The Dragonborn Hunts

Taking Turns

While she’d been enthusiastically relating her tale to her lovers, another part of Katja’s mind had been considering all the options and had concluded that what she really, really needed to do first was take a hot bath. So, blotting her mouth demurely with a napkin, she rose and squeezed her men’s shoulders before excusing herself and heading upstairs. They were perhaps a little disappointed, but certainly not surprised.

“Think we ought to join her?” Anders asked. Wyll would love to join Kat in the pool – provided nobody else (possible exception: Anders) was around. But after days of deprivation, there was no way he was getting into the pool naked with her and maybe half the customers in the Suite, at the start of a busy evening. He’d be flying his flagpole for the world to see, and maidens had been known to faint at the sight.

“Why don’t you?” Wyll suggested. He had hopes, yea expectations, that Kat would be coming to his bed before the evening was out. But he felt Anders ought to have a turn as well. The two of them sharing one woman was a challenge, definitely. But it kept things interesting. And what a woman! She was worth whatever it took.

Anders smiled at him and gave his arm a quick pat before turning and dashing up the stairs. He wanted to catch Kat before she came back down. He found her in the bedroom, trying to figure out how to put away her fine garb without getting it all wrinkled. Katja turned at his approach, giving him a welcoming smile with a hint of heat in it.

“What we need in here,” she said, “is some kind of a cabinet that’s tall enough to hold a full length dress. With maybe a rod running across it near the top, and some kind of small rack with a hook sticking out of it so you could drape your clothes on the rack and then hang it on the rod. Then the weight of the fabric would pull the wrinkles out, and the doors of the cabinet would help keep out the moths. Maybe you could even make it out of cedar wood.”

Anders stood transfixed. What an idea! He suddenly wanted to run into town and tell Hegmar to add it to his plans. Though he envisioned these cabinets, lined with cedar wood, being built into the walls of the bedrooms and big enough that you could step inside them. But… At the moment, his body had a few other items at the top of the priorities list. He stepped to Kat’s side where she stood in her underwear and gently took the dress out of her hands, laying it on the bed. Then he took her in her arms.

Kissing her deeply on the lips, he then broke away from her mouth to bury his face in the space between her neck and shoulder, his arms reaching down to clasp her to him and squeeze her buttocks. “I have missed you…” he murmured. Heat rose in Katja as she squeezed him back. Oh, Anders… She could feel his cock, hard and insistent, pressing on her body through the several layers of cloth that separated them. Her recent mission had been busy but not strenuous – she was hardly even grubby. Surely, the bath could wait awhile.

Katja reached up to kiss Anders’ neck, running her tongue along it and pushing aside the hair to take an earlobe between her lips, gently sucking it. He gasped. “As I see it,” she said thoughtfully, “the problem here is that we’re both wearing way too many clothes. Especially you… “

He grinned at her. “How can I argue with that?” He stepped back and pulled his shirt off over his head, tossing it onto the top of the dresser. After due consideration he carefully picked up her fine dress and draped it there.

Meanwhile, Katja had pulled off her undershirt and was now wriggling out of her drawers to stand naked before him. Ah! She slipped her fingers into the waistband of his trousers and began pulling them off of him, slowly. Oh, he was not wearing any underdrawers. Naughty boy. She stopped a little way down, the waist squeezing him midway down the buttocks and the top few inches of his erection protruding in front. She bent to lick it, taking the head in her mouth and sucking out drops of slightly salty fluid. He had missed her, oh yes.

Crouching, Katja pulled Anders’s trousers the rest of the way down to the floor and he stepped out of them. Then she pressed on his flat, muscular belly until he had backed up to the bed and sat down upon it, putting him at a level where she could kneel before him and take him fully in her mouth. He was in agony. That felt so good! And he did not want to shoot his load like a kid. He wanted to make love to her until she was screaming.

Pushing Kat gently away, Anders lifted her by the arms and beckoned her onto the bed beside him. “You’re driving me wild,” he told her quietly. “Let’s take it a little slower.” She understood, and came into his arms again for a deep kiss. Her hunger for him was urgent, but she too could postpone fulfillment of her desires. They sat side by side on the bed, kissing and stroking, enjoying the sensation of skin on skin. She squeezed his cock but then moved her hands elsewhere: pressing, tickling, just barely touching. The feelings were wonderful to Anders, but the urgent desire to pop his rocks had receded.

