The Dragonborn Hunts

In the Basement (Again)

Some hours later, in the early evening, Katja awoke. She felt energized, the hot session of sex with Anders combining with the good meal and the long nap to restore her to her usual self. Anders slept on, perhaps more tired than he’d been willing to admit. She decided not to disturb him. She slipped out of bed and, after some consideration, got a dress out of her trunk. This was a form-fitting soft knit affair, jewel-toned with light embroidery, and clung snugly to her curves from shoulder to hip before falling in folds to her ankles. If she had to fight or run she’d be cursing it in a minute, but for lounging around the Suite in the evening it seemed just fine. It made her feel sexy and feminine.

She added a pair of soft slippers, and descended the steps to the common room. She spotted Serana at the bar chatting with Ellis. Did she have a thing for Elves? Katja trusted her friend not to put her moves on anybody that didn’t eagerly invite her to, and gave it no further thought. Closer at hand, Wyll was relaxing in the bathing pool with a bottle of chilled ale to hand, hanging out with Farquhar and another of the Suite crew. The evening hadn’t really gotten into full swing as yet. Katja sauntered over to poolside, checking out the guys. She felt she had her hands (and other parts of her anatomy) full with Anders and Wyll, but that didn’t stop her from admiring fine male flesh when she got a chance. Farquhar Kielbasa’s “kielbasa” was pretty impressive.

Wyll reached for his bottle at poolside and glanced up, spotting her. A big grin spread across his face. “Kat! You’re awake!” She smiled at him in turn, affection welling up, and crouched at poolside to give him a kiss. He got a good look down the front of her dress. She’d slipped it on without any underwear at all, and a goodly portion of her generous breasts were on display. Furthermore proximity to Wyll was making her nipples rise, pressing out against the thin fabric.

He looked up from her cleavage to her eyes, a wicked look appearing in his usually innocent-looking baby blues. She gave him wicked right back, crouched as she was on her haunches, by lifting the hem of her dress where it lay pooled on the tile beside the pool. At this angle, only Wyll could see what was revealed when she did so, the other pool occupants’ view being blocked by his body. He glanced down, then his grin widened. But he was suddenly feeling the urge to get out of the bath in a hurry. His flagpole was at more than half-mast and rising.

Wyll rotated and rested his hands on the pool edge, his back to the pool as he stretched up to kiss Katja again. His hard cock was now grazing the underwater shelf that ran along the pool’s long dimension, but at least it was hidden from everybody in the Suite – except Kat. After breaking from his kiss she looked down into the water and her eyebrows rose. That fat golden shaft was hunting for her again, and (despite her earlier fun with Anders) she was eager to get caught.

“I’ve got a lot of crafting to do,” Katja said to Wyll, hoping to distract him a bit and save him some embarrassment as he climbed out of the pool. “Do you want to come down and give me a hand?” Wyll clearly appreciated her efforts. “Sure,” he said. “Could you hand me a towel?” She grabbed one from poolside and with a lightning move that reminded her just how fast this big man could be, he had shot out of the pool like a leaping dolphin and wrapped the towel around himself. Then he slipped on his robe and dropped the towel. The tender eyes of the Suite crew, male and female, were spared the disturbing sight of Wyll’s enormous erection.

If anyone thought it at all odd that Katja would come downstairs dressed in velvet to do some smithing, they didn’t mention it. Likely her subterfuge fooled nobody. They all knew how things stood, and she was sure that the news of their unconventional “engagement” was all over the Suite by now. The pair strolled demurely toward the bar, and gave a little wave to Serana and Ellis as they opened the trapdoor and descended the ladder.

In the basement, Katja and Wyll stood at the foot of the bed facing one another, just beaming like idiots. She put a finger in the loose knot holding his robe closed, and it fell apart. The sides of the robe hung down, his cock jutting in the gap between them. Katja brought her eyes down from Wyll’s eyes to that singularity, and gripped it firmly in her right hand. It had been quite a few days since she’d last had it within reach.

