intriguing companion. Her wry humor was surprising, and she didn’t seem overly shy about discussing the details of her… unusual circumstances. He was no scholar like Anders, but he was still interested in the world and the many odd things to be found in it.

They talked for hours, sharing a bottle of wine. Wyll had decided to stop sleeping with other women in token of his new understanding with Kat and Anders; and with her absence the situation was already testing his resolve. But from what he knew of vampires, as attractive as Serana was she did not tempt him to stray. Even so, he enjoyed her company.

Upstairs, Katja and Anders had walked down the western sleeping gallery, his arm around her shoulders. When they got to the bedroom they had only to remove their robes before crawling into bed for a few hours’ sleep. But what was this? As the robes came off, Katja discovered that her lover was already tumescent. “I thought you were tired… ?” she asked quietly. He gave her the full effect of his best warm smile and her heart caught. Since the day they had met, she had found that look irresistible. “You’re planning on getting together with Wyll later?” he asked her in turn.

Katja nodded, a shy smile playing across her lips. Anders knew her too well. “Me first,” was all he had to say, as he stepped forward to enfold her in his arms and claim her mouth for a hungry kiss. It had been too long. She melted into him, his hard cock pressed against her belly, as her loins flushed with warmth. Oh yes, she loved this man. She hungered for Wyll as well. But at this moment, even sleepy as she was, she gave herself over completely.

He laid her down gently on the bed and kissed her thoroughly, from her head down to her neck, her breasts, the crooks of her elbows. He ran his tongue along the sensitive skin of her groin, and she spontaneously opened her legs to him so he could reach into her hidden crevices. They were both fresh and clean from the bath, and just being here in this warm place, in a comfortable bed, was such an enormous delight to Katja that what Anders was doing down there between her legs was like the icing on the cake.

Her sleepiness was beginning to fade as Anders worked with his tongue and lips. When he added a couple of fingers to the mix she cried out sharply and began moaning. Before long, the frequency of her moans rose higher until she spasmed in climax, thrusting her cunt into his face. Anders smiled around the gush of fluids that met his tongue as her convulsive shudders ran down.

His cock felt like it was glowing, rock-hard and quivering. He wanted, he needed to be inside Kat now. In moments he was there, and she was so hot, so wet. Her vaginal walls were still pulsing with her orgasm, and he had to clench his jaw and concentrate not to shoot his wad immediately. He began stroking slowly, savoring the sensations as she gripped him.

Katja threw her head back, urging Anders to kiss her neck. “Oh, yesss, Anders!” she murmured, loving the feel of his big hard cock moving inside her as well as the thrill of his lips on her sensitive skin. He went faster, then slower, easing up whenever the pressure became too great. She dug her fingers into his muscular back, pressing hard but not raking him with her nails. She loved him too much ever to do him any damage on purpose.

After a few minutes of this Anders felt as if he was ready to burst. Realizing he wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer, he leaned back and pulled Kat’s right leg up over his head, spinning her around on him like a wheel on a spindle. He leaned on her for a moment, body pressed tight against hers from shoulder to crotch, reaching around her to squeeze her breasts. Then he lifted his upper body, kneeling behind her, running his hands down her body to grip her by the hips and pull her up so her buttocks were raised, upper body resting on her arms.

Mmm, yes, Katja thought. She loved this position, and she could hardly wait for what was coming next. Anders pushed the slippery, swollen head of his cock just inside her equally slippery and swollen vulva, rubbing around the edges and teasing her before plunging all the way in. Then he began pumping harder and faster, until in moments both of them were seized by an unstoppable urgency and rushed headlong into orgasm. As his quivering, pulsing member squeezed the last of his seed deep inside her, he groaned low in his throat. Then gripping his beloved tightly by the hips, he fell over onto his side – taking her with him so they were now lying spooned, still locked together.

They continued lying there as their breathing gradually returned to normal. After he had slipped out Katja rotated in his embrace and kissed him tenderly. “Oh, I love you. So much… Can we get some sleep now?” she murmured. He kissed her on her forehead and just held her close, and before long they had both drifted off into sleep.


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