The Dragonborn Hunts

Wyll’s Reward

Fairly early in the morning Katja woke and got a drink of water from the bedside pitcher. Anders stirred, missing her, then opened his melting brown eyes to gaze at her as she stood there in the nude. Reaching for her robe, she smiled down at him and spoke quietly: “I’m going to go catch a quick bath and then have a talk with Wyll. I’ve left the map here on top of the chest of drawers.”

He smiled and answered as quietly, “I don’t think we need to be leaving for Fort Dawnguard just yet. I believe I’ll catch a little more sleep.” She bent to kiss him, then headed downstairs as he rolled over, covers up around his chin.

Katja made her bath a short one. She’d taken one only a few hours ago, but wanted to be clean, fresh, and glowing when she gave Wyll his morning treat. On the way to the trap door she smelled sweet rolls. “So soon?” she asked Ellis, and learned that he now had a woman getting up at 4 in the morning to do baking in the large oven that had recently been installed in the kitchen. All of the extra inn business was making it hard to get enough fresh bread and pastries delivered. And this way, the baked goods were really fresh.

They smelled so wonderful Katja got a tray of them to take downstairs with her, along with a pot of herbal tea and a couple of thick mugs. She’d once heard someone jokingly remark that the way for a woman to please a man was to show up naked and bring mead; but at this hour Wyll was just going to have to settle for breakfast. The naked part would soon be achieved.

Katja found her golden giant sleeping face down in the bed, looking more golden still in the candlelight. She laid the tray down on the chest of drawers, wondering if the delightful smells might penetrate Wyll’s consciousness. So far, there was no sign they had done so. He had only a thin sheet draped over him. Somebody his size could conserve body heat a lot better than she could, another reason she loved sleeping with him on chilly nights.

Katja slipped her fingers beneath the sheet’s top hem and began pulling it down, all the way down past the end of the bed. Wyll’s feet hung over the end – the standard beds of Skyrim were not built with him in mind. His breathing remained steady and deep, with no sign that she had disturbed him. She stood there for a moment, just admiring his massively muscled backside. The bulging trapezius muscles, the well-defined lats, and oh those glutes.

She reached out her hands and settled her fingers like eiderdown at the top of his buttocks, stroking down them like butterfly kisses. Wyll twitched slightly and uttered a muffled grunt, but subsided once again. Her eyes lit with mischief, Katja next reached down below his butt, to tickle his scrotum where it lay just peeking out between his legs. Like a lightning strike, Wyll suddenly whirled to face her, his hand snaking out to grasp her wrist!

Katja jumped, but couldn’t go anywhere with Wyll pinning her. He was grinning at her, and she observed that his massive cock was standing straight up. “You caught me,” she said with a rueful smile. He nodded, and continuing to hold her wrist he guided the hand attached to it… down onto his erection, whereupon he released her and gave her a meaningful look.

Katja continued what she’d been doing, which was stroking him gently on his sensitive parts. But now she was no longer trying to keep from waking him, she begun to rub harder and squeeze as well. As his cock grew still longer and thicker and the head began to purple, she brought her mouth to bear. She had actually managed to take Wyll all the way inside her mouth once, but it had damn near choked her and she hoped he’d be willing to settle for a little oral and manual stimulation instead.

As she was working on him his nose twitched. “Is that freshly baked sweet rolls I smell?” he asked disbelievingly. She looked up at him, both hands squeezing now, and gestured with her head toward the tray. His eyes lit up. “I’ve got to have me some of that. But first, I want some of this,” he said, pointing at her. “Come sit on my face.” Her eyes widened slightly, but his wish was her command.

As Wyll slid down the bed a little Katja climbed up it until she was straddling his head with her legs. He gripped her by the buttocks to keep her weight off his chest and neck, and began running his hot, wet tongue deeply into her slit. Like every part of Wyll, his tongue was a bit longer and thicker than average. Hell, she’d seen some guys whose dicks weren’t as big as that tongue. Fortunately, not from such a close vantage point as this.

She’d come down here with the intention of servicing Wyll, paying him back for the favor with the amulet. But soon Katja found herself riding his face, bouncing and moaning, until a tingle arose in her clit and shot up through her midsection all the way to the top of her head. She knelt there quivering for a few moments, screaming out her release. Wyll looked up at her, a self-satisfied grin plastered on his face. Sometimes, she thought, her men got almost as much enjoyment out of making her come as they did coming themselves. Now that she considered it, it was among their most endearing qualities.