With the difference in their heights she didn’t have to bend far to kiss the throbbing head. Then she licked it, tasting salty fluids as they oozed from it in anticipation. Wyll, his hands on Kat’s shoulders, shuddered slightly as she did so. She took the entire head in her mouth and sucked at it, licking up and down the shaft while continuing to squeeze with both hands. Then she stood upright again, still squeezing rhythmically up and down. “Oh, Wyll,” she said sadly. “I wish my mouth were big enough to do you justice…”

He grinned at her. “You’d look pretty funny if it were, Kat. Don’t worry about it. Your cunt has no trouble taking me in.” She resumed what she’d been doing for another few moments, sending hot sensations through him. He was dying for her, wanted her so badly! But this was so much fun, he didn’t want to cut right to the chase. As was often the case, that sharp mind of hers had been taking a little excursion while she pleasured him, and the next thing she said brought him up short: “That’s true, isn’t it? Your cock is huge but it’s nowhere near as a big as a baby. And that’s ultimately what cunts are sized for…”

Wyll had never really thought about it. Of course he knew that, barring the intervention of an amulet, sex eventually led to babies. But like Kat, he’d acquired his amulet young and had worn it continuously since then. Sex was for fun, for making love better, for… as he considered it, he realized that he loved Anja. How much more might he love a child that was his own… and Kat’s? The phrase “making love” had dual meanings. You make love with a woman, and maybe you make a whole new person that both of you will love. By the Divines, what an idea! The responsibility didn’t worry him in the least. Kat was The Dragonborn. They’d never have to want for anything.

This train of thought had distracted Wyll’s attention from what was going on between his legs, but it had not taken anything away from his rigidity. His cock had a mind of its own, and it had not been allowed to “shoot off its mouth,” so to speak, in days. What Kat was doing with her hands and mouth felt juuust fine. And now he was realizing, with happy acceptance, that their forthcoming marriage probably meant they would be having a family together – and this heightened his passion. Which meant he was perilously close to shooting that load down her throat, or perhaps all over her face and that nice dress she was wearing.

Wyll got a grip. “Kat…” he said quietly. She’d been kind of getting into what she was doing with his cock, even if she couldn’t gobble it as fully as she’d like to. She looked up at him inquiringly. “Don’t you want to take off your dress?” he asked considerately. Oh, right. She realized that only made sense. The more she sucked cock, the more she liked doing it, and her cunt was now soaking wet beneath the flowing skirt of her gown.

She stood erect, licking her lips and gazing up at him. This one was all stretch and no lacings, and Wyll found to his delight that he was able to just pull it off of her, down her shoulders to the waist. She slipped her arms out of the sleeves and he got in a little squeeze of her breasts before continuing to pull it down over her hips to puddle on the floor. He knelt as he did this, tonguing her nipples on the way down. Then he grabbed her around the hips and pulled her to him, kissing her abdomen and working his tongue into her navel. Katja jumped slightly, the sensation thrilling.

The urge to come now safely suppressed, Wyll bent a little to tongue Kat’s crevice. Ooh, she was wet and salty! He guessed he might be picking up a taste of Anders’ cum along with her juices, but it didn’t bother him. He and Anders were long-time friends and brothers now, soon to be husbands to this same irresistible woman; and he was broad-minded.

This same thought had crossed Katja’s mind, and she was relieved to see that Wyll was not the least put off by the less-than-spotless state of her slit. Just wait’ll I take off the amulet and start having periods, she thought. In the meantime, as much as it titillated her to have Wyll pleasuring her with his mouth, she was not able to enjoy it fully while standing on her feet.

She plucked at one of his hands where it rested on her hip, and gesturing with her head she led him toward the bed. Then with a whoop, she threw herself down on her back, legs in the air, a huge grin on her face. “Come ’ere, you!” she commanded. Bending her knees up toward her shoulders she spread her legs wide and invited him in. You couldn’t get too wide with Wyll. After she’d been stretched out by birthing a dozen kids (not that she intended to do that, by any means!) she’d still be tight for him.

