The Dragonborn Hunts

Getting Underway

In the morning, it was not Katja who woke first. Wyll had been having a sort of vacation lately – hanging around the Suite, running errands, visiting with the family at Breezehome. Nothing strenuous for a young man of his abilities, and he had been getting restless. So, being invited along on the Big Vampire Takedown by Kat had him feeling a little excited. Lying here naked in bed with Kat had him feeling a little excited, too. Between the legs, more than a little excited.

When he came to consciousness he lay there on his back, gazing up at the dimly-lit ceiling and thinking about the day to come. Kat was lying curled up in a ball with her back to him, seemingly out cold. In their several months’ association, he couldn’t recall another time when he’d awakened in the morning and found her still asleep. Would wonders never cease?

He became aware of a pleasant warmth and throbbing and reached down to stroke his cock a little. It was definitely ready for some action. Could he manage to get it some? He rolled over on his side quietly and carefully, and pressed up against Kat from behind. She stirred slightly but seemed not to awaken. He threw a massive arm around her and began stroking her gently: her breasts, the curve of her hip. Meanwhile his hot sausage was pressed between her buns.

Katja was more aware than he knew. She’d awakened as soon as he stirred, but thought it might be enjoyable to play a little game with Wyll. This would likely be their last chance for fun in bed for some time to come, assuming they all survived the assault on Castle Volkihar. Not that she had many fears on that score – she and her team were nigh-on invincible, at the top of their game. And they had the backing of Serana and the entire Dawnguard as well. How could they lose?

She continued to feign deep sleep as Wyll rubbed up against her more, stroking and squeezing. He reached around her body to press on her clit and slip a couple of fingertips inside her cunt. She didn’t quite manage to stifle a moan. The moisture in there should have been a dead giveaway. Unless she was in the midst of a wet dream, no woman who was fast asleep should have been responding to him as she was.

Meeting no resistance (nor any cooperation, for that matter), Wyll pressed on. Finding Kat’s cunt as ready as ever, he used his hand to push his cock down and find her opening, slipping into her from behind. Her cover blown, Katja gave a spontaneous gasp as Wyll pushed that huge shaft inside her, arching her back to give him a better angle. Pushing her hair aside he applied his lips to that tender spot where neck met shoulder and she moaned in ecstasy as he thrust all the way in – then out again.

Wyll moved his lips from her neck to her ear, and murmured softly “Do you really expect me to believe you’re asleep?”

She laughed silently and replied, “Would you really try to fuck me if I were?” He answered by running his tongue up her neck and into her ear. Ooh! Throwing the covers back, Katja lifted her top leg up, bending it at the knee to open herself a little more to Wyll’s shaft. She reached down with one hand and began massaging her clit, getting a little extra stimulation along with the friction as his massive cock glided in and out. Soon she was headed for a climax and arched her back more, pounding her backside into him as she met each thrust.

Wyll held on while Kat’s cunt gripped him spasmodically for a few moments. Then she pulled off of him, rolled over and gave him a shove so he was lying flat on his back. After which she straddled him, gripping his slippery, reddened cock in her hand as she guided it inside her so she could ride him and look him in the eyes. Her bountiful breasts bounced wildly as her muscular legs propelled her up and down. “Whee-haw!” she yelled, startling him. Where had that come from?

Wyll reached out with his long, powerful arms and gripped her breasts, squeezing them as she bounced up and down. Kat reached around behind her and tickled his balls as she continued to ride him. Oh yeah! He couldn’t stand it anymore, and tripped over the edge into a full-blown orgasm. The powerful throbbing as his cock pulsed, shooting his seed up inside her, felt wonderful to Katja. This was one of the rare instances where they did not come together, but it had still been a lot of fun.

