Windson winter


This is a story where in a magical world a trio of students studying in a magical school go over numerous expeditions to make the world a better place

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The Letter

It once a lonely night, there were no one in the streets.

Professor peech came into the street and took out his light deluminator and pulled away the light from all the nearby Street lamps.All the light from Street was nearly gone it automatically with great Force all the light came in to professor's hand.

He saw a cat and said "I knew you would be here professor"

Soon out of magic the cat had transformed itself into a human saying,"oh professor peech I never miss anything important not do I leave anything unattempted"

"I certainly do know that fact as well",said peech to professor Aadilakshmi

Prof.Aadilakshmi said,"where is the boy"

peech replied,"Pawan Kumar is bringing him"Aadilakshmi told"do you trust pawan with something this important"he replied"I trust him with my life"

soon a fat hairy man who was taller than most usual people came riding down the skies with a Auto-rikshaw.The auto rikshaw was flying in the air out of no support absolutely as if it was totally obstucting the laws of came on to a slight levitation on to near the ground and finally landed.

The fat pawan kumar came out from the auto rikshaw with a tiny baby in his hands

he said,"proffessor peech,proffessor aadilakshmi I have bought him"

at this moment proffessor aadilakshmi told,"are you sure you want to do this peech"

he told,"the are the only family he has"

Aadilakshmi replied,"I have been watching them they are the worst kind of muggles anyone could ever think of"

peech standing silent took the baby from pawan and put in front of a home in the street,with a letter.

it said,

To Mr and Mrs Selina

2/3 queens drive,

new stormholt,


tune in to the next chapter for the continution

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