The Devil's Prophet

We Have Some Hunting To Do

Present Day

"Come on, we've got to get her warmed up." Dean picked up their unconscious friend while Sam pulled a blanket out of the trunk. They laid her out in the back with both Sam's and Dean's jackets and the blanket over her. They pulled in at the closest motel. Quietly Dean wished they could take Andy to a hospital, but there would be too many questions. They got her into the room without any issue and laid her on a bed. Sam went out to get some supplies and Dean stayed with her. It had been years since the last time they had seen Andy. She was a hunter their dad had saved almost 10 years ago, when Dean was still in high school. She had hunted with them for a while, then went her own way. They would run into each other every now and again. Dean looked at her, this beautiful girl he had fallen for hard. She was the reason he went for petite girls with brown eyes and long hair most of the time. Seeing her hurt, and unconscious was like a kick in the gut. He had never told her how he felt. Hell he had never told anyone. He figured Sam knew. Sam was always good at figuring stuff like that out. But she was four years older than him and probably would have laughed in his face. Dean shook himself and got a damp wash cloth and started cleaning some of the scratches and cuts that were covering Andy's body. He looked at the cut on her arm. It wasn't that deep just long and jagged. When Dean cut away the tattered shirt he sucked breath in through his teeth. He seriously reconsidered the decision not to take Andy to the hospital. Four deep wounds ran like claw marks along her stomach. Blood was everywhere. Dean washed them out as best he could and hopped Sam would remember alcohol or iodine. Once the blood was cleaned away, they didn't look as bad. Almost like they were already healing, she would still need some stitches though. Dean sighed with relief.

It wasn't much longer until Sam came back. He brought water, bandages, tape, alcohol, Gatorade and pain killers. He also brought some dinner. Together they got Andy's cuts clean, stitched and bandaged. Sam dug a sweatshirt out of his bag. Dean stripped what was left of her muddy shirt off and they got her into Sam's sweatshirt. They got her pants off an tucked her into bed.

"What do you think happened to her?" Sam asked as he pulled two take out boxes and handed one to Dean.

"I don't know. Looks like she was attacked by something."

"You know if she's here, that means there must be a job here." Sam said.

"Yea I was thinking that. Knowing her she'll want to be right back at it once she wakes up." Sam looked at his brother. He hadn't touched his food yet. He was just looking Andy lying in the bed. His expression surprised Sam. He glanced at Andy.



"You know she's going to be ok right? She's tough, and she was already healing. She'll be fine." Dean's expression changed while he hid his feelings. Sam resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"I know Sam." They ate quietly. The evening moved slowly. Sam read, Dean made a show of trying to figure out what case Andy could be on, but Sam kept catching him staring at the bed rather than the computer screen. Around midnight Sam got up and stretched.

"Wanna toss for the bed?" Sam asked. Dean looked up at him distractedly.

"No Sam, you go ahead. I'll sleep in the chair." Sam shrugged.

"Suit yourself," Sam said and got ready to crash. Dean made a show of surfing on Sam's computer. "Don't stay up watching porn all night," Sam said sleepily as he got into bed.

"Yea whatever," Dean answered. He kept up his act until he heard Sam's soft even breathing. He got up and moved the arm chair over next to Andy's bed. He sat there and watched her. Made sure she was still breathing. Checked that none of her wounds had reopened and all that. It was a few hours into the night. Dean had gone back to looking up what Andy might have been hunting. All he could find was reports of some hikers going missing every couple of years. He figured it could be something. He had a hard time concentrating because his eyes kept closing. So he gave up and just dozed in the chair next to Andy's bed. Something woke him from his light sleep. He heard a soft noise come from the bed. He looked up and saw Andy moving. He sat up and reached out for her hand. Andy gasped and sat bolt upright looking around with panic in her eyes. Dean tried to touch her shoulder but she shied away from him.

"Andy, calm down you're safe. You're ok. Look at me," Dean said grabbing her shoulders and forcing her to look at him. When she did finally look at him her face lost the panic and relaxed into relief.