All those muscles weren’t just for show. Wyll had amazing strength, and he used some of it now to slide Katja down his body so he could sit up. Her ankles were now up on his shoulders, and he gently lowered her onto his rigid member. Then bending his knees, he continued on over so she was now lying with her head hanging off the edge of the bed, in danger of falling save that he held her.

Katja was young and limber, and bent almost double as Wyll pounded into her she found that the position opened her wide to his thrusts. His excitement rising, he pushed in harder and faster, until she had to slip her ankles down. He moved his arms out of the way, one at a time, so she could lock her legs around his hips and meet him stroke for stroke. She found herself coming again and again, but still he held on, somewhat to her surprise. Except that by now, she wasn’t forming many conscious thoughts.

As she lay there puddled on the bed after her latest orgasm, head still hanging off the edge, Wyll put his hand beneath her head and rocked back on his knees, lifting her to cradle in his arms. She hadn’t even kissed him yet this morning, but she did so now. He scooted them a little further back toward the head of the bed, then gently pulled Katja off of his erection and encouraged her with hand gestures to rotate until she was kneeling with her back to him. Then he entered her again.

And now, it started all over again. Slow, gentle strokes. Coming almost all the way back out, rubbing the head around the rim of her vulva, then popping back inside. Short strokes, longer ones, gliding, coming faster, now faster and deeper and harder and OH! The two of them fell full length on the bed, Wyll’s cock and Katja’s cunt throbbing in unison, as he filled her with his semen. As the pulsations subsided, he quickly rolled them to the side – sensitive of her need to breathe.

Wyll hugged Katja from behind, his massive arms wrapped tight around her and his short beard tickling her ear. “Thank you for bringing me breakfast,” he rumbled softly. She just squeezed his arms tighter around her and gave a contented sigh. When she thought of all the sexual frustrations of her younger days, this seemed like heaven. She knew that inevitably as they all grew older and children came along their sex lives would change, but there would be other joys to compensate. For now, this was bliss and she intended to savor it to the fullest.

After some minutes of quiet snuggling the two both began to think about those sweet rolls, cooling on the chest. No point in letting them get too cold! Wyll handed Katja her robe and a towel for some clean-up, then put on his own robe and brought the tray over to set on the bed. It was likely time to change the sheets, in any case. What matter a few crumbs?

Katja sat cross-legged on the mattress, a sweet roll in one hand and a mug of still-warm tea in the other. Having gotten fucked to a fare-thee-well only a few minutes after waking this morning, she was having a little trouble marshaling her thoughts. “Let’s see,” she said, her mouth half full of sweet goodness, “Anders and Serana are taking the map to go to Fort Dawnguard. I guess that means I’m going to have to walk into Whiterun this morning. I need to tell Lydia and Argis when their wedding day is, and get the list of people we’re supposed to invite to the party. And then I have to talk to Jarl Balgruuf.”

Wyll halted, frozen – having just stuffed a sweet roll into his mouth and being about to reach for another. Uh oh, he thought. She walks past Chillfurrow and the first thing that happens is she gets curious and goes to ask somebody what’s going on. Maybe she even runs into Argis there, which is probably a dead giveaway. Then she goes up to see Balgruuf, and the first thing out of his mouth is, ‘how are you enjoying your new farm?’ “I’ll come with you!” he told Kat enthusiastically. “I’ve got some business in town, too.”

Katja was surprised and pleased. She’d love to have Wyll’s company anytime, really, and not just in bed. “Great, sweetie!” she said, reaching out a sticky free hand to squeeze his. “Let’s finish our breakfast and get dressed. Then we probably ought to see Anders and Serana off before we leave.”

“Sounds good,” he said, tucking one more roll into his mouth before washing it down with a draft of tea and then dusting his lap off before reaching for the ewer to pour some water for hand-washing.

Katja used the basin too before kissing Wyll and saying, “See you in the common room.” She found Anders and Serana fully dressed and sitting at their table when she came out from behind the bar. They were partaking of a hearty breakfast, and waved cheerfully to her as she came through heading for the stairs. Freed of her blood hunger, Serana seemed to be acquiring a sweet tooth. She was munching on sweet rolls, boiled cream treats, and apples.


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