Katja fell forward onto Wyll’s chest, still enjoying the feel of that enormous cock inside her. She licked and kissed his nipples, then slipped off of him and crawled up to where she could enfold his shoulders in a hug and kiss him on the lips. She left a pool of semen in his navel. Stretching her legs out straight behind her she lay along his body as if it were a divan, just soaking up their physical closeness. After a few moments she murmured, “See what you get when you wake me up that way?”

Wyll grinned up at her. “Yeah. I think I’ll do that every morning.”

Katja mugged, an expression of horror on her face. “Don’t you dare! I’d never get anything done…” After lying there awhile longer she rolled off of him and surveyed the scene. “We’re awfully… sticky, dear. Want to get a bath before getting ready for the trip to Fort Dawnguard?”

Wyll looked down, observing that a goodly quantity of his own seed was now spread across the surface of his abdomen. He was feeling a bit sweaty, as well. “Sounds like a good idea,” he told her, and rolled over to sit at the side of the bed and blot up some of the excess fluids with a small towel. They soon put on robes and climbed the ladder, where they found few people stirring in the Suite as yet.

Lane was up and busying himself in the kitchen, though, and they were somewhat surprised to find Serana in the bathing pool. She greeted them with a smile as they came over to join her. “Katja, I have to say this pool is the greatest idea I’ve seen in Skyrim,” Serana told her. “Is it magical?”

“Not entirely,” Katja explained. There’s a system down below the pool that filters and purifies the water, and keeps it at the right temperature. The same with the pools outside, though the big one isn’t heated and the smaller one’s not kept as warm as this. The mechanisms appear to be Dwemer in origin, but as to how they keep running I don’t know.”

The three of them enjoyed a brief soak, then got out. “We’ll be leaving for Fort Dawnguard as soon as we can have some breakfast and get organized,” Katja told Serana.

“Whenever you’re ready,” was the reply. “I’ve got my bags packed.” After throwing her robe on Katja went over to the bar and asked Lane to rustle up some scrambled eggs and bread, with hot tea to wash it down with. Then she trotted up the stairs to the loft while Wyll went back down to the basement to gather his gear.

Katja strode through the eastern gallery and found Anders, as she’d more-or-less expected, sacked out in the master bed. Oh my love, she thought. He meant so much to her, he was so worthy, so lovable, so… impossible to shift in the morning! This was the Big Deal, their final push to defeat Lord Harkon and his evil prophecy; and here was her beloved sleeping the sleep of the just while daylight was burning. She wondered what time he’d gotten to bed last night. He didn’t sleep any more than she did – his schedule was just skewed later than hers.

Katja tried to be patient with him, but sometimes… Well, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t had a lot of practice getting this man up and out of bed. Or, up and in bed, come to think of it. She smiled to herself. She was still clad in her robe, after all. She slipped out of it, tossing it onto the chest of drawers. Then she lifted the covers and wriggled into the bed beside him. She enveloped him in a full-body hug and whispered in his ear, “Anders! Awaken my sweet!”

That definitely got his attention. Struggling to consciousness, he clasped her to him as his eyes fluttered open. “Kat?” At this moment she likely could have convinced him they’d spent the night together. But her agenda lay elsewhere. She kissed him firmly, writhing in his arms as his member, already stiffening when she had joined him, took a sharp upturn. Okay, now he was awake.

And apparently, he’d gotten a full grip on his conscious mind, too. Anders pierced her with a look of love from those warm brown eyes, throwing her completely off her intended course of action. She’d been planning to get his attention, then elude his grasp and lure him out of bed and into his armor. Instead, she found herself caught in the magnetic field of his desire for her. Despite her recent liaisons with Wyll, the force of his love and desire resonated within her and she found a powerful wave of love and desire for him rising to meet it.

Oh, this was insane! They needed to get dressed, get fed, get moving! The enemy would not wait! But Katja was locked in Anders arms, his mouth pressed to hers, his tongue moving within it, and all of her concerns were swept away by the need to be with him, to feel him inside her. There seemed to be forces afoot today, that were turning the usual state of affairs on end. Hard-headed Katja, the Martinet of the Morning, lured into a pre-breakfast lovemaking session not once but twice in a single day? She’d never live it down.

