The Dragonborn Hunts

And Finding It

Kat had been seized with the nesting instinct, it seemed to Anders. This was a side of her he had not seen before, and one he had not so far discovered in himself. He had left High Rock some ten years previously and drifted around Skyrim like dandelion down, bouncing from one place to another with only his hunger for knowledge and the occasional liaison to pin him in any one spot for long. His two-year stint as an employee of the Luxury Suite marked the longest time he had stayed put since leaving home all those years ago.

Anders had been in love with other women a time or two, but none had ever reached down into his soul and laid claim to him as this one had. He regretted the difference in their ages, but still woke up every day delighted and disbelieving that this incredible young woman loved him and wanted to be with him. The fact that she also wanted to be with others, notably his friend Wyll, was something he was willing to overlook.

After concluding their business with Proventus, Katja and Anders made a beeline for their new acquisition. She felt that what was hers was theirs, as far as Anders and Wyll were concerned. They were her stalwart companions in all her enterprises, whether one or the other or both together, and she intended that they should all enjoy the spoils together, equally.

“Oh, this is cozy!” Katja exclaimed, delighted. Breezehome was certainly not expansive, even by Whiterun standards. But it had a warm, homey glow that appealed to her in a way that ran deeper than she’d expected. Right inside the front door was a small round table with two chairs. Beyond that, a glowing fire pit with a cooking spit took up most of the central floor area. Then there were a couple more comfortable chairs with a small table between them, and beyond those a larger table with benches, for eating. Storage cabinets and bookcases lined the walls. The area where an alchemy station might have been was undeveloped, but Katja had her own ideas for that.

Up a staircase that was really not much more than a ladder there was a loft area, with a small second bedroom off to the left and some loft furnishings. Circling around that area brought you to the master bedroom, a fairly spacious room with a double bed as well as plentiful storage for books, clothing, and other items. It even had another small table and chairs.

Katja stood in the doorway of that bedroom, taking it in for a moment. Though she had embraced the Suite and its own master bedroom as her home, this was different. She was the Suite’s owner, yet it somehow belonged to the ages and the generations of dragonborns who had owned it before her – and would, presumably, after she was gone. This house had existed before as well, true; but it was now all hers to do with as she would, to welcome in those she cared about most. No random strangers wandering through.

Katja turned to Anders beside her. She gave him a look that immediately caused a stirring in his loins. “I think,” she said almost shyly, “that this bed needs to be… inaugurated.” He beamed at her. “You are absolutely right, my love,” he said. He reached for her and unfastened her armor. Tidily, proprietarily, she opened the chest at one side of the room and deposited her weapons and armor inside it. Then she helped him off with his and put it in the chest as well.

This felt so right to her. What is going on here, she wondered. It was as if one of the Great Secrets of the Universe had been revealed to her, or perhaps just one of the Great Truths about Katrine Bouchard. Something deep within the human part of her soul was telling her she was home, and that this man by her side was one she wanted to share her life with for as long as they both drew breath. By the Divines, she thought, taken aback. This is it. And I’m not ready for this to be it.

They were both now in their underwear, standing near the foot of the bed, and turned to clasp each other in their arms. The powerful emotions surging through Katja, both the realization that at some fundamental level all she wanted was a little house in Whiterun and Anders at her side, along with her rejection of that as the period to the sentence of her life, had her feeling as if she were in a whirlwind. She loved him, she wanted him, she didn’t know what she wanted! As ever, her personal motto of “don’t worry about it right now” took hold – and she sank into his embrace with a surge of love that, at least for now, washed away her confusion.

It had been a few days since Anders had last made love with Kat, and he was eager for that embrace. She was the most important thing in his life, now. No other woman had a prayer of attracting his attention, and the times when she was sleeping with Wyll were times when he lay celibate, consoling himself with the knowledge that she loved him, that they would be together again before very much time had passed. Though the impact of Breezehome had not hit him as hard emotionally as it had her, he had picked up some of what was going through her mind; and it spurred him to even more passion.

