The Dragonborn Hunts

An Interlude

As they walked in the door, Katja took a breath. She was floating pleasantly on a combination of ale, wine, and jubilation at the successful conclusion of their quest – and the promise of joy in the future. This did not seem to be the time to tell one man, “See you in the morning” while going off for hot sex with the other. She looked from Anders to Wyll and back again. “What do you think, guys? Threesome?”

She had not made love with the two of them at once since early in the days when she’d first realized that, as much as she was smitten with Anders, she loved and wanted Wyll as well. One-on-one gave more opportunities for losing yourself in the loved one, jumping into a river current that could sweep you both along to explosions of ecstasy. But making love with both of them together was exciting – and it meant that neither would be completely left out or relegated to “sloppy seconds.”

Wyll and Anders met each other’s gaze above her head, and they were of an accord: go for it! The new understanding among the two of them and their beloved seemed to have cemented their friendship more firmly, somehow. They were now brothers, bonded by their battles together and by the love they both felt for Kat. And watching her take it from both ends at once was an experience not to be missed.

So, in agreement, the three of them climbed the stairs to the sleeping loft and proceeded down the western gallery to the master suite. Katja’s excitement was rising as she began removing her leather armor. Anders soon peeled out of his vest, and he and Wyll began taking off other articles of clothing. Shortly they were all standing there in their underclothes, and Katja stepped close to Anders to lift up his shirt. She bent to lick his navel, and as she did so Wyll pulled her underdrawers down and ran his hands over her buttocks.

Ooh! Encouraging Anders to pull his undershirt up over his head she turned her attention to his drawers, pulling them down to his knees and exposing his rampant cock. Grabbing double handfuls of his muscular butt cheeks, Katja bore down on him. She’d been perfecting her technique on him and him alone, and she was now able to gobble Anders almost down to the root – though it did tend to choke her a bit. She wondered if there were some way to suppress the gag reflex and take him all the way in.

Behind her, meanwhile, Wyll had removed his own underclothing. He pulled her undershirt up over her head, only momentarily inconveniencing her as she bent her mouth and hands to pleasuring Anders. Wrapping himself around her from behind, he squeezed her breasts with his hands as his pulsing cock nestled in her backside like a sausage in a roll. Even as Katja devoted most of her attention to taking Anders inside her mouth, the feel of that hot, hard member pressing against her filled her with excitement.

Katja wriggled a bit and her drawers slid down from her knees to the floor, whereupon she stepped out of them with one leg and used the other to kick them to the side. Now she was able to spread her legs wider apart, giving her a better height for sucking Anders’ cock as well as an opening for Wyll – if he was picking up on her signals.

Oh, he was. Putting two fingers inside her to assure that she was wet and ready to receive him, he guided his throbbing member into her vestibule and began working it further inside, a little bit at a time. With each thrust it went deeper, until he was buried to his full length within her. Electrified by the sensation as his huge cock filled her, Katja gulped and gobbled Anders with even more enthusiasm, taking him in deeper than she had ever managed before. But as Wyll began pumping into her faster, she had to ease off on Anders for a while so she could breathe. The panting as she approached orgasm required more air than she could get through her nose.

She still managed to suck down on him hard about every other breath, not wanting to short-change him on the action. Besides, the presence of his thick, insistent cock in her mouth, the slight saltiness of the fluids she was extracting from him, filled her with even more urgency. In moments she was coming, standing up, in a way she wouldn’t have thought possible. Oh, by the Divines!

Anders and Wyll both managed to hold on through Kat’s climax, though it was a close thing. Her excitement was contagious – and for Wyll, his cock encased within her and feeling her spasms, it was almost too much to bear. The fact they were both standing helped a bit. It takes a certain amount of attention to stay on your feet.

Anders reached down to hold her shoulders, helping her to support her weight as she shuddered and screamed around her meaty mouthful. Then he raised her up, gently, and kissed her passionately. Behind her, Wyll pulled out and wrapped her about in a tight hug, his arms encircling Anders as well. Then the three stepped apart a bit. “How about the bed?” Wyll suggested, gasping for breath.

