The Dragonborn Hunts

The Dance of Deception

In the morning Katja slipped out of bed before Wyll awoke and took a brief bath, then ate some breakfast and put on her smithing gear. He was barely stirring when she returned downstairs, ready to get in a good session of crafting with an eye to bringing pieces to Warmaiden’s for sale. “You got away,” he remarked woefully. She smiled and stepped in to kiss and hug him.

“Inspiration calls!” she declared. “Sorry…”

Grinning ruefully, Wyll completed getting dressed and headed up the ladder to get some breakfast. He was wondering if he might manage to slip away to the construction site today, and join one of the crews. He was particularly interested in the way they were setting the rafters to form the roof, and the attachment of the roof to the veranda that would run almost the full length of the annex’s eastern side. He just needed to be sure Katja didn’t spot him, as his presence there might be harder to explain than Argis’ had been.

After eating Wyll returned downstairs to consult with Kat. She was whaling away, hammer and tongs, at some smithing project. “Hey love,” he said diffidently, interrupting her work with a kiss on her somewhat sweaty forehead. “I was thinking I might take a trip in to town, visit with Lydia and Anja and drop them off some supplies. Do you need anything?” Her brow furrowed.

“Skeevers,” she said quietly. “I’m in the middle of crafting a bunch of stuff and I was hoping you’d help me carry it in later.”

Wyll’s mind, as agile as any despite his lack of a scholarly bent, began crunching numbers. “Assuming Anders just dropped Sorine off at Fort Dawnguard and came right back here, he ought to be back by sometime this afternoon,” he offered. “Maybe he could help you.”

Katja grinned. “That’s a good idea. Okay, see you later then…” She went back to her hammering.

Wyll went up the ladder behind the bar again, needing to pick up some things to take to Lydia and her little family. He usually brought them supplies at least a couple of times a week, though now that Argis was earning a wage he supposed they were really able to buy what they needed for themselves. What the hell, it was an excuse to visit. He calculated he could stay at the construction site until perhaps an hour or two after lunch and still manage to have been at Breezehome for a while by the time Katja and Anders might arrive there. So, he had Ellis give him some bread, cheese, apples, and a bottle or two of water to take along.

Wyll got to the site and consulted with Argis, then joined one of the crews that was constructing roof trusses and raising them. The work went amazingly quickly with many hands (guided by heads that knew what they were about). Wyll’s prodigious strength and unusual height were assets in this enterprise. Around noontime he downed tools and ate his minimal lunch on site while chatting with the rest of the workers. Few construction laborers were willing to spend the time or money to buy lunch down the road at the Suite, so he hadn’t met many of them before they had worked together today. When they got back to work after the break, their camaraderie was growing; and he was sorry to have to walk out in the middle of the afternoon shift in order to get to Breezehome before Kat should come by. He explained what was going on to his coworkers, and they all grinned and slapped him on the back, happy to go along with the plot.

Anders, tired of fast traveling already, lingered at Fort Dawnguard only long enough for Sorine to give him several pages of detailed instructions for completing the water systems and their hookups, along with a verbal rundown of what they contained. He gave her a brief hug and his thanks, shook hands with Ray and wished him good hunting; then shimmered out of existence and reappeared outside the Suite at around 2:30 in the afternoon. It had now been well over 24 hours since he’d departed the morning before, but it seemed like less than an hour of elapsed time. So why did he feel so tired… and hungry?

He went on in through the front doors and didn’t see either Kat or Wyll around. Stopping off at the bar, he greeted Lane. “You’re back!” the innkeeper exclaimed, welcoming him home. “Can I get you anything?”

“In fact, I’m starving,” Anders admitted with a smile. In moments, Lane had slapped together a cold Dragonbite and some warm potato fingers, the last from the lunchtime rush that had recently ended. Between bites, Anders asked “Are Kat and Wyll around?”

“I think Wyll went to town this morning,” Lane replied. “But Katja’s down in the basement working at the smithy. She popped up for lunch a while ago and then went right back down there.” Wolfing the last of his food and washing it down with a quick drink of water, Anders thanked him. Then, walking around the bar, he opened the trap door and descended the ladder.