Wyll knew if he went in there now, he was likely going to be coming before very long. At this point his cock spoke up and reminded him, “That’s the whole damned point! Go for it!” Bowing to nature, he lowered himself slowly. The head of his cock was swollen and slippery, and he had no trouble pushing it inside. And in, and in, and in… Ah! All the way inside. Kat gripped him tightly from root to head, hot and wet and right.

She moaned and, throwing her arms tightly around his torso, bent her head up to lock her mouth with his, her tongue sliding against his, as his cock began moving out and in again, bouncing off her cervix. She gripped his hips with her legs, thrusting up to meet him as he plunged into her. Before long she broke off the kiss so she could gasp for breath, her mouth a little below his chin, and began panting loudly “Oh, oh, oh… augh, yes! Oh YES!” Whatever that mystical sex connection was between them, it had them both in its grip once again.

Wyll’s powerful abdominal muscles tightened and flexed as he drove into her, lost in the rush now. In moments the two of them had barreled up the top of the hill and over the cliff to fly into space, weightless, lights flashing in their brains as their mutual orgasm claimed them for an endless moment. Oh, this was ecstasy! When he had regained a semblance of conscious thought Wyll pulled out, a flood of his seed spilling out of Kat onto the much-abused coverlet, and rolled to the side so that she could pillow her head on his shoulder. They were both covered in sweat and other body fluids, glowing with the heat of their passion, and in no condition to do much besides pant.

Katja rolled over and threw an arm across Wyll’s chest, kissing him in the general area of his left nipple. Whoa! Almost every time with him it was the most unbelievable explosion. She was a person who enjoyed her physical pleasures, sure enough. But she also enjoyed the life of the mind, and was used to having her brain be in control of herself and her actions. Yet Wyll’s sexuality just reached out and grabbed her by the crotch, somehow, forcing her mind into a back seat while her body went on a stupendous ride.

Feeling a bit enervated, Katja rested tucked beneath Wyll’s left arm for a while. As her brain gradually reestablished its control and her body returned to its usual resting state, she turned her head to look up at him. He gazed down into her eyes, the faintest of smiles playing on his lips. “You got me again,” she informed him – though he knew full well that was the case. Then, more seriously: “Wyll, you recall Serana said we need to go back to Fort Dawnguard and enlist help for our assault on Castle Volkihar?” He nodded slightly. “I want you to come with us.” His eyes lit. Making love with Kat and wreaking mayhem in the cause of Right were his two favorite activities in life.

“Now listen,” Katja went on, fixing him with her best authoritarian glare. The fact that she was stark naked and nestled against him, the glow of a recent orgasm still lingering, rather undermined that authority. But Wyll was according her some respect anyway. “You and Anders need to work together,” she said firmly, “and you need to pay attention to me and not just to our enemies. You’re cutting our force by a third whenever the two of you completely block my shot.” He lowered his eyes, admitting the fault.

“Did you know,” she went on, “that I can now drop anything humanoid with one shot, if they don’t see me first? My contribution is important, Wyll. And I don’t want you or Anders to be the one getting dropped, okay?” She stared at him intensely, love mingling with anger and resolve.

Wyll looked right into her eyes. “I’m sorry, Kat,” he said quietly. “When we’re in battle, my blood gets up and I lose control. But I won’t let it happen again.”

Katja broke the tension with a big smile, a kiss, and an enthusiastic squeeze. “All right, then!” she cried. “You and me and Anders, we’re going to completely kick Harkon’s sorry ass!” Moving back from him a little she added, “Are you hungry? I’m starving!”

Wyll smiled at her, love glowing in his summer blue eyes. “Yeah,” he rumbled. “Let’s go get something to eat.”


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