Anders eased Katja down on the bed and she spread her legs for him, inviting him to worship at her gates with his lips and tongue. Oh, yes! They both enjoyed this, he because of the power he had to give her bliss, she because – well, because it felt blissfully wonderful. He soon had her gasping and moaning, escalating until she exploded in a powerful orgasm. She’d enjoyed a couple of these by herself while she’d been gone, but this was much much better.

With the flood of warm juices in his mouth, Anders knew his beloved was ready to receive him. And he was oh, so ready to be there! His cock throbbing with eagerness, he mounted her and pushed his way inside. So hot, so tight, so right! Pumping in and out of her with powerful strokes, her legs clasped around him to meet him on each stroke, he thrust his tongue into her mouth. Then, in between gasps, he moaned “Kat! I love you…”

“I love you too Anders,” she responded moaning. “We’ll be together forever!” The thrusts came faster, and she lifted her legs to rest her ankles on his shoulders. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The two of them exploded in ecstasy, then collapsed in a puddle of love and stickiness on the bed. Recovering awareness in a moment, Anders rolled over on his side. Kat had dropped her legs off his shoulders already, and she now let the bottom one lie straight, the other thrown up over his hip, so she could continue to hold him inside of her while she smothered his face with kisses. “It’s been too long, my love,” she murmured. “And I have to leave again soon. But I won’t be gone so long this time, I promise.”

Anders wrapped her in his arms, squeezing her as if he planned never to let her go, kissing the top of your head. “It’s all right, dear,” he said softly. “Soon we’ll all be together and nothing can pull us apart.” He hoped it was true.

They lay there for a while longer, having little to say, just soaking up the warmth and wonderfulness of being together. But eventually the heightened stickiness factor drove Katja to sit up and say, “Hmm, I thought I was going to take a bath… ?”

Anders smiled at her fondly. “I could use one too, I believe. Shall we?” They arose from the bed and put on robes, returning downstairs. Wyll was still sitting at the table where they’d dined, sipping a mead and enjoying the ambience of an evening at the Suite. He waved to them cheerfully. They tossed their robes aside and sank into the hot water with sighs of pleasure.

Wyll came over and sat at poolside to chat with them, cross-legged on the tile. His proximity to the naked Kat had his cock stiffening, pressed down along one leg of his trousers. He hoped this wasn’t too obvious, but she spotted it soon enough. A couple of soul-shaking orgasms with Anders had not dulled her hunger for Wyll. She splashed him playfully, soaking his clothing. He backed away in a hurry and gazed down in dismay. “Look what you did!” he said in mock fury. “Now I’m going to have to go downstairs and change.”

“Wait,” Katja told him, squeezing Anders’ hand and giving him a kiss before lifting herself up out of the water. “I’ll come with you.” Wyll grinned at her in a way not unlike that in which a saber cat might grin at a fawn it had found standing alone in the forest.

“Oh you will, will you?” Toweling off, she returned his leer with one of her own.

“I must make amends for my transgression,” she said meekly. Wyll wanted to grab a couple of handfuls of flesh and take her right there, but he restrained himself.

“Come along then,” he said sternly, and she followed him, wrapped in her robe, to the trap door behind the bar.

Wyll hit the floor first, with Katja right behind him. With a jubilant whoop, she threw herself onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips, grinding her pelvis into his hard-on beneath the snug-fitting trousers. Her cunt was still slightly wet from the bath, but then so were his pants. She planted a deep kiss on his lips, then pulled back a little to gaze into his eyes, her pupils dilated with arousal and the dim light of the basement.

“You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting to do this!” she panted, grinning. Wyll reached his hands up under the robe to seize her buttocks, exactly as he’d wanted to do moments before, and bounced her up and down a little, squeezing her tight to him. Mmm, that felt really good. He kissed her back, first on the mouth and then on the neck and shoulder, burrowing down to push the cloth of the robe aside.

“Wyll,” Katja murmured breathlessly in his ear, “why are you still wearing all this clothing?” Oh, good point. Wyll walked over toward the bed wearing her like an apron, and she released her grip on him. Still clutching her buttocks, he lifted her up and forward a bit in a gentle arc to bounce on the bed, lying on her back. Then he began doing a fast strip. If somebody had told him he was not allowed to exit the burning building until he was naked, he could probably not have done it any faster.