Katja was working with her back to him, making so much noise with her hammer that she didn’t hear him come down. Anders crept lithely toward her, making little or no sound in his soft boots. Then he pounced. Katja squealed, rising nearly a foot in the air and almost hitting him with the hammer she was holding. She spun in his arms, her eyes wide, but her outrage turned to delight when she saw who it was. Dropping the hammer to the floor, she threw her arms around his neck and hopped up to lock her legs around his hips. Then she kissed him thoroughly.

Well that worked out okay, he thought. There was a moment there when he had begun to regret his impulse to surprise her. “I’ve missed you!” she said, kissing him again.

“But I’ve only been gone an hour,” he teased.

She considered that. “You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve gotten done in that hour,” Katja told him. She dropped back down, somewhat to his regret, and after one more firm kiss gestured around at the arms and armor she’d created during her day-long session.

“I was just about to knock off for the day and take this all up to Warmaiden’s,” she said. “Are you up for giving me a hand carrying it?”

Anders gave her a meaningful look. “How about a quickie, first?” He’d made love with Kat (in a threesome with Wyll, admittedly) only a few hours ago in subjective time. But, like his appetite for food, his libido seemed to think it had been much longer. He might have what Wyll regarded as admirable self-control, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t like to have sex with his darling every day.

His darling eyed him with amusement. Anders could be quiet and reserved, sometimes, not as volatile as she or as unabashedly randy as Wyll; but occasionally a side of him cropped up that reminded her why she found him not only lovable but deeply exciting. His warm brown eyes gazed into hers, hot with desire. “Right here and now?” Katja asked, looking around. She knew well the potential some of the room’s furnishings offered, but wasn’t sure whether he did.

He looked around. “The crafting bench is a little high (Anders was three inches shorter than Wyll, though still a tall man), but how about the enchanting table? Maybe I can enchant you…” he leered. A bolt of sexual excitement hit Katja at the thought. After a couple of experiences with Wyll she’d developed a sort of kink for the things. The idea of doing it with Anders on this same table where Wyll had had her filled her with a slightly guilty excitement, and she began stripping off her enchanted smithing gear.

She turned it into a little bit of a striptease while disrobing, strolling around the area and slowly removing first one piece then another, all the way making eye contact with Anders and writhing in a suggestive manner. He stood there devouring her with glowing eyes, enjoying the show. When she was finally completely nude she bent her legs, crouching with knees apart, and reached between her legs to fondle her crotch and finger herself.

Anders was still wearing his armor from the trip to Dawnguard, and from this angle Katja could look right up the skirt of it and see that his balls were tight, his cock erect. She’d have thought that would be painful – he’d complained it about it once before – but he seemed too distracted by watching her to notice. She got back onto her feet and strutted slowly over to him, putting her hands on his shoulders. Then she leaned close to him and murmured, “Are you planning to participate, or just watch?”

Right! Startled out of his lascivious reverie, Anders hastened to unfasten the buckles and dropped the armor unceremoniously to the floor after only a few moments’ effort. It was Katja’s turn to watch, though he took far less time about it. Still, he looked magnificent when he’d finished disrobing. Firm muscles rippled beneath his smooth, light tan skin and his fine cock was standing up big and hard, ready to go.

Katja stepped close to press her body to his, kissing him deeply. Then she led him by the hand over to the enchanting table. He took her by the hips and boosted her up onto it. She perched with her buttocks on the table’s front edge, knees bent and legs apart, poised to take him inside. The surface of the table was smooth and cool beneath her bare skin.

Smiling slightly, Anders stepped close and guided his cock inside her. Oh yes, she was hot and slippery and ready for him, as usual. He pressed against her, sliding all the way in, and locked his mouth on hers. Then he stepped back slightly so that he could thrust in and out. Katja tipped her head back, resting the weight of her upper body on her hands as they were planted on the table’s top, just soaking up the sensations as that powerful cock of his plowed her furrow.

Having promised Kat a quickie, and realizing they couldn’t take all afternoon at it, Anders gave himself permission for a change to lose himself in the sensations. He was watching Kat’s face and chest, as her color rose and her breasts bobbed appealingly with each thrust. Her vocalizations went from little sighs and whimpers to moans, to screams as she seized him around the hips with her legs and began banging up against him, urging him all the way in on each stroke. He let it carry him away.

