The Dragonborn Hunts

Return of the Prodigal

Anders was in the common room sitting at their table with Igmund and Raerek. The two old men certainly seemed to be getting into the swing of things. Coming in the front door, Katja walked over to join them. Anders’ face lit at the sight of her. He gave her a hug and kiss, then she pulled up a chair and seated herself at the table. She signaled Ellis, and asked him to bring a bottle of wine and some glasses, along with some bread and cheese, to the table. It seemed like she ought to be having breakfast, but she thought she’d better try to align herself with local time.

“How’d it go in Riften?” he asked her, squeezing her hand.

“Everything’s fine,” she told him, smiling. “Lydia and Argis’ wedding is scheduled for the morning of the 17th. Oh!” she added, remembering the news she had to impart. All the months she’d been running around Skyrim with the magic map, and it had never occurred to her to actually pinpoint the amount of time that was consumed in a journey that seemed to last seconds. Of course, there had never been any deadlines before. “I’ve been gone almost two days, right”

Anders nodded. “You left yesterday morning.”

“Okay, I got to Riften too late to talk to Maramal yesterday. I found out it takes almost exactly 12 hours to fast-travel there from here.”

Anders looked thoughtful. Despite his years in Skyrim he’d never had access to a magic map until he met Katja. He, like she, had thought that the time differences were random and had never thought to do any measuring either. “So,” Katja was continuing, “I had to put up at the Bee and Barb overnight, and then I met Maramal in the morning and made my arrangements. Not counting the time I was at the inn, it seems like I’ve hardly been gone from here any time at all. But I’ve lost a whole day. And I feel more tired and hungry than I should, too.” At that the bread and cheese arrived, and she was silent for a few minutes as she ripped into it.

Once her immediate hunger had been appeased, Katja told Anders “I think the best way to work it is we’ll gather the wedding party here at the Suite fairly early in the evening on the 16th, and fast-travel to Riften arriving early in the morning on the 17th. Then after the wedding, we’ll all go back home and it will be evening again. We’ll have the party starting around mid-afternoon on the 18th, and on into the night.” Anders raised an eyebrow. It sounded complicated, but Kat seemed to have matters well in hand. She’d always been a pretty good organizer.

“Where’s Wyll?” Katja asked, after a look around the area had failed to reveal him. Anders smiled slightly. “Oh, he’s down in the basement working on some project of his. I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be taking him a long time. I’m sure he’ll be up soon. He hasn’t had supper yet, unless he brought some food down there with him.” Katja nodded, wondering just what Wyll was up to. Likely it was going to be a surprise, so she’d best not pry and spoil it.

They sat conversing quietly and enjoying the music, and before long Wyll did appear. He was startled and delighted to find Kat sitting with Anders and their Markarth guests, and trotted over to enfold her in a bear hug, lifting her part of the way out of her seat. “I was just thinking about you!” he proclaimed in his bass voice.

“I’m glad to see you, too!” Katja said enthusiastically, hugging him back. Wyll seldom failed to fill her with joy (not to mention lust) just by his presence.

This evening though, her lust seemed a little muted. Was it the time distortion? You could count “one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand…” and reach a fairly accurate tally of the time that seemed to pass while you were fast-traveling. And you could check the time and date at the start and end points of your journey and learn how much time had passed in the outside world between your departure from one place and arrival in the other. But what sense did your body make of this? Was it splitting the difference? Your mind might tell you you’d arisen after a good night’s sleep, eaten breakfast, and gotten on the Magic Map Express all within the past hour. So why would you feel tired and hungry when you arrived?

More research needed, Katja concluded. If anybody cared enough to do it. Though she had a love of finding out new information, her interest was more focused on practical applications of that learning. Anders, on the other hand, pursued knowledge for its own sake. And that sure came in handy, now and again. She loved him for it (among his many other delectable and/or useful attributes).

There were now five of them packed around the table, and Katja was beginning to wonder if it might be a good idea to have a bigger table built for them. Especially since her plans for the next few weeks involved inviting still more guests to the Suite. Then, the front doors opened and a familiar-looking woman came in. It… it was Serana! But she looked different, more vibrant. She quickly spotted them across the room and came over to the table.

“There you are,” she said. “I’m… I’m back.” Katja was gazing at her friend in delighted wonder. Her eyes, no longer glowing bright orange, were a deep blue. And her complexion seemed to glow with an inner warmth that had been missing before.

Seizing Serana’s hands, she asked “You’re not a vampire anymore?”