In seconds, it seemed, Wyll’s dampened clothing was lying on the floor at the foot of the bed and he stood looking down at her, his rampant member swollen and purple-headed, the golden perfection of his smooth-skinned, muscular body on display, blue eyes drinking Katja in as she lay on the bed with her fiery hair spread out around her head like a halo – even as she was savoring her view of him.

In another moment he said, “Now, where were we?” and reached to scoop her up once again. Oh, yes. Katja pressed Wyll’s engorged cock between her slit and his belly as she locked herself onto his body. He could easily support her weight, and she rubbed against him as they kissed passionately. Her clit swollen and throbbing as well, juices making her vulva slippery, she humped herself up a little more and then slipped down over him, ensheathing him from root to tip. Then, holding tight to her ass, he began sliding her up and down the shaft.

Wyll recalled another occasion when they’d made love standing up like this, there in the bandit encampment near Dragon Bridge. At that time she’d screamed his name so loudly he’d thought it might possibly wake the bandits they’d just killed, and she’d taken him right off with her. He’d noticed that combat seemed to tweak up Kat’s sex drive. Now, there’d been no blood shed; but it had been days since they’d been together and their eagerness for one another was having almost the same effect.

“Wyll, oh gods Wyll, yesss…” Katja moaned, her entire consciousness eclipsed by the sensation as she was pressed against him, his powerful body supporting hers while that enormous cock filled her completely. Slip, slide, pound… the elastic and cushiony tip of his love-lance bounced off her cervix each time she came down, and she soon found a fire rising to engulf her as her vaginal muscles clenched down hard on him in a rippling motion. “Yes! Yes!”

Wyll held on, but just barely. Standing up helped a little with this, as it took some of his attention just to stay upright supporting both his weight and Kat’s. But his teeth were clenched, and his cock felt as if it were swollen to twice its usual (already magnificent) size and lit up like a beacon with the heat of their joining. He gasped and panted, changing his grip to hold Kat around the waist as her legs dropped nerveless from their grip on him, keeping her from slipping off of him.

Flexing his knees, he eased her down onto the bed and the two of them, still joined, gradually slid up it until Katja’s head was resting on a pillow. Then they rolled so they were lying on their sides, face to face, and continued making love at a slower pace. This allowed for plenty of kissing and stroking, which inflamed them both anew; and before long Wyll’s strokes were coming faster and harder again and she knew he wanted to let go. “Do me from behind, Wyll,” she murmured. The power and force of him behind her, like a rutting bull, filled her with excitement. He was happy to oblige.

Wyll pulled out of her, his massive golden scepter reddened and glistening, and Katja rose onto her knees with her hands resting on the headboard, her rump thrust out to receive him as he pushed it back inside. After its brief absence, its return sent a thrill through her that almost tripped her over into another orgasm on the spot. But the best was yet to come. He knelt behind her, pumping deep inside, faster and faster until they both exploded. Ah!

Almost immediately Wyll rolled back over onto his side, pulling Kat with him as his still-throbbing cock was gripped within her. He cuddled her to him, squeezing her, stroking her hair, applying kisses to her shoulder and neck. It was so good to have her in his arms! After he had slipped out she turned around to throw her own arms around his massive torso, kissing his slightly salty chest. Then he rolled over onto his back, resting his head on the pillow, and she pillowed hers on his shoulder – lying on her side with a hand across his chest.

They lay there in the afterglow for a while, then Katja broke the silence. “It’s good to be home, love.” He bent his head to kiss her forehead.

“It’s good to have you home. But I suppose you have to leave soon?” She sighed, snuggling closer. “I really need to go to Riften and get a firm date for Lydia and Argis’ wedding,” she said. “But I can come right back from that. Then I have some more business to do in Whiterun, after which I’ll be home for a few days before I have to go back to Solitude to pick up Lydia’s dress. I hope it’ll fit her and we won’t have to take another trip to Solitude before the wedding.”

While Kat was laying out her projects and plans, Wyll was mulling over his own. The work at Chillfurrow seemed to be proceeding at a lightning pace from what he knew of such things, and they now had all the cash they could want to hasten it along. But could he and Anders, working together with Argis, have their dream home habitable by the 10th of next month? Well, he supposed it would still be a happy wedding surprise for her even if all they had to show her was a construction site. But he really, really wanted it to be perfect for her. She was his perfect woman, and she deserved the best.