They climaxed together, very nearly their shortest sex session on record – but powerfully moving in spite of it. Still pressed all the way inside her, Anders gathered Katja in his arms and squeezed her tight to him, kissing the top of her head. Her face pressed into his chest, she kissed him – and then mischievously tongued a nipple. He jumped a bit. “Whoo!” she said, her face pink. “That was fun!” As he slipped out she asked, “Could you hand me a towel please?” He fetched her one from a pile over near the bed, and she used it to keep from getting semen all down her legs as she hopped down from the table.

Cleaned up a bit, she approached her lover to give him a full-body hug. Then she said casually, “Um, where were we?” He had the grace to look a little guilty. She’d been all productive, and he’d spoked the smoothly turning wheel of her day’s plans with his importunate lusts. Katja didn’t seem to mind in the least, however. All work and no play… She pondered and said, “We both could probably use a bath. Why don’t we just throw on some robes and take a quick dip, then go upstairs and put on some more appropriate clothing before we go into town?”

Anders grinned at her. Hugging her once again he said, “Have I mentioned lately that I love you?”

She nuzzled his neck. “Love you more.”

“No, love you more…” They both grinned at this nonsense game, then set about finding a couple of robes to put on. This area was regularly stocked with towels and spare robes as well as ores and ingots as part of the Suite’s housekeeping service.

After the bath and clothing change the two returned downstairs and loaded up the wares Katja wanted to take to sell. They went up through the trap door to the deck and, as Katja now had her map back, saved some effort in hauling by fast-traveling to just inside the gates of Whiterun. Warmaiden’s was only a few paces away, and in a short time they’d dropped off their load. The pieces Katja brought, as well as all the other items the store bought and sold, were recorded in a ledger kept by Ulfberth. He counted out a few thousand in gold and gave them to Katja, also making a note of the disbursement. She and Anders shook hands with him and waved to Adrianne, who was working at the bench, as they left to go next door.

By the time Anders and Katja got to Breezehome, Wyll was starting to regret having run off so early from the job site. It was beginning to look as if he could have put in another couple of hours. But then they arrived, and it was just as well he’d gotten there in plenty of time to work out his cover story with Lydia and Anja. To explain why he was here so late when he’d left the Suite hours ago, Wyll said he’d run into a friend in town and had been hanging out with him and some others for a while. Much better to be thought an idle layabout than to admit one had been working!

Katja and Anders visited with Lydia and Anja for a while, but they didn’t want to impose on the little family at suppertime; so soon after Argis returned they made their goodbyes, Wyll accompanying them. Before leaving though, Anders asked Argis how the project was coming. “Another couple of days and we’ll be putting on siding, I think,” he said. “The cistern’s due to be delivered next week, and that ought to be a real project getting it installed.”

Katja and Wyll were across the room talking with Lydia, and Anders murmured in an undertone, “I need to get you to make a production drawing of the kitchen sink. The overall size needs to fit the frame that we built in the kitchen, and it wants to have two bowls – one about 8 inches deep and the other 2 feet deep, each with a hole in the bottom for the drainpipe. Then once you’ve got the drawing done, I’m hoping you or Lydia can take it over and give it Adrianne. We want it fabricated out of Dwarven metal.”

Argis lifted an eyebrow. That was going to cost a pretty penny. But with his friends now in partnership with Warmaiden’s, he supposed that cost would be reduced. And clearly, Katja and her two fiancés had no shortage of coin. “I’ll take care of it, don’t worry,” he told Anders quietly. Then they joined the others and said goodbyes before the three friends returned to the Suite for supper.

As they were leaving, Anders said “It’s a nice evening. Now that we’re not burdened, why don’t we walk back?” He was really anxious to see what progress had been made on the annex during the “hour” he’d been gone. With Anders at her side, whether fully armored or stark naked, Katja knew that the road between Whiterun and the Suite held no peril they couldn’t defeat. A bolt of his Destruction magic could send a skeever into the next Hold. So, walk they did.

The three were soon sharing another excellent supper at Katja’s magnificent new table, in company with Igmund, Raerek, and a visiting Thane from Morthal. Katja was feeling remarkably pleased with herself – after earning a bunch of money, having a jolly fuck with one of her two favorite men on the planet, enjoying a get-together with friends, and taking a pleasant walk in the fresh air. “Do you realize,” she said to Wyll and Anders, “there is almost nowhere we have to go or anything we have to do before Argis and Lydia’s wedding next week? It’s going to be like a vacation!”


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