Katja recovered enough awareness to consider this proposal, and it seemed like a good idea. The three of them fell down on the coverlet for a moment. Then Anders bent and began working his way down from her navel to her sex, pleasuring her with his mouth, while Wyll kissed her thrillingly and fondled her breasts, tweaking her nipples to erectness as he stimulated her lips, her ears, her neck with his mouth and tongue.

Swamped by the sensations, Katja kept one hand on Anders’ head while the other gripped Wyll’s cock and she erupted in another orgasm that seemed to go on for minutes. Anders smiled up at her as she vibrated, screaming. When she had settled down from that he suggested, with gestures, that she kneel on the bed in front of him. Then he entered her from behind as Wyll, standing at the bedside, received the benefit of her mouth, tongue, and spare hand.

The three of them moved in rhythm, both men now feeling that it was time to let go. Katja sensed their surrender, and she put some extra effort into bringing them in. She had had two unbelievable trips to the stratosphere, and it was time for them to join her. Agh, if only she could take Wyll all the way inside her mouth. As the sensations from her cunt mounted, Anders’ more than ample ramrod plowing her enthusiastically, she made a huge effort and stretched her mouth wider than ever before. Wyll’s cock filled her, pushing down past her teeth – past her tonsils, it felt like.

Glug! Her cunt spasmed one more time as Anders pushed deep, deep inside her, shooting his wad. And at the same time, Wyll’s hot seed began spurting down her throat. Nearly choking, she swallowed convulsively and it almost felt as if she was going to have cum running out her nose. Good grief! Katja gasped for air, her knees feeling weak. There was a lot of that going around, as Anders behind her and Wyll at the front sagged, gasping and panting.

The three of them collapsed in a heap on the bed. Wyll still couldn’t quite believe what had just happened, and he was concerned. “Are you all right, Kat?” he asked. She gulped a couple more times, her chest heaving (fascinating to watch). Then she smiled at him, eyes somewhat glazed, and drew up to him to give him a passionate kiss. With her tongue pushing into him he got a faint taste of his own spoog; but clearly she was okay.

Breaking away from the kiss, Katja fell back on the bed with her men on either side. She felt utterly drained, even though filled up to overflowing at the same time. And more than a little bit sticky, she realized. But she lacked the energy to get up and take a bath. “Anders?” she said somewhat plaintively after she had recovered enough breath to speak. He bent to her attentively. “Could you hand me a damp towel? I don’t think I can walk…”

Anders rolled out of bed and poured some water into the basin on the chest of drawers, then dipped one of the Suite’s ubiquitous towels in it. He brought it back to the bed, and began giving Kat a sponge bath. He started at her face and neck and worked his way down, sure that once he hit the crotch he’d be needing a new towel. Katja sighed, lay back and just enjoyed it. As Anders ministered to her, Wyll rolled on his side and stroked her face, applying gentle kisses to her chin, neck, and shoulder.

The “bath” completed, Katja smiled and asked Anders for a drink of water. He poured one from the ewer beside the basin into a tankard he found on the table. She thanked him, then scooted up into a sitting position to drink. Ah, that was better. “I think,” she said sleepily, “that it’s beddy-bye time now.”

Wyll smiled and kissed her deeply. “You sleep here, love,” he told her. “I think I’d like to spread out in my bed downstairs.” Her eyes opened wider briefly, sharp awareness mingling with love as she looked at him.

Then she drew him close for a hug and kiss before saying “Good night, love. See you in the morning.”

Anders bid Wyll good night and the hulking Nord gathered his clothing and put it back on before going down the stairs, headed for the basement sleeping area he had claimed for his own. True enough, this bed was a tight fit for the three of them. Wyll was enormous, Anders merely large; but add the two of them to Kat and you were going to need a bigger bed. Kat’s thoughts appeared to be running in a similar vein, as she remarked “After we’re married, I’d like us to have a really huge bed. And a bedroom for each of us, for when we just want to sleep.”

That was a radical thought. Anders had never seen a bed bigger than the one they were about to sleep in. But they were rich. They could have a bed built to whatever specifications they wanted. Make it big enough for the whole family, why not? He smiled to himself at the mental image of himself and Kat, packed into a gigantic bed with Wyll and three or four kids.

Lying down beside his beloved, Anders snuggled her into his arms and kissed her fervently. “I can’t wait,” he told her. Then they blew out the candles, and in a few more minutes they were both fast asleep.


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