He squeezed her up in the crook of the arm she was resting on. “So, you’re leaving for Riften tomorrow. Want to sleep here tonight?” Katja had spent her previous night at the Suite with Anders upstairs, so that seemed appropriate. She loved sleeping with both her men, but she had to admit to herself that Wyll was a little more compatible with her sleep schedule. He didn’t groan and hide under the covers when she wanted to get up and moving at a reasonable hour.

She tilted her head up and kissed him. “Sure, that’ll be fine.” After another moment she said, “It’s a bit early to be going to sleep, though. Want to go up and jump in the pool?” She’d just come from the pool a while ago, but both of them were now pretty sticky again.

Katja got up and retrieved her robe, while Wyll hung his damp, discarded clothing on hooks before pulling his own robe down and donning it. Then the two of them climbed the ladder to the trap door, and rejoined the evening Suite life in full swing. Anders had gotten up and put on some clothes, and was now occupying their usual table with a flagon of something in his hand. He smiled and saluted them with his stein as they came in, and they waved back before climbing back into the pool. It was almost as though the lovemaking session with Wyll had been just a sort of interlude in the middle of her bath.

They didn’t stay in too long. The Suite was busy tonight, and others were waiting for their turn in the hot water. Katja and Wyll got out and wrapped up in their robes, then joined Anders at their table. Without the privilege of proprietorship, they might have been hard put to find one. She spotted Igmund and Raerek coming down the stairs a little while later, looking around for someplace to sit. She invited them over to join them at their table. After all, they were here at her invitation.

Learning they hadn’t eaten yet, she beckoned Lane over and ordered them some food from the kitchen. Come to think of it, though it hadn’t been that many hours since she ate supper herself, Katja was feeling hungry again for some reason. Two vigorous sessions of sex with her fiancés wouldn’t have done that, would it? She settled for a bowl of the new potato chips that were becoming so popular. It was easy to see why. They didn’t have that much flavor of their own, but the crunchiness and the salt seemed addictive. Anders had been drinking wine, but they all switched to chilled ale.

Igmund and Raerek appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely. They ate their food with gusto and exclaimed at the chilled ale. They sampled the potato chips, which met with their approval, and ogled the naked women in the bathing pool discreetly. Part of the “clothing optional” theory was that polite people didn’t stare at naked people, pretending rather that skin was as valid a getup as any other sort of garb. In practice, if covert glances were arrows some of the better-looking people of either sex hanging around in the pool would be looking like porcupines. And the pool tended to be a place where many liaisons started. Katja herself had first met Anders in those very waters, and look where that had led.

The five of them talked long into the evening, Igmund and his aged uncle regaling the youngsters with tales of adventure and battle in The Reach in the days before Anders, Wyll, and Katja had even been born. In turn, they shared some of their own adventures. The tale of Alduin’s defeat in Sovngarde was a crowd-pleaser, though there were already some in Skyrim who believed it to be nothing but a fanciful tale for children. Katja supposed, somewhat sadly, that by the time they were all dusty bones the people of the province would think she and her heroic companions had been only a legend, made-up characters in a story.

The older men’s energy began to flag, and they smilingly thanked their hostess before tottering up the stairs to bed. Yawning and stretching, Katja realized she had better be getting to sleep soon too, if she wanted an early start on her trip to Riften in the morning. She moved from her chair to Anders’ lap, throwing her arms around him for a deep goodnight kiss. “I’m sleeping downstairs tonight, and off to Riften in the morning. I hope you’ll be up before I leave…”

He kissed her back, with feeling. “I’ll meet you for breakfast,” he promised.

Hand in hand, Katja and Wyll returned to the trap door and climbed down the ladder for the second time this evening. Wyll was already thinking of another go-round, but she was really sleepy. Very much fast-travelling in a short period of time and you wound up with your body having no idea what time it really was. After dropping her robe again, Katja pressed herself against Wyll, kissing him lingeringly and not without heat. But the effect was spoiled when she burst into an enormous yawn. His cock was halfway up, but Wyll knew it would be better if his beloved got her sleep, so he didn’t press the issue. There was always a chance in the morning…


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