Anders didn’t know why he had awakened to Kat in his arms this morning, naked and warm and willing; but he wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity. After a minute or two of kissing and stroking he rolled atop her, and she opened her legs to him eagerly. Shreds of awareness that they needed to be moving, that they had a mission to attend to, began to come to him; but they were firmly shoved into the background by the delightful feelings as his eager cock penetrated her hot, slippery depths to the fullest.

At the back of Katja’s mind she couldn’t believe she was doing this. But the main mind in control at the moment was gleefully sucking up every sensation, and radiating so much love for Anders that she thought she might burst. Oh, yes-yes-yes! Swinging her hips up in a fury to meet his thrusts, she spiraled out of control and came like an explosion, like a bursting dam. The rush of hot fluids, accompanied by the rhythmic contractions pulsing up and down the length of her vagina where she clenched Anders tightly, carried him off like a rogue wave, sweeping him to ecstasy along with her.

Clasped together, the two of them vibrated for a moment as the climax surged over them. Then, limp and enervated, they lay flat on the bed for a few moments. It was Anders who spoke first, a reprise of his earlier brief remark: “Kat?”

Squirming around so they were lying on their sides, still face-to-face, she locked mouths with him for a passionate kiss. Then she said softly, “I can’t think what got into me. Oh wait… it was you!” She smiled ruefully and kissed him again.

After a moment or two, still pressed tightly to him, Katja continued. “I came up here to drag you out of bed. We need to get our stuff together and get ready to leave for Fort Dawnguard. But you seem to have worked some kind of spell on me…”

Anders smiled at her, squeezing her tightly. “My love, if there were a spell that would get you to make love with me every morning, we’d never get out of bed.”

Katja’s eyes widened. “Oh crap, we really need to be moving! Lane’s serving breakfast for us right now.” She hated eating cold eggs.

“Ah, you’re right,” Anders said resignedly. He didn’t mean to be the one holding up the party, he just couldn’t leap out of bed and jump right into action the way Kat, and sometimes Wyll, did. But he didn’t regret in the least whatever confluence of events had led to her falling into his arms this morning. The vampires could bloody well wait an extra hour, at least.

“Okay,” he continued, giving her his best martyred expression. “I’m getting up.” He sat up and put his feet on the floor. “Full armor, right?” he asked. She nodded, her eyes dark in the dim light. She sat up as well, but instead of getting dressed just sat there for a while watching him find his armor and put it on. Her expression was of someone beholding something intriguing and delightful. After a while it started to get on his nerves.

“Are you going to get dressed, too?” Anders asked as Kat continued to sit amidst the rumpled bedclothes, bemused. She shook herself into action, a smile playing about her lips. Putting her feet on the floor, she went over to the trunk where she’d deposited her ebony armor last night.

Turning about, she said “have I mentioned lately that I love you?” He was feeling increasingly perplexed, but decided to go with stepping close and planting a kiss on her neck as she began pulling the armor out of the trunk.

In a little while both of them were fully armored and Anders had grabbed his pack, including the new bow Kat had given him. They came down the stairs and found Wyll at the bar, nearly finished with his breakfast. He eyed Kat curiously. “That took a while,” he remarked casually. “Your food’s getting cold.” Without comment the two of them dug into the eggs and bread, washing it down with some herbal tea that was still reasonably warm.

Serana was standing by, waiting impatiently for them to finish their breakfast so the expedition could get under way. Katja sensed a growing tension in the woman, and felt sympathy for her. It could not be easy, setting out to kill her own father. The desire to get it over with before she had second thoughts must surely be in the forefront of her friend’s mind. Katja was now convinced that Serana’s motivations were genuine, after she had shown no signs of wanting to claim Auriel’s Bow.


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