The Dragonborn Hunts

Packing to Leave

Katja awoke feeling warm and comfortable. She was curled up with her back to Wyll, and he was wrapped around her. His stiff cock was a hot presence pressed between her buttocks. Mmm. And he was not asleep. As she stirred a little he gently brushed her hair aside and applied his lips tenderly to that sensitive spot where her neck joined the shoulder. She gasped slightly, a slow intake of breath, as the sensation ran like a streak of heat from there down through her core and her cunt spasmed involuntarily. His hands squeezed her breasts and his cock pressed still closer.

Making love in the morning was something she often avoided, frequently being more in the mood to leap out of bed and get started on whatever activities the day offered. She had a few of those in mind for today, but decided that this time, they could wait. Katja rotated within the circle of his arms and pressed herself against him, claiming his mouth in a deep soul kiss. His mouth, and hers, had tasted better once or twice; but it didn’t matter. Her hand slipped down between them to squeeze that gigantic member. Then she threw a leg up over his hip and guided him inside her. Already her crevice was wet and ready for him.

Wyll groaned softly with pleasure as his cock slipped home within her. “Oh Kat,” he murmured, kissing her with renewed passion. He’d half expected to be turned away. That had certainly happened many times in the months since they had first become lovers. He began sliding slowly in and out, lying on his side. Then he rolled over atop her, supporting his weight on his knees as she spread her legs fully for him and wrapped them around his hips.

Now his strokes became faster, firmer, and her moans more urgent as she threw her head back, panting. As she came Wyll’s mind was ablaze, so close… but he held on. He wanted a little more. His cock throbbing within her as her spasms gripped him, he stopped stroking for a few moments to run his hands over her hair, kiss her face.

Katja opened her eyes to look at him above her, an expression of sleepy lust and warm affection suffusing his golden features. “Baby?” he murmured, and questioningly made a twisting gesture with one hand. Her eyes widened and she smiled. “Oh yes,” she murmured back. He pulled back to let her flip herself over onto her belly. Then she lifted herself up onto her knees, her ass thrust up toward him while her head was pillowed on her arms.

Wyll’s eyes lit. Kat loved to be fucked from behind, and he loved to do it – though he also enjoyed watching her face, kissing her lips while they made love. His quivering member thrust forward eagerly, finding its niche, juices running out the sides as it fitted tightly within her. He was immediately seized with a hot urgency. Months of familiarity had not drained her ability to produce this effect on him. He wanted to come inside her, he wanted to climb inside her, NOW! As he pumped furiously, the sensation arose as if a new sun had ignited at the point where their bodies met, and was growing with a white-hot intensity to obliterate both of them in a searing explosion that would leave nothing behind but some drifting ash.

Well, not quite. Both lovers were still quite firm and solid after the wave passed, collapsed on the bed on their sides, still joined. As the throbbing pulsations slowly subsided, Katja clutched Wyll’s hands to her chest, hugging him as he was hugging her. Whew! As he slipped out, she rotated in his arms for the second time this morning, pressing her sweaty body against his massive torso and applying sweet little kisses to his equally sweaty chest. “Ooohhh, Wyll,” she murmured. “I love you.” He didn’t reply, just enfolded her head in his arms and kissed her hair. She knew well enough how he felt.

In a little while, breathing returned to normal, she raised her head to look him in the eyes. “I’m going to Markarth later,” she said. “Want to come along?” He smiled. “Sure, why not?” he replied. He’d be happy to follow her anywhere, especially if there was a chance it might extend his turn in bed with her for another night. Katja kissed him lightly, then wriggled backwards out of the bed and put her feet on the floor. She grabbed the spare robe she kept here now, along with a few of her other things.

“Bath time,” she said smiling, and headed for the ladder. Wyll stood up, sniffing the air. Smells like sex in here, he thought. Not an unpleasant smell, but it might get a little rank after a few days away. He pulled the covers off the bed, and after donning his own robe he gathered the sheets in a wad and carried them upstairs with him. Ellis was on duty, and he asked him to see to the laundry. “Sure thing,” the Elf replied.

