The Dragonborn Hunts

The Gala Event

Katja woke early. She’d chosen to sleep with Anders, but they’d been so tired they hadn’t made love before going to sleep; and now she was too hyped up with excitement about the wedding celebration. She opted to wear comfortable trousers and a less than elegant shirt, with soft shoes – anticipating she’d be getting her clothes messed up. She could put on something nicer later on.

The Suite was a hive of activity when she came downstairs, and Wyll, too, was up and dressed. They breakfasted together, then reported to Lane for instructions on where they might best help. “We’re in luck,” he said, “the weather is beautiful and I don’t think we’re going to get any rain. So your plans to bring a lot of the party out onto the deck should work fine. I want to set up the new cooking table on the south side of the new deck section, and put up a counter at the open end of the lean-to so we can serve party guests across that.”

Katja was checking these items off in her mind. She’d been heavily involved in the planning of this event, but had left most of the details up to Lane since he was so capable. A lot of the work fell on him in any case. She and Wyll went out onto the deck and admired the view of the sun rising above the mountains, breathing in the cool air. By this afternoon it should be warm enough to make lounging out here downright pleasant.

They helped set out extra tables and chairs, then went around to the southern end and found Suite staff trying to haul the cooking table out of the lean-to and over to the deck railing opposite. They laid sheets of steel under it to catch any drippings or hot coals escaping through the bottom vent holes, lest they set the deck on fire.

The thing was heavy, and they jumped to lend a hand. Wyll could carry one end of it all by himself, with others arrayed around the other three sides, and it was soon in place. Katja went off and chopped a bunch of firewood, which Wyll carried off for her to stack by the table. The fire would be laid and set ablaze after lunch, as party time approached.

Wyll went off in search of any remaining heavy lifting, and Katja returned inside through the lean-to’s connecting door to see if she could help with kitchen prep. There were a lot of chickens to be processed, and a lot of that wrapped triceratops meat had been defrosted. It would need cutting into suitable size chunks for the grill, and probably some tenderizing with a large hammer as well.

Inside, she found Anders. He was dressed and was applying his freeze spell to pan after pan of water, building up a collection of ice for the chilling of drinks. “Hey!” he said pleasantly, on spotting her. “You got away…” She came over and gave him a hug, then waved her arms at everything that was going on around them.

“You know,” she said. “Busy, busy…” He nodded.

Many hands make light work. Lane had hung a sign out front warning the usual lunch crowd that a private party was in progress, and that they would not be serving today. Instead, he piled Dragonbites on a platter with fresh fruit, cold drinks, and a mountain of potato chips alongside, for the work crew to eat as they grew hungry. He found Larissa a big help in the kitchen especially, and was pleased that he’d hired her. If he could just find another four or five like her, they’d be doing well.

A little before two the Steadfast clan arrived on foot, dressed in their wedding clothes. Lydia and Anja oohed at the enormous Bride’s Cake Lane had prepared. They’d pushed the Owner’s Table up against a wall and arrayed the cake on it, flanked by vases of flowers. Guests bringing gifts would pile those around the table, to be opened by the bride and groom later in the festivities.

The musicians had arisen late and had not helped with the party preparations, other than to dress in their performing finery and tune up their instruments. They’d set up in a corner of the common room overlooking the bathing pool, and had begun playing some soft instrumental pieces as a soothing counterpart to the bustling atmosphere.

The coals on the cooking table were hot, chickens and other meats were sizzling on the grill, and barrels full of ice and bottled drinks were scattered here and there around the deck and the Suite’s interior. Katja and her men had cleaned up after eating and put on some party clothes, less formal and more fun than their garb at the wedding.

And gradually the guests began to arrive. Some brought children with them, and Larissa volunteered to take charge of them – bringing them out onto the deck for some games and keeping them out of the adults’ hair. Anja joined the group. Lydia and Argis, holding hands, lingered near the table with the cake on it so they could greet guests as they arrived.