“All clean,” Serana assured her with a self-deprecating smile. “I feel like I can breathe again, for the first time since I was turned.” Katja grinned at her, happiness welling up inside.

“The world is alive,” Serana continued, “and so am I, for once.”

“That’s wonderful!” Katja said enthusiastically, rising from her chair to enfold the no-longer-vampire woman in a warm embrace. “Come and sit! I’m going to go get us some more table.” She gestured Serana to take her chair, and went off for a consultation with Ellis. After she explained what she wanted, he said “There’s a small table back in the kitchen area you can borrow, and a spare chair.” The two of them carried these items back up to the mezzanine and with a bit of shuffling, added the extra small table to their larger one to make one big enough for the six people now in their party.

While she’d been gone Anders (who, with Katja, had spent a considerable amount of time questing with the former vampire) and Wyll were congratulating Serana and welcoming her back to the land of the living. When Katja had re-seated herself, she introduced her friend to Igmund and Raerek. Serana was somewhat reticent to discuss the details of her life as a vampire or the recent killing of her father, nor did she want to provide any details about the process that had been involved in curing her of her vampirism; so Katja steered the conversation onto other topics. The older men were quite delighted to be introduced to this beautiful and apparently young woman, never guessing that she’d been old before they were born.

Serana took some wine, bread, and cheese when it was offered, eating and drinking with relish. “I can’t tell you how good it is just to eat simple, wholesome food,” she said. Awhile later, though, she remarked “It’s been a long journey from Morthal, and I would really love a hot bath. Would anybody care to join me? Wyll and the older men declined, but Katja and Anders said they wouldn’t mind a soak.

The three of them went upstairs and Katja, with a bit of difficulty, found Serana a bed. She was going to have to talk to Lane and Ellis and ask them to stop taking overnight guests for a while, to make room for any additional guests she might invite in the weeks leading up to the weddings. In the bedroom, she and Anders stripped down and of course he enfolded her in a tight embrace as soon as the two of them were naked. His cock was on the rise, and a spark of arousal was beginning to flicker within her.

She kissed him warmly, feeling that spark ignite to a steady, cheerful flame. Oh, yes. She ran her hands over the smooth skin of his back and buttocks, squeezing him to her and feeling that hardness pressed against her belly, the tip moist. But… “I’ll spend the night here with you, love. I can hardly wait. But I think we should go downstairs now and have that bath. Don’t you?” Katja asked, and Anders could hardly argue. His erection soon began to subside and they threw on their robes and joined Serana on the trip back down to the bathing pool. It even behaved itself as they were soaking, in the company of several other Suite guests. The place seemed to be getting more popular all the time.

The trio conversed lightly among themselves and with the others in the pool, and Katja was taken by the way Serana’s forthright humor now seemed to have come alive – just as she had. She positively sparkled, talking animatedly and flirting with several of the men in the pool. She no longer had to limit her liaisons to men who were willing to give blood as part of the deal, Katja realized – and if something deeper than a lust connection came of it, she was free to pursue a long-term relationship. What a difference!

Katja noted that Serana was not wearing an amulet like she and most of the Suite’s employees wore, however. She made a note to get her one as soon as possible. As a vampire Serana had had no worries about being impregnated or catching a disease. It would be tragic if, so soon into her new-found freedom, she found herself caught with an unplanned pregnancy or something worse.

Above them, Wyll was relaxing at their extended table and swapping stories with Igmund and Raerek. After a few minutes in the pool Katja excused herself, rose, and after toweling off put on her robe and walked over to join them. Anders, enjoying the company in the pool, stayed behind. As Katja approached the table the two old men smiled at her appreciatively. They might not be able to do much with a naked lady the likes of the Dragonborn, but they were old – not dead.

Wyll grinned as she slipped in beside him and put a hand on her knee, giving it a squeeze. She smiled up at him and squeezed his enormous bicep in response. Then she murmured in his ear, “Wyll. Do you happen to know where I could get another amulet?” she gestured by pulling her own out from where it lay on her collarbone and waving it at him.

He raised an eyebrow questioningly, then seemed to put it together. “For Serana?” he asked, equally quietly. She nodded.

He considered for a moment. At one time the Suite’s management had maintained a collection of these, but over the years they had been parceled out. “How about if I give her mine?” he suggested. Katja studied him, startled. “I’m only sleeping with you,” he pointed out, “and you’ve still got yours. So what do we have to worry about?” She just looked at him, her eyes glowing with love. This was probably the most touching gesture this sweet, sweet man had ever made, and it moved her to her soul.