Idly scratching his belly, Wyll headed for the pool. He found Kat soaking there, and was surprised to see that Anders had joined her. Left to his own devices, his friend usually might sleep until late morning. But Kat seemed to be having her effect on him in more ways than one. She was holding his hand under the water and talking animatedly with him as Wyll dropped his robe and joined them in the pool. “Hey,” Wyll greeted Anders briefly.

“I was just telling Anders about our trip to Markarth,” Katja told Wyll. “I think I’m getting close to having enough brownie points with the Jarl that he might make me Thane.” “Being Thane is a great idea, Kat,” Anders told her. “Once you’ve gotten that honor, the city guards won’t bother you anymore. Plus, you can buy property in the city. Ever thought about living in Markarth?” That intriguing city of stone, built by the Dwemer and located in Skyrim’s far western province, was one Katja had only visited after Alduin had been defeated. She’d been there several times since, enjoying its scenic locale and attractive architecture.

“I wouldn’t mind having one of those houses,” she said thoughtfully. “They are really spacious and nice inside. But I wouldn’t want to live there all the time. This is my home, here with you guys and the rest of the Suite crew. And close to Lydia and Anja in Whiterun.” She pondered some more, then said, “But we’ve got plenty of money, now. I suppose if the Jarl lets me buy a house in Markarth, I’ll take him up on it. It’d make a nice base for us whenever we’re out in the Reach.”

“Thanks, Sweetie!” Katja concluded, making to give Anders a hasty kiss before getting out of the bath. He forestalled her by reaching toward her to cup her face in his hands, and kissing her in a way that was thoughtful – and thorough. On releasing her, he said quietly, “Don’t be gone too long, love. I’ll be waiting.” A little thrill shot through Katja. Wyll was a lot of fun, but Anders was a serious lover. And he seriously had a hold on her heart.

Slightly shaken, Katja emerged from the pool and toweled off before putting on her robe. Wyll had opted for a little wash-up instead of a full-on soak, and was now dressed in his abbreviated Elven armor, anticipating their trip. She beckoned him over to their usual table and they sat munching on sweet rolls washed down with hot tea, some fruit on the side. Their brief meal concluded, they returned to the basement to gather the rest of their things before leaving.

As was often the case, Kat had a little crafting she wanted to do before they took off. Wyll was becoming ever more impressed with her level of expertise. There were smiths he’d been to here and there in Skyrim that couldn’t produce a suit of armor, or a blade, any better than what she was turning out right here in their “bedroom.”

“Look what I picked up a couple of trips ago,” she told him, pulling a hunk of glistening black carapace out of the trunk where she stored her spares between quests, to work on at her leisure. “What is that? Chaurus?” Katja squinted slightly. “I hadn’t thought of it, but it does look a bit like Falmer gear. No, this is ebony! I found it in a chest way down near the bottom of some major barrow complex. But it’s got magical properties. And I recently discovered that I can work on armor with enchantments on it.”

As she spoke, she had the armor on the workbench. Hammering, punching, crimping, she worked it down to a size that would fit her. Then she surprised Wyll by walking over to the bedroom area and peeling off her robe, draping it on the chest of drawers. He was well-sated by their activities of last night and again this morning, but he was always willing to appreciate a naked lady. Especially this one.

Next, she began wriggling into the armor she’d been working on. Wyll’s eyes widened. No underwear? As he observed the way the armor fit her, he realized no underwear would be possible without hanging way out beneath the armor in every direction. The gear looked like a sort of glistening, charcoal gray bathing suit. It had a chain mail bra that barely covered her bountiful breasts, some protection for the collarbone and upper arm areas, a bit of a gorget over the stomach, and a chain mail thong beneath a bottom section that wrapped around Kat’s hips, the two pieces held together with a hinge at the front and lacings at the back. “Give me a hand with the laces?” she asked, backing up to him.

