The Dragonborn Hunts


Katja came to consciousness snuggled tightly against Anders’ chest, his breath lightly blowing her hair as he snored gently. The temperature must have fallen overnight. She nuzzled in closer, squeezing him with her free arm and planting a warm kiss on his nipple. She felt his cock stir as she did so, and looked up to find him fully awake, eyes open and looking at her with warm affection and warmer lust. “Good morning love,” she murmured quietly.

He stroked her face, pushing her hair back out of her eyes. “You’re starting to change me, you know?” he remarked in a low voice. She looked at him questioningly. “Before I met you, I had a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Since I was a kid, I would sleep until noon if you let me. But sleeping with you is making me more of a morning person, or something…” She smiled, hugely pleased. Those who have never had any trouble rising early usually assume that those who do are that way due to some character flaw.

He bent his head slightly to give her a deep kiss, then asked “What are your plans for the day?” “I’ve got to run some errands around Skyrim,” she told him. “I shouldn’t need any help, so you and Wyll are free to stay here. Maybe you guys could check on local real estate like I asked?”

He nodded thoughtfully, saying “Good idea.” In the meantime, his member was standing firm against her belly and her slit was getting moist from its proximity. She undulated beneath the covers, giving a little pelvic thrust and lifting a leg so that his shaft slipped into the groove and rubbed against her clit.

“Ooh,” he gasped, gazing into her eyes. “You wanna?...” She nodded, her eyes glowing with love and desire. Then she yanked the covers off of them, giving her room to throw her leg up over his hip as she guided his throbbing erection inside. As he pushed all the way into her, she threw her head back and moaned. They made love lying on their sides for a while, then rolled over with him on top, so he could get some leverage. She spread her legs wide and bounced on the bed, meeting each of his thrusts with one of her own. He kissed her neck and collarbone as she threw her head back, keening as she rose toward her climax.

When Kat popped, Anders did too. Despite his claim of newfound morning alertness he was still pretty sleepy, and she had taken him by surprise with this unexpected morning session. He couldn’t count the number of times they’d made love since they’d met; but wouldn’t have much trouble counting the times that had occurred immediately after waking. Probably wouldn’t need both hands. He supposed it was just as well he’d come so soon. He doubted Kat was looking for anything beyond a little “goodbye kiss” before going off on her errands – certainly not a marathon fuck-fest.

After a brief rest, they both got up. Katja put on a robe and headed for the bathing pool, and Anders followed her. They found Wyll downstairs, sitting at their usual table and eating some breakfast. After a soak, Katja got out and went over to him, still wearing her robe, to give him a hug and a kiss – and steal a few morsels off his plate. He didn’t even try to stop her.

Katja soon excused herself and went off to get dressed, putting on her Blades armor and making sure she had plenty of weapons and potions in her pack. Then she slapped her forehead. Before she went anywhere, she needed to do some crafting. With the Suite’s well-stocked basement shelves, she could have set up in competition with Adrianne if she’d had a mind to. First, though, she stopped off at the table again and ate some breakfast with Wyll and Anders before going downstairs. The two of them had been engaged in an animated discussion when she came over, but the talk seemed to be about the weather while she was there eating.

Katja went behind the bar and through the trap door, climbing down the ladder into the basement. As she arrived at the bottom, she looked at Wyll’s bed and a little shudder ran through her – centered on her crotch. She had enjoyed some of the hottest, most mind-blowing sex of her life down here, and not always on the bed. She shook herself. She’d been most thoroughly laid last night by both her studly hunks; and again, if more gently, this morning with Anders. If she couldn’t manage to survive a day or two without a dick inside her, it would be a sad state of affairs.

She wanted to ensure that the guys had plenty of money to work with in case they found a suitable property to buy. Vlindrel Hall, which they already owned, would be nice, but it didn’t have any room for expansion and more to the point it was in Markarth. Not the kind of place she wanted to be bringing up children, assuming they eventually had some. So, she set to work with a vengeance at the forge.

Katja had been building her skills by bouncing the effects of alchemy and enchanting back and forth, accelerating her progress in those disciplines and smithing as well. She put on her alchemically-enchanted armor to make up some more potions, then drank one of those potions and made some more Elven armor (which she liked because it was beautiful, protective, and lightweight). This she enchanted with the Fortify Smithing enchantment she’d learned by destroying a pair of gauntlets she’d acquired.

Now she didn’t need a potion (though taking one would enhance her abilities still more) – just a wardrobe change, which could be tedious. But it went far beyond the potion in effect, and would not wear off in a couple of minutes. Having studied and worked on ebony arms and armor, she now found she could make it herself from scratch. The stuff was seriously valuable, the more so after she’d honed it. She skipped enchanting most of what she made, not wanting to put the price completely out of reach in the local market.

With freshly crafted items and a big stack of things she and the others had picked up on quests, Katja filled her pack to overflowing and left the rest of it sitting in a couple of chests in the basement. Then she staggered back up the ladder to the Suite. She went to the bar and asked Lane for some food. As she was wolfing down a bowl of vegetable soup and some fresh bread rolls, Anders and Wyll came in the front doors together. They were dressed in street clothes.

She waved to them and they came over, observing her bulging pack on the floor beside the bar and the fact that she looked ready to set off on a quest of some sort. “We just talked with Gwendolyn across the road,” Anders told her. “She doesn’t think the Battle-Born clan would be willing to sell. Apparently the farm is quite a money-maker for them.” Katja pricked up her ears at that. Battle-Born Farm was directly across from the Suite and would have a lot of advantages as far as its location went, as well as plenty of space for expansion. Too bad it wasn’t for sale.

Finishing her stew, Katja told them “I left a big pile of arms and armor downstairs for you guys to sell while I’m gone. I’m counting on you to drive a hard bargain, Anders!” she smiled, letting him know she wasn’t entirely serious. “I’m taking a pack-full with me to Markarth, to sell to Ghorza. I have a ton of errands to run, so I might be gone a few days. But don’t worry about me.” Despite her admonition both Wyll and Anders looked concerned. They respected her skills as a warrior and she had saved their asses in battle as often as they had hers; but they were used to guarding her back and hated to let her run off on her own.

Wyll put a massive arm around her for a squeeze and said gruffly, “Stay out of trouble, you.” She stood on tiptoe to give him a deep kiss.

“I promise,” she said sweetly. Then she kissed Anders as well before shouldering her pack and going out the door. They waved goodbye to her, both of them looking a little worried.

“She’ll be all right,” Anders assured his friend. “Hell, she could probably kick us up one side of the street and down the other.” Wyll nodded.


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