Imagine being ripped from your friends, family and home, to be brought to a mysterious place and experimented on. Aru Jacobs has to live this. Follow her from awakening to escape in this first Nightflame book

Other / Action
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Chapter 1 - Amnesia

She woke up in a cold sweat, quiet and scared. She couldn’t remember any thing but one word. ‘Aru, your name is Aru.’ She repeated to herself quietly. Somehow she remembered her name. And a number…. Nine. Her age, she realized. Her name was Aru and she was nine.

She didn’t know this place, nor did she want to. The room she was in was the kind that sucked the life out of a person. There were other people there too, she noticed. Most were wearing a doctors outfit… wait no… those were lab coats. Two of the people were dressed in almost modern day full body armor. She didn’t know why they were dressed differently than the others around her, but again, she didn’t want to.

One of the men in the lab coats came to the table she was strapped down to and undid the latches. He said a word in another language harshly, and and she stayed where she was. He repeated this word multiple times, getting angrier and angrier. “Up” she heard a man say behind her. She followed his order and got off the table, shaking. “Follow.” He said again as the first man started walking. She did, and started taking note of her surroundings.

Everything around her was either metal or stone. It was a dreary feeling similar to the one in the first room. She didn’t like the look of the place at all, and noticed on some of the outfits people had, there was an emblem. It was almost like a red octopus, but with a skull for a head. She didn’t know what it meant, and this time, she wanted to find out.

They stopped just outside of a room of sorts. It was more like a cell than a room, but it had the basics. A bed, a chair and a small table with a little mirror on it. One side of the room was mostly open, probably so they could see her easily. “In.” the man demanded again. She walked in and he shut the door behind her. She walked around the small room, a heavy feeling in her heart. She was stuck here now.

Aru wandered over to the bed and laid down on it, suddenly feeling tired. She closed her eyes and sighed. “ Someone help me…” She whispered, starting to cry quietly. “ Get me out of here…” she mumbled, before sleep took her over.

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