"Dean?" she breathed out. Dean smiled at her. "Oh my god Dean," she said tears in her eyes. She leaned forward and hugged him hard. Or as hard as she could. "Ow!" she exclaimed.

"Watch yourself there. You got some nasty scratches."

"Damn that smarts!" She said pulling the sweatshirt up and looking at her stomach. She took a breath and looked around for a moment. "Dean? Where the hell am I?"

"Just outside of Grand Rapids,"

"Shit that means the damn thing got away. Why didn't it take me?" She seemed to be talking to herself. She swung her legs out of bed and tried to get up.

"Hey, hey take it easy." Dean said pushing her back down on the bed. "We found you unconscious on the side of the highway there is no way you are going back out there tonight. What were you hunting?" Andy put her head in her hands. Dean got up and got the bottle of Gatorade. Andy accepted it and took a few sips.

"I'm not even sure." she finally said. "Thing has been picking up people by the fours every five years or so around this time. The thing is wicked fast," She was looking around. "You didn't happen to grab my rucksack did you?"

"Your what?"

"My bag did you see it?"

"Um no. We were rather occupied with trying to save you." Andy looked frustrated. She held her head in her hands.

"Fuck," she muttered under her breath. Apparently she was more than frustrated because she lashed out and slammed her fist into the head board of the bed.

"Hey, hey. Andy take it easy," Dean said taking her by the shoulders again. "I'm sure we can get this thing. Don't sweat it." She looked up at him still mad but confused as well.

"You keep saying we. Is your Dad here too?" Dean was taken aback.

"No," he glanced pointedly at the next bed. Andy followed his gaze and her eyes went wide.

"Holy cow that boy grew!"

"Yea I know. Like a weed. Six years will do that." Dean hadn't intended to bring it up. Andy swallowed hard, then shook off the thinly veiled accusation.

"I thought he went to Stanford or something."

"Yea he did, went pre-law," Andy smiled nodding then looked at back at Dean. Something in his face said there was a bigger story. At the moment she didn't press it.

"What's your dad up too? I haven't heard from him since the job we worked last month. Why weren't you with him?" Dean's eyes popped.

"You talked to him a month ago?"

"Yea…he called me for help with a job…about a month ago."

"You saw him!? You actually saw our dad?"

"Yea Dean I saw him…" Dean stood up and turned away from her. He looked ready to punch a wall himself. "Dean…what's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Andy, I haven't seen him for months. I've barely heard from him except to give us a job! Do you know where he is?" Dean's loud voice woke Sam.

"What's going on?" he asked in a sleepy voice.

"It's nothing Sammy, go back to sleep," Dean said pacing in front of the bed. Sam looked around and saw Andy sitting up. He broke into a wide smile and got out of bed.

"Hey," he said to Andy "you're awake!" He sat on her bed and leaned over to give her a hug. Andy hugged him back hard.

"Hey Sammy long time no see!" she said.

"Don't call me Sammy." he said jokingly. "You look like you're healing up alright. What the hell were you doing on the side of a highway?" his expression changing to one of concern.

"It's a long story that I likely will be sharing a bit later."

"Hey!" Dean burst out "We were talking about our dad…" Sam looked up at Dean confused and then looked over at Andy.

"What does he mean," Sam asked.

"She's seen Dad. She worked a job with him." Sam turned to her excited.

"You've seen him! Where is he? Is he ok?" Sam babbled excitedly.

"Yea…I saw him about a month ago…"

"Where?" Sam nearly shouted at her.

"In South Bend, we worked a possession. He tipped me off to my job here." The boys exchanged looks.

"Dean, we were near South Bend a month ago,"

"I know Sammy."

"Then why didn't he call us?"

"I don't know Sam! Maybe he was busy,"

"Busy, Dean he's been essentially missing for months! What could he be so busy with!" At this point Andy got fed up.