What Katja wanted right now above all else was to be engulfed in Anders, here in the place she was already coming to think of as her new home – even if she was not actually planning to live here! How crazy was that? She didn’t care. She washed over him like a warm wave; kissing, fondling, practically ripping his underclothes off in her eagerness to get skin-to-skin. She loved his skin! So smooth, the hard muscles underlying it like the promise of power beneath the surface of a calm ocean.

Anders pulled her undershirt off over her head, claiming those marvelous breasts with his hands and his mouth. She had the most perfect breasts. They were so full, so shapely, so… irresistible. And he loved the way his hands and his mouth could bring those beguiling pink nipples to attention, inflaming her passions and taking her on the first steps toward what would, he knew, be an epic orgasm. His ability to carry his normally hard-headed lover beyond all power of rational thought was something he enjoyed immensely – even while he enjoyed their shared love of learning. It was as if their intellectual and physical/emotional bonds were residing in two different planes of existence.

Katja took her hands away from Anders’ body long enough to peel off her underdrawers and kick them away on the floor. The careful concern she’d shown with the neat placement of their armor and weapons was beyond her now. His hands, his lips set her on fire, and she could scarcely wait to feel that hard, throbbing cock within her. It pressed against her belly now, and she dragged him over toward the bed. Then falling onto it, she pulled him down on top of her and opened her legs like a flower to the sun, willing the hot rays of his searing passion to penetrate her to the core.

Anders fell into her, this woman he loved, her warm depths opening to him while clasping him tight. Aah! It felt so good to be inside her, holding her close within his arms, his mouth on hers as his cock slid all the way in, then out and in again. Rising on his knees, he got a better angle and began moving more slowly, tantalizingly. His mind was a blaze of love and excitement, and beneath that a consciousness of his power over her – watching her face as he worked his magic with his cock.

Before long he began pumping faster, and soon Kat’s face had gone pink, her head thrown back and her mouth in an “O,” as her climax swept over her. This was always the crucial point for him. They were inextricably linked, and sometimes when she came he was unable to stop himself from coming along with her. But he wanted to give her more, wanted to send her to the moons, wanted to fuck her brains out. His male pride demanded it of him.

Katja had come to expect this, and it was one of the things she loved about him. He might not have the overwhelming, irresistible urgency that Wyll sometimes brought to lovemaking; but he was always concerned about her and her pleasure. And with Anders, she always felt that she was loved – not just the object of a particularly strong bout of lust. Now that she had come, she was feeling a little more in command; and she turned the tables on her lover. Using the surprising power of her muscular body, she flipped them over so she was now on top.

She looked down at him through slitted eyes. The look of love and ultimate pleasure in his warm brown eyes filled Katja with an answering love, and a determination to send him to the moons. She rode him for a while, letting her breasts bounce above him. She knew that he, like most men she’d met, found them fascinating. Then she pulled up off of him, his hard cock reddened and glistening with her juices, and knelt between his legs. She bent and, pressing on the outer sides of her breasts with her hands, engulfed his cock between them.

Oh! Anders had not expected that. Kat’s cool blue-gray eyes locked on his and, her luscious mouth smiling at him with triumphant delight, she enfolded him with those warm mounds of flesh. It was not the same as being within her cunt, not as hot and wet, but the excitement of watching and feeling the sensations as his cock thrust up between her bountiful breasts was an experience that was new to him. Then, breaking the gaze, she bent her neck to grasp the head of his cock as it emerged from between those globes of delight, immersing it in the warm fluids of her mouth!

Releasing her breasts, Katja bent to take Anders inside her mouth – as fully as she was able to. She would never have been able to manage this with Wyll – that man was simply too outsized for any human woman to take all the way in that way. If there was such a thing as Giant women, perhaps one of them would be able to suck Wyll off as thoroughly as he deserved. These random thoughts, flitting through Katja’s brain as she began giving Anders the most thorough blow job she had yet attempted, led her to a mental picture of what Giant men must look like when aroused. Hah! Still, it added to her enthusiasm.

