The Dragonborn Hunts

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Katja and Wyll spend the rest of the afternoon and on into the evening crafting. Wyll made some pieces, surprising her with his fine touch on items like jewelry, and she enchanted them. She wanted to make some more Daedric pieces, especially given Adrianne’s interest in them; but she had only a handful of Daedra hearts available and they were not easy to come by.

Neither Arcadia nor Belethor often had ingredients that exotic, and it wasn’t as if you could just trot off to some stronghold with the expectation that you’d be able to find and kill Daedra. The few hearts she’d accumulated over her months in Skyrim had all been the result of chance. A few, she’d found lying around in the stores of hostile mages.

Recalling that Ellis was on his own for providing the Suite with ice for its chilled beverages and that she’d promised him some help, Katja enchanted some of Wyll’s jewelry with Destruction, extra magicka, and magicka regeneration. Those three ought to help him, though as yet she’d been unable to locate a more powerful freeze spell tome for him. When they knocked off for the evening and returned upstairs for supper Katja gave him the necklace, ring, and a silver and sapphire circlet that made him look a bit exotic. The effect was not unattractive – it might possibly even be a draw to an Elf woman, she thought.

Katja and Wyll took supper with Igmund and Raerek, as usual. There were not enough of the hyper-fresh salmon to go around the whole Suite, but everyone at the Owner’s Table got some. Lane cut the fish, scarcely minutes after they’d stopped wriggling, into steaks and brushed them with a mixture of oil, garlic, and fresh herbs before flash-grilling them over the coals. The fish was accompanied by some seasonal greens, lightly tossed with tomato and a mix of oil and vinegar with spices; and a dish Katja had never seen before.

She was inclined to believe that Skyrim had never seen it before, either. In her homeland of High Rock the cuisine leaned more toward elaborately prepared dishes in rich sauces, at least in the cities. Such of these dishes as filtered out into the towns and countryside tended to rely heavily on cream and butter. But she’d never tasted anything like this, and called Lane over for a discussion.

He had started with what was very nearly a bread dough, he explained, but with the addition of egg and without any leavening. The dough had been thoroughly kneaded and then rolled out very thin, before being cut into thin, even strips. These could be hung up to dry and cooked days or weeks later, or (as had been the case with these tonight) immediately dropped into boiling water for a short time to cook them. The strips were then drained and sauced, in this case with a sauce any High Rock denizen would have found delightful – consisting as it did of butter, cream, grated cheese, and a few spices.

According to Lane, this dough preparation was called “pasta” and it had come from Cyrodiil. Though there were rumors that it had come there from someplace still further afield. Whatever, it proved to be a huge hit with the Suite customers and everybody was ordering it. Finishing her meal with enthusiasm, Katja made a note to herself to see if there was any compensation that Lane thought should be added to what he currently received. She was not at liberty to offer him part ownership in the Suite, as it was held in trust for each generation of dragonborns; but anything else he might want, she was determined to give him. The man was a treasure!

The evening wore on, and the elders from Markarth tottered off to their beds. Katja was looking forward to returning them to Solitude, though it would be a while yet. She and Wyll entertained a few of the other Suite guests at their table, people they knew and liked or just visiting dignitaries. They got up and danced to the music, sang and drank and laughed, and tiredly made their way down to the basement again fairly late.

They’d had a couple of mind-blowing sex sessions over the past 24 hours, including the one with Anders the night before and today’s prolonged affair in the breezes beside the river. So initially they just stripped and climbed into bed. But Katja and Wyll were young; and that nearly magical sex connection of theirs soon reared its head when they were snuggled in together skin to skin. As did Wyll’s member. They made love quietly and with some concentration, building in time to an explosive climax that left them both gasping – and even closer to dropping off to sleep. In minutes they were both out like a light.


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