Jarl Balgruuf came, accompanied by Irileth and all three of his children. The two younger ones joined the group with Larissa. The eldest was practically a young woman, and she soon became very interested in the musicians – one of them in particular. While the sun shone the party guests spent much of their time on the decks. The musicians relocated to a corner of the deck near the stairs to the river, fortunately unmolested by any ogres. Even a beast like that would hesitate to approach a gathering of humans this large.

Lane had much earlier supervised the spitting and roasting of the ox, for which they’d dug an enormous fire pit beyond the new southern deck section. It cooked from mid-morning until almost sunset, before it was finally declared ready to eat. Sections were carved off and piled high on platters. As it grew dark outside, the happy couple (once again accompanied by their daughter) retired inside and most of the guests packed into the common room to present toasts. Wedding gifts were displayed and enthused over, thanks were given, and those who were not already stuffed to the gills with the food and drink that had been flowing all afternoon now had the chance to partake of a more serious supper.

After everyone had eaten, Lydia and Argis ceremoniously cut the cake – making sure there were enough pieces to go around. Bride’s cake, rich with nuts and dried fruits, was a heavy and delicious concoction. And it would last for weeks, if wrapped up and kept in a cool place. Some pieces were carried off as souvenirs or to be eaten later.

Many of the older guests, as well as Balgruuf and his party, gave their congratulations to the happy couple and then left after the cake had been distributed. But some of the younger ones, and all the Suite residents of course, stayed on. The musicians had had many breaks during the course of the day but in the evening they were back on the job and their playlist now strayed into moving ballads, sung in two-part harmony, and lively dance tunes that got the remaining guests up on their feet. Even Argis danced, with Anja standing on his boot tops!

Things finally began to wind down, and by around 10 the last guest had departed. Anja had been laid down to sleep on the Suite’s master bed, and Katja volunteered to run the family back to Breezehome using her map. That saved jostling the sleeping child any more than necessary. She fast-traveled back as well, and found the seemingly tireless Suite crew well on their way to having everything cleaned up. Amazing!

Katja hugged Wyll and Anders on her return, then stood there beside them and rapped on the table for attention. “Everybody, thank you! You all did an tremendous job today, and I think nobody will argue with me that this was the greatest party the Whiterun area has seen in a generation at least. I really appreciate your efforts, and I want you all to have a bonus.” She produced a sack of gold from her pack, which she’d carried with her on the quick trip to Whiterun. “Lane, here is 500 gold. Please distribute this to the Suite staff and everybody else who helped today.”

Lane smiled somewhat tiredly and took the bag. “I suppose I should give some of it right back to you, then. You and the guys were a big help this morning.” Katja waved him away.

“Thanks, Lane, but as the hosts we’re expected to help. I just hope this will let everyone know how much we appreciate you and the things that you do.” A round of spontaneous applause burst from the assembled crew. Katja, Wyll, and Anders nodded their heads in acknowledgement. Then she murmured to the guys, “This is where we do our disappearing act, I think. I’m exhausted.”

They nodded. It had been a bloody long, tiring day. A hell of a lot more fun than some other long, tiring days they’d had together, but nobody was going to argue with her. They climbed the stairs to the master bedroom, where Wyll and Anders sat at the table while Katja stood at the foot of the bed and then over-dramatically jumped backwards to fall on it with soft thump, arms and legs spread wide. “Ooofff…” she said. They grinned at her.

After a while Katja spoke more coherently. “There’s no way we’re doing this again in a little over three weeks,” she moaned. “When we get back from Solitude it’s going to be something like two or three in the morning of the same day the party is held. What can we do?”

“We’re just going to have to get Lane and Ellis some more help,” Anders said. “I’ll put out the word in town, and mention it to Hulda at the Bannered Mare. Travelers are always asking her for news and gossip. And even if we can’t take on that many permanent employees, we can hire a bunch of people just to help out on the day of the party.”

“Do you think so?” she asked hopefully. After weeks of effort, she was ready for all of her headaches to be over with and her new life to start. Of course, there was still the issue of finding land and designing their house, then getting it built. That would probably take months, and until it was done she’d be keeping her amulet on. She didn’t want to be trying to raise a baby in this hectic place.