Katja threw her arms around his neck and locked her lips on his for a deep kiss. “Thank you, Wyll! I can’t tell you how much this means to me!”

He looked a little shy. “Well… you could show me,” he said, leering slightly to show he wasn’t entirely serious. Oh, damn. She’d already promised to spend the night with Anders.

“I’m… otherwise engaged, tonight,” she said, nodding toward the pool. Then her eyes lit with inspiration. “But I’ll make it up to you in the morning, I promise!” Wyll removed his amulet and handed it to her, feeling as if the gesture was far more momentous than he was letting on. He’d been wearing it continuously for years, and now… he didn’t need it anymore.

“I’ll hold you to that,” he said, squeezing her tight.

At about this juncture Anders and Serana had reached the point in their soak where they must either exit the water or be consigned to prune-hood, and they came walking up the few steps toward the table, glowing from the hot water. Katja motioned to Serana to come and sit beside her. “Feel better now?” she asked.

“Oh, yes!” her friend responded. “I’ve got to see whether we can set something like this up at Fort Dawnguard. Anders, did I hear you mention that the pool is kept hot and clean by some kind of Dwemer mechanism in the basement?”

“That’s right,” he replied. “I wish I understood how it works.” Oh, how he wished. In the time Kat had been gone he’d been putting in long hours at the drawing board, racking his brain for ways in which they could have hot running water in their new home at Chillfurrow. In his spare time, he’d been racking it to come up with a better name for the farm. That could wait. But now they had a deadline for their wedding, and a lot of other things happening in the meantime, he needed to come up with answers before construction got too far along.

“I’ll bet Sorine Jurard could help you with that,” Serana remarked casually. “She’s probably Skyrim’s foremost expert on Dwemer technology, though that old mage out in Markarth knows quite a bit about it as well. Will you be coming down our way anytime soon?”

Anders looked at her questioningly. “Our?”

Serana took his meaning. “Yes, I’m still planning to rejoin the Dawnguard. Now that I’m cured of the infection, I think I can be even more useful to them. Even Isran is starting to respect me. I just wanted to drop by and see you all again, but I’ll be on my way there tomorrow. It’s quite a walk.”

Anders digested this for a moment, inspiration starting to bloom. “I would like to return to Fort Dawnguard,” he said. “There are a few pieces of unfinished business I’d like to take care of there, as well as finding out if Sorine can develop something like the pool’s systems for the Dawnguard. But Kat’s in the middle of planning two weddings. She can’t take the time to go down there with us.” Turning to Kat, he asked “Darling, is there a chance you might be able to loan me the map for a few days?”

Katja considered. She had at least a full day’s worth of business to transact here in Whiterun, and didn’t really have to go anywhere else for another 5 days or so. She’d never lent the map out before, but there was nothing she would deny Anders. Besides, she was curious to see how it would function for him. She guessed it would offer him fast-travel to any point that it had previously taken him to, when he was traveling with her. Would it also offer him other points, places he had been to himself on foot, before they met? “That should work all right, just so you’re back here by the 9th so I can get to Solitude and pick up Lydia’s dress,” she told him. “It’s upstairs in the trunk. I’ll leave it for you when I go into town tomorrow morning.”

Anders gave Katja his most melting smile and reached around Serana to squeeze her hand. Then to Serana he said, “Well, that’s taken care of. I’ll fast-travel you back to Fort Dawnguard tomorrow morning.” Serana grinned at him, the first time he had seen this particular expression on her lovely features. It made her look a lot more… approachable.

Thank you Katja, Anders! That will save my poor feet a long trip. And probably, the bandits of the Rift will be happy not to have met me – though they know it not.”

The evening was wearing on and the party broke up, heading for their beds. Igmund and Raerek were the first to leave. When they had departed Katja, sidetracked from her original objective of some time before, recalled her intentions and slipped the amulet to Serana. “This is a gift for you,” she told her friend. Serana looked touched.

She glanced down at Katja’s chest and said, “It’s just like yours.”

Katja nodded. “You know what it’s for?”

Serana’s face lighted with a secret smile. “They haven’t changed much in the last several hundred years, apparently” she replied. Katja kept forgetting just how old Serana was.

