The Dragonborn Hunts

Breaking Through

Sorine led the way down the ladder, to the bedroom that Wyll had obligingly donated to her for the night. Ray had been down here quite a few times over the years he had worked at the Suite, before Wyll had claimed it as his personal purview. Wyll and Anders, in their special relationship with the owner, had gotten an edge over the other Suite employees and were no longer entirely part of the brotherhood. Which, as he thought of it, he realized had now gone co-ed.

During most of Ray’s tenure, at least, the Suite had only employed men. They welcomed customers to the Suite with camaraderie or flirtation, offered themselves as bed-warmers to those that took their fancy (and by no means had all the Suite men been straight), and were available as questing companions for any who needed a sword, or a spell, to guard their backs. Sometimes these assignments turned into permanent arrangements and replacements had to be hired. Other times, after the quest was over the companion returned to the Suite – ready to offer his services to the next customer in need.

These services drew customers to the Suite like moths to a flame. And since Katja (the latest in a long line of dragonborn owners) had come into possession, female employees had joined the ranks. Some of these were mages or swordmaidens, prepared to take service as questing companions as well as sharing the beds of customers who caught their eyes (again, male or female). Others did more mundane duty as serving maids, cleaning staff, cooks, and laundresses. Now, at 32, Ray was beginning to feel as if it might be time for him to consider a future beyond the Suite. Most young men who came to work here saw it as a great opportunity, a chance to meet a wealthy patron or just to have some fun for a few years. But it was not something you did for life.

All these thoughts passed through his mind in an instant, on a parallel channel from the one that had been completely taken over by his libido. Sorine was beautiful and entrancing, and the vulnerability he sensed from her only made him hunger for her more, even as it also filled him with a desire to shelter her from whatever she thought was threatening her. She was strong, intelligent, yet somehow unable to cope with certain aspects of the world.

Sorine was very nearly trembling as her bare feet hit the floor at the foot of the ladder and she led Ray around the foot of the bed. I ought to have had more to drink with dinner, she thought. She had drunk a glass of wine or two washing down what little of that enormous meal she had been able to eat; but that was hours ago and she was now stone cold sober, aroused, confused, and fearful that she had somehow forgotten how to make love. It had been a long time.

Ray stepped to her at the foot of the bed and took her in his arms, gently. They were not that far apart in height, and kissing her was easy – and very pleasant. From their conversation he knew she had been a long time without, and he approached her as one might a wild fawn in the forest. Gently, carefully, no sudden moves. The kissing went from soft and tender to increasing passion in a few short moments, and he ran his hands over her body beneath the Suite robe.

Sorine broke away from the kiss with a gasp, her breast heaving. She looked up into his light eyes and saw them dilated with desire – and behind the desire, patience and concern and kindness. Oh, yes. More than a handsome man or one with a magnificent physique and a big stiff cock, what she needed was a man with a fund of patience and kindness. She reached for his shoulder and slipped the robe open, causing it to fall to the floor, then gazed at him. It looked like she might have hit the jackpot.

Ray resumed kissing her with increased fervor, pushing her own robe off her shoulders to fall on the floor. He put his hands on her breasts, which were a nice size – not too big, perfectly formed – and thumbed her nipples to attention as he continued to claim her mouth with his. Soon they were both gasping and panting. Sorine reached down to him, a few things beginning to come back to her from encounters in the past, and gripped his rigid cock where it thrust up between them. It was hot to the touch, smooth-skinned, and pulsing slightly. Ooh. She could not actually remember the last time she’d had such a fine thing in her hand.

Ray moaned slightly when she grasped him, and gently pushed her back until her knees hit the end of the bed and she sat. Then he knelt before her, taking her breasts in both hands while he tongued and suckled her nipples, before continuing on down her body. Her legs were spread to allow him this close, and he now spread them further as he stroked her inner thighs, pushing them apart so he could get to her slit with his tongue.

Sorine gasped as he applied his mouth to her sex, her fingers knotting in the somewhat stiff bush of slightly waving black hair atop his head as she urged him to dive deeper. She had almost forgotten what that sensation could be like. As he worked with his mouth and tongue, Ray stroked her thighs and belly, gentle teasing strokes that sent ripples of sensation across her skin. She had felt so anxious taking him to her bed, even after the connection they had made earlier. But she began to feel herself letting go, letting the feelings rise, letting… Oh, by the Divines, yes!

Sorine fell back on the bed and arched her back, the first orgasm she had had in months (well yeah, there had been some solo ventures…) surging over her. Ray was pleased, but slightly taken aback at the ferocity of her response. How long had it been? Sorine remained quivering for a few moments, a flood of juices teasing Ray’s tongue as her climax lingered on. Then finally she lay quiescent, breathing in gasps.

Ray wiped his mouth on his arm. Some women were more fastidious than others, and he didn’t want to offend her by bringing her own cunt juices to her mouth on his as he moved up the bed to kiss her again. She didn’t appear to notice one way or the other, as she attacked him hungrily. It seemed that the dam had burst, and there was no stopping the floodwaters now. “Ray!” she gasped between kisses, “Ray! I want you…” gasp… “inside me…” gasp… “now!

Oh. All right, then. His cock was stiff as a sword, quivering with eagerness, and he eased it inside her. As wet as she was after his tonguing and her orgasm, there was no problem whatsoever getting in. She was still lying at the edge of the bed, but he could not both kneel on the floor to enter her and smother her with kisses as he very much wanted to do; so he grasped her around the hips and lifted her bodily, using his powerfully muscled arms to move her up the bed until he could kneel on it while pressing his upper body to hers, mouth to mouth.

Sorine’s mind blazed with passion as Ray moved inside her. Oh! All of the hunger that had gone unfulfilled these past few years, all of the lonely nights, that whole side of her nature that she had blithely ignored as she tried to make her intellectual pursuits the sum total of her being, rose up like a savage beast, demanding to be fed. And he answered her thrust for thrust, filling her up.

In a while they collapsed on Wyll’s coverlet, entwined and panting. Sorine hugged him tight around the neck, her eyes closed, as his still-throbbing cock filled her. He kissed her eyelids, her neck, brought her hand up to kiss her fingertips. “Sorine,” he murmured, “that was amazing…” She’d second that, if she could speak. By the Divines, what had come over her? And into her? She had not met a man who attracted her so strongly since her teen years in High Rock, and that was only an adolescent crush.

As swept away as she was by emotion, Sorine’s mind would not rest and she soon found herself analyzing the encounter. Was this just a chance joining, a one-shot? The connection she’d felt while they were talking in the bathing pool said there was so much more they could do together. But had he felt it too? For the moment, she felt she was not ready to face knowing the answer to that question. Much better just to float in the moment, enjoying whatever it was while it lasted, however long – or short –that might be.


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