Divines, Kat was really going to work on him! She had teased and pleasured him with her mouth on many occasions, but Anders had never had her using it in quite this way before. She looked so beautiful to him down there between his legs, her silken red hair glistening in the candlelight as her head bobbed, her hot, wet mouth taking him in far more deeply than he would have thought possible. The searing excitement of the situation took hold of him, and before he knew it he was rocketing toward a climax he was powerless to stop, his hands moving involuntarily to clutch her head as his cock strained upward, shooting his seed down her throat.

After Anders’ spasms had ceased Katja looked up, a lazy smile painting her lips, as she swallowed and licked her lips. Then she climbed up his body to entwine herself in his arms, her head tucked under his chin. “I got you good,” she murmured.

But Anders was not entirely done with Kat. They talked quietly for a while, lying side by side on Breezehome’s master bed. Then, having gotten back some energy, he rolled her up again in his arms and made love to her long into the afternoon. By the time they had finished, utterly spent, it was still just light out. They were both feeling other hungers, so they got up and put on some robes before going downstairs. The furnishings supplied by Proventus Avenicci even included a range of foodstuffs, from which Anders put together a meal of sorts for them. They ate from wooden plates, sitting before the fire.

Katja was in a pensive mood. She felt utterly relaxed and happy after being in Anders’ arms, coming over and over again. But as so often happened to her, especially if it was not bedtime when these frolics concluded, her brain had been kicked into gear once again and she was back to chewing over her problems and concerns. “I wonder,” she mused aloud, “whether I really ought to go back to the College and see about developing a spell for hot baths.” Anders looked at her questioningly. “Back before we killed Alduin, it occurred to me that a general lack of hot bathing pools like the one at the Suite is Skyrim’s biggest deficiency,” she explained. “I sort of promised myself I would look into some way to make one appear by magic. And I really see that as a lack here. There’s not even a privy.”

Other guys, she knew, would just smile at her foolishness. But Anders was a mage, and a man who welcomed intellectual challenges. Wiping the last of the stew from his plate with the last hunk of bread, he chewed it thoughtfully. Then he spoke. “Hmm. The hot water wouldn’t be much of a problem if you already had a tub of cold water. Fire spell, right? But conjuring the actual tub, and the water… My problem is, all my studies focused on Destruction. I knew I was going to need it when I got the hell out of High Rock. I don’t even have your skills at Restoration, let alone Conjuring.”

“I haven’t studied Conjuring at all, either,” Katja said. “Isn’t that mostly just calling up creatures from the other planes? There ought to be some way to magically form a ‘tub of hot water’ object and just call it into being wherever and whenever you want it. Preferably, one that would stay hot even after you’d been soaking in it for a while.” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Maybe Alteration is the right school. You could start with a cup of hot water as if you were making tea, and then Alter it until it was big enough to sit and relax in.”

Katja looked at him, her eyes alight with a combination of intrigue, affection, and amusement. “You may be onto something,” she said. “Perhaps we really ought to pay the College another visit.” She lapsed into contentment, enjoying the feeling of a full belly and the warmth of the fire. She sat silently, just staring into the flames, for a long while.

Anders sat in equal contentment beside her, until a yawn sprang unbidden from his lips. He realized it had been a long day. “Bed, Kat?” he asked. She roused, having been close to dozing off herself. “Leave the dishes for the morning, eh?” she asked. He nodded. He hadn’t noticed any tendency on her part to demand that the place be shipshape before she could rest. Like as not, if somebody else didn’t do the washing-up, it wouldn’t get done.

They climbed the steps to Breezehome’s loft for the second time this day, taking turns at the chamber pot before slipping between the sheets. All passion now spent, they melted into one another’s arms and drifted blissfully into sleep.


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