“Thank you,” Serana said sincerely, bending her head to hang the amulet around her neck. “I haven’t needed one since I was turned, and to tell you the truth it hadn’t really occurred to me that I was going to need one now. I have a lot of lost time to make up for.” She cast her eyes around the room in an exaggerated leer. Katja laughed. “Well, maybe I’ll wait until I get back to Fort Dawnguard before I start making up for lost time,” Serana said. “There are some good-looking new recruits.”

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Katja told her smiling. “Well, I’m for bed. How about you, Anders?” He smiled and stood up eagerly to join her. He had not forgotten her promise. Wyll was sorry to see them go, but looked forward to Kat’s “making it up to him” in the morning. He and Serana sat there for a while after the other two had left, chatting quietly. Mmm, Wyll is really hunky, Serana thought. And such a sweetie, too. Pity he’s taken. Well, she’d be back at Fort Dawnguard tomorrow, amidst a growing cadre of unattached men. I’d like to get that Isran and fuck his brains out, see if it sweetens him up any, she mused wickedly.

Wyll stood up, giving Serana’s hands a squeeze. “I’m glad you decided to make the change,” he said. “I think you’re going to enjoy your new life. It’s a lot sweeter, I think, when there’s a limited supply of it.” With that he took his leave, heading for the basement. Serana sat drinking a last glass of wine and looking around the Suite for a few minutes more, then went up the stairs to bed.

In the master bedroom, Katja and Anders hung their robes on hooks and stood looking at each other, clean and naked. And in the latter case, rampant. Anders might have a little more control over such things than did his younger friend Wyll, but Kat’s nude presence – especially after a couple of days away – had him standing at attention. She smiled at him, looking with love into his beautiful face. Then her gaze ran down, and her smile grew broader. Mmm.

Katja approached him and squeezed tight for a hug and kiss. “Where were we?” she asked, as if either of them might have forgotten. Stepping back a little and putting her hands on his hips, pushing Anders back toward the bed, she said “That looks good enough to eat. I think it’s time for some dessert.” He got up onto the bed, lying with his head on the pillows, and Katja knelt between his legs to seize his swollen cock in her mouth. He’d noticed she seemed to be enjoying this more and more of late – and possibly getting too damn good at it, as well.

Anders scooted back down the bed a little, his feet hanging off the end, and reached for Kat’s hips. “C’mere, you,” he said, and pulled her around so she now had her crotch in his face. This allowed him to pleasure her with his mouth while she did the same for him, and helped keep him from shooting quite so fast as the incredible sensations of her sucking and licking him became more and more insistent.

They stayed like this for a while, moaning over their respective mouthfuls. Anders found that from this direction he had to develop a somewhat different technique, but he soon had it down – judging from Kat’s reactions. Abruptly she lifted up off of him, releasing his quivering member from her mouth and pulling her dripping cunt from his face. Then she performed a sort of crouching pirouette and straddled him, sinking down on his shaft all the way to the root. Oh!

Next, Katja began grinding on top of him, pubic bone to pubic bone, moving in circular motions that felt really amazing. Her head thrown back, her face bright pink spreading down over her shoulders and chest, her mouth open in an “O,” she cried out and her cunt clasped him harder in rippling spasms as she came. Anders watched her avidly, loving every minute of it, but still holding off.

In another few moments Katja fell forward onto his chest, kissing him deeply, and beginning to move up and down with her knees, riding up and down on his slippery shaft. Ohhh, yes, that felt very good too. Anders was close now, so close, and he wanted to regain control of the speed; so pulling her close to him he rolled over in the bed, putting her on the bottom now, and knelt so he could thrust into her – somewhat slowly at first, teasing a little, then faster and faster until he was pounding into her like a pile-driver. She came once again, screaming, as he let out a long groan and, toes curling, exploded deep inside her.

They rolled onto their sides, gasping and panting, mouths locked in sloppy kisses, their minds ablaze. When the white heat of orgasm had faded they still lay, snuggled together and grinning like maniacs. “Oh, Anders,” Katja breathed. “I love you so much…” Awhile later she added, “I think tomorrow will be the first time you’ve gone somewhere without me since we met. I’m going to miss you.”

Anders smiled and kissed the top of her head. “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do,” he said self-importantly. She smiled into his chest. She had the feeling that, just as with Wyll, Anders had something up his sleeve. Well, she had her own little secrets she was saving as well. She stifled her curiosity, content to wait for the surprise.

After lying there murmuring about nothing much, the two of them got up and did a little cleanup with water and a towel, before climbing back into bed to fall asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.


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