"Boys!" she shouted. "Will you Shut Up and tell me what the Hell you're talking about?" she looked at them sternly. They exchanged glances. Sam turned back to Andy and started to say something but was cut off by Dean.

"Sam!" Dean shook his head. Andy looked between the two boys and glared.

"Seriously, you're thinking of keeping things from me? Who do you think I am some back water nobody who wouldn't know a ghost from a ghoul? Why haven't you seen your dad. And Sammy why are you here with Dean and not at Stanford where you're supposed to be?"

"Dean I think we should,"

"I don't know Sam, this is a family thing." Andy briefly looked hurt.

"Dean…it's Andy," Sam said. Dean looked from Sam to Andy and back. Finally he threw up his hands and collapsed into a chair. Sam started talking. He told Andy the story of Dean showing up at his door worried about John. They had tracked him through a white woman case. Sam had decided not to go on with Dean until he saw his girlfriend Jessica on the ceiling dripping blood an bursting into flames. Just like their mother had. "We think Dad is after the demon which is why he hasn't been in contact much." Andy was shocked.

"Oh, Sam, I am so sorry about Jessica. I wish I could have met her," She turned to Dean "and it sounds like your dad is being his usual idjit self doing everything on his own. Frankly I think you should just leave him to his own devices. He'll come around. Trust me."

"Well it sure is a pain in the ass at the moment," Dean said grumpily.

"So tell us about your hunt Andy what's going on?" Sam said sitting on the edge of her bed.

She told them about how this thing had been taking people in 5 year cycles mostly four at a time. It was big, crazy fast, smart and vicious. From what she described to the boys they knew what they were dealing with, and they were not excited to be dealing with another one.

"It's a Wendigo" Dean said from his chair. Andy looked over at him and cocked an eyebrow. "It's gathering food for the year. It will make them last as long as possible. It's kind of like hibernating. It collects and stores pray for long winters. The only way to kill it is to torch it."

"And you know this so sure how?" Andy asked.

"We worked one around the beginning of the year," Dean said shrugging.

"If that's the case then we'll have to move fast. If it left Andy alive then in must have enough stored already." Sam agreed.

"Looks like we have some hunting to do!" said Dean with a grin.

That morning they got ready for the hunt. Dean tried hard to convince Andy to let him and Sam handle it. She wouldn't hear it. She made them take her back to her own motel to change. Then they all headed out. Andy lead them to where she had entered the forest the night before. The trek was slow going. One positive thing that came out of their first few struggled meters was Andy found her rucksack. The underbrush in the forest was dense and hard to clear. Dean was in the lead. Andy was keeping an ear out. She heard something rustling off to one side. Andy grabbed Dean's jacket to stop him.

"What the-" he said, stumbling slightly. Andy held up a hand and brought one finger to her lips. The rustling continued. They all saw a dark shape off to the left. Suddenly the dark shape stood up. It was an enormous bear. It roared and dropped to all fours again and began to move alarmingly fast. Sam and Dean drew their guns. Without hesitating and without a second thought Andy stripped off her jacket shirt and pants in two fluid movements and shifted into her cougar form. She leaped past the boys and ran towards the bear. She jumped onto its back and bit hard into it's rough. It reared and managed to throw her off. They faced each other. Andy roared a warning. The bear backed away slowly. Andy continued to growl deep in her throat. The bear turned and lumbered off into the forest. Any chuffed in satisfaction. She padded back to her clothes and shifted back with a practiced move pulling her pants on. Back to the boys she put her shirt back on. Carefully avoiding her stitches, which by some miracle hadn't ripped out. She turned back to the boys with a smile. Which was wiped off moments later. Both Sam and Dean had their guns out and pointed at her.

"Boys…?" she said putting her hands up "is there a problem?"

"Oh I'd say there's a problem. What the hell are you?" Said Dean sighting down his hand gun. His voice was angry. More angry then Andy had heard in a very long time. She looked at him confused. He just stared back at her. Suddenly she realized John you ass. You never told them, she thought. When they were hunting together she had never really needed to use her abilities that much. There were occasions when she had, but mostly it had been just her and John.