Wyll stood there gaping at her. This was not armor, this was some kind of hard shiny sex fantasy brought to life! Beneath his Elven armor (which, it occurred to him, was pretty sexy too) his cock was rising as he ran a hand caressingly over Kat’s smoothly rounded hip before gathering the laces and tying the bottom section of the armor around her ass. Holy Divines, she looked good enough to devour on the spot! How was he supposed to concentrate on killing draugr with this vision before his eyes?

“It looks great!” he told her. “Now, hurry up and take it off because I want to fuck you right now.” She snorted. “I know, it’s pretty over-the-top, isn’t it? But a girl does like to feel pretty. The thing is, this stuff works!” She strutted over to the chest, vamping a bit, and pulled out an iron sword she hadn’t ever gotten around to improving. It wasn’t all that deadly a weapon. “Here” she said, handing it to him. “Go ahead and attack me.”

Wyll looked at her with an uncharacteristic expression of doubt and concern in his warm blue eyes. Their relationship was casual and fun, but underneath there was something deeper and he really didn’t want to attack his beloved – not with any weapon sharper than the one between his legs. “Go ahead,” she urged him. “I’ve got my Healing spell all ready, so if you accidentally hurt me I can be perfect again in under a minute. But I need to prove my theory.”

“Well, okay. But promise you won’t get mad!” Holding the dull sword in his huge hand with reluctance, he gave a half-hearted swing at her upper legs. If the armor didn’t work as advertised, he’d just as soon not hit any vital organs. Where he swung the sword, he saw nothing but the smooth flesh of his lover’s thighs. But the sound and the feel as it struck was like striking ultra-hard wood. The sword bounced off with a loud “CLACK!”

Katja stood there smiling. “I didn’t feel a thing!” she said, pleased. “Do it some more!” Emboldened, Wyll began belaying the sword about her arms, shoulders, and midsection. He even stabbed it straight into her seemingly bare back, and each time there was a clacking sound and a sense of resistance as if he had just hit full ebony plate. There was no bleeding or bruising, nor did any marks appear on the armor. And Katja stood there, arms at her sides, smiling at him.

When he was convinced and had finally stopped hitting her with the sword, she grinned even wider and said, “Is that amazing, or what?” “I don’t get it,” he said. “Wyll,” she replied sagely, “we live in a world of magic. It’s all around us. How can I nearly get an arm cut off and be perfectly fine a few seconds later? How can I move you, Anders, Lydia, Anja and a double stack of luggage and furniture from here to Whiterun in the blink of an eye? I’ll probably be an old granny by the time I’ve studied magic enough to understand how it all works, but for now let me just say that this ebony armor, and the moonstone Elven armor I made for you and Anders, has a magic to it. It’s a little like a ward spell. You can see skin in a lot of areas, but those areas are still protected by the armor. Yet it’s lighter, cooler, and more comfortable to wear than full plate.”

Wyll continued standing there, the iron sword fallen to his side, as he looked her up and down while digesting what she’d told him. Then he said, musingly, “Wow… Okay, I believe you. …Can we fuck now?” He said this last with a little-boy mischievous grin that looked so ridiculous and adorable on his big, lofty face that Katja didn’t know whether to leap into his arms or just burst out laughing. She settled for stepping closer and squeezing his free hand, standing on tiptoes to give him a kiss.

He wasn’t entirely kidding about the fucking, and tossing the sword aside he grabbed her around the waist with both hands. He felt warm, supple flesh riding over firm muscle – in exactly the area where his sword had met hard resistance moments before. This was certainly very odd! He ran his strong fingers up her torso and inside the armor’s bra top, brushing her nipples. It was all Kat, as far as his fingers were concerned. He bent to kiss her more deeply.

Katja pulled away from him, panting slightly. “Cut that out!” she said, smiling but outraged. “At this rate we’ll be getting to Markarth a week from Sundas. There’ll be time for fun and games later dear, but for now we really need to be going.” As if in direct contradiction to what she’d just told him, she then reached up under the skirt of his Elven armor and squeezed his stiffened cock. “Hey!” he growled, but smiled at her. Then he gave it up, and stepped away to gather a few things for his pack.


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