Anders came over and sat on the bed beside her. “Don’t worry, love,” he said, leaning down to kiss her sweetly. Wyll came over too, kneeling at the end of the bed and reaching across to pull her soft dancing slippers off her feet. He began massaging first one foot, then the other. Ooh, that felt wonderful! “By the way,” Anders said, “did I tell you how sexy you look in that outfit?” She smiled at him. He continued to kiss her, but with more heat than sweet. His hand strayed to the soft fabric of her party dress, and he squeezed her breasts, cupping her head to pull her to him as he kissed her still more deeply. She was beginning to feel her fatigue burn off like fog on an autumn morning.

She sat up, and Wyll leaned back so she could pull her feet beneath her and lift the dress off over her head. She’d worn no undershirt with this, but did have underdrawers on. Then they resumed where they’d left off, Anders kissing her and rubbing her breasts while Wyll began kissing and licking her feet. Then he reached up and pulled her drawers down and off, before crawling up to apply his mouth and tongue to her slit.

As Wyll began eating her, Katja sat up and scooted down toward the foot of the bed and off toward one side of it. He now had full access to her while kneeling on the floor. Then she motioned to Anders to remove his clothes, which he did with remarkable alacrity. He stood on the floor at the side of the bed, where she could reach him to suck his cock while Wyll licked her cunt. Oh, yeah! If she’d been fading a bit earlier, the excitement of this situation had her wide awake and concentrating fully.

Having her mouth full of Anders while Wyll stimulated her with his mouth and hands soon had Katja climbing toward orgasm, bucking on the bed – which made it somewhat hard for her to keep a grip with her mouth. As she came, she gripped Anders with her hands instead. Then she resumed using her mouth on Anders, but less aggressively and with more tongue.

In a little while, still panting, she said “Wyll, take your clothes off already!” He grinned, her juices glistening in his short beard, and stripped. Then she relocated herself. As exciting as it was for her to make love with the two of them at once sometimes, there were relatively few positions that would let her pleasure both of them at the same time. Unless she felt like getting fucked in the ass, which she didn’t. She’d tried it a couple of times and had found it rather more painful than pleasurable.

So, she knelt crosswise on the bed and Wyll stood behind her, entering her from behind. With Anders standing on the other side of the bed before her, she now began sucking him vigorously, fully penetrated from both ends at once. The sense of brotherhood between the two men Katja loved had grown over recent months, especially since their pledge of marriage. They no longer found anything wrong or odd about fucking her together, each of them secure in her love and not worried that the other might be a better lover or something like that. Wyll grinned at Anders across Kat’s heaving back, then focused on what he was doing.

Katja found herself overwhelmed by sensations: Wyll’s immense cock piercing her to her depths, the friction of it moving in and out, the hot, slightly salty taste of Anders’ cock in her mouth, the velvety smoothness of the head, his balls clenched tight as she tickled them with the fingers of one hand while supporting her weight with the other. Her lovers were familiar to her now. She knew every inch of their bodies, the triggers for their responses. But knowing them did not mute the passionate desire she felt for them, individually or in concert. A rush of excitement started where Wyll pushed inside her, and hurtled through her core like a magical bolt, filling her mind with coruscations of hot red fire.

Both of them were attuned to her and knew she was about to come, and the anticipation brought them up to the tipping point. As her climax seized her and her vaginal walls clamped tight around Wyll’s cock, squeezing him in rhythmic waves, she went all the way down on Anders, taking him part of the way down her throat. She managed to keep from choking as his hot cum shot inside her, even as Wyll was filling her from the other end. For a moment, the three of them were suspended in an instant of sexual ecstasy.

Releasing Anders from her mouth and pulling free from Wyll as well, Katja collapsed on the bed as the two men who adored her stood on either side, dicks subsiding. They soon surged toward her and helped her get turned around, so that the two of them could join her lying on the bed. They were both weak in the knees. The three of them lay pressed together in the bed like the elements of a Dragonbite, gasping for air.

When Katja could speak again she said, “Funny. I thought I was tired a few minutes ago. Now I’m really tired…” She was not the only one. Despite the crowded conditions in the bed, the three of them soon dropped off to sleep.


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