"Dean, Sam please put down the guns. I can explain everything."

"Start explaining but the guns aren't going anywhere."

"Oh great that's really trusting,"

"You're one to talk about trust Andy! We've know you for how long and you never said anything about…whatever this is?"

"Because I thought you knew Dean! You're dad knew everything and when he introduced us I thought he planned on telling you,"

"Tell us what Andy," said Sam. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Here's the deal boys. I'm not like anyone or anything you have ever know." She looked down, she knew this would not go over well. "I'm going to ask you to keep in mind that your dad believed me after one night."

"Just get to the point," Dean said. Andy flashed him a look that made him flinch a bit.

"The point is I'm a traveler. A world jumper. I get pulled between worlds at random. I have no control of when or where I go. It could be anywhere, and I mean Anywhere. Some of the places I've been I've acquired…skills like the skin shifting you just saw. Depending on the world I'm in I can use all, some or none of these skills. Here I have my shifting as well as water elemental manipulation and some other bits that come along with that."

"Water manipulation. Seriously?" said Sam lowering his gun slightly.

"Yup, I'll prove it if you want. Throw me some holy water." Sam put his gun away and pulled out a flask.

"What, Sam what are you doing? Get your gun out,"

"Dean seriously, it's Andy we've known her for years. Have a little faith." Dean looked seriously at him and then at Andy. Slowly he lowered his gun. Sam unscrewed the lid of the flask of holy water. Before Sam could do anything else with it Andy pulled the water out and had it float mid air between them. The boys just stared Dean with his mouth slightly open.

"See, no lies, not a shape shifter. At least not the kind you hunt. Just the girl you've known for 10 years."

"How long did it take you to be able to do this?" Sam asked in wonder as he looked at the ball of water. He reached out and touched it.

"This only took about five years to be really good at. The skin shifting took about 15." Sam nodded then stopped puzzled.

"Andy, that's 20 years, you were 20 when we met you and we've known you for 10 years."

"Oh yea I forgot to mention I don't age," the boys stared again.

"So, how old are you?" Dean asked. Andy thought for a moment doing some quick mental math.

"About 830… I think, give or take a decade," both the boys jaws dropped. Andy smirked at Dean while he looked her up and down, "I know I look good," she said smugly.

"Really good," Dean muttered under his breath. "So let me get this straight you travel between worlds …you learn…stuff…and do what?"

"Whatever I can or whatever I'm needed too,"

"Right, and Dad believed you."

"Yup after I proved I wasn't a demon or a spirit. He's pretty open minded a lot of the time."

"Well, I for one believe you Andy," Said Sam "and it's nice to really know all of you now," he stepped forward and gave her a hug. Dean hung back looking suspicious. Andy looked at him. She walked over to him. He kept glancing at her and looking away.

"Look I know this is going to take a little getting used to, but I'm still me Dean. I don't know why John didn't tell you about me. Honestly I'm a bit pissed off with him for that, but this is who I am and you know me. Please, don't turn away from me." He finally looked at her.

"All right all right, don't go all touchy feely on me," Andy chuckled and gave him a friendly punch in the arm.

"Well I think we've wasted enough time on me. We still have a Wendigo to fry!"

They continued their trek through the woods. After walking cautiously for about half an hour Dean stopped and looked around.

"Andy, where was the last place you saw this thing?" he asked.

"About where you guys found me on the high way… or maybe a bit further in, I can't really remember getting there…but anyway it could be anywhere at this point. I didn't find it's layer ever."

"That's what worries me," Dean said looking around. They kept walking for a while. After a few hours of wandering aimlessly without a rustle of leaves or low menacing growls Sam said

"Maybe we missed it and its gone into hibernation." Andy sighed and lowered her shot gun.

"I think you might be right Sammy. It could take years to scour this forest and we still wouldn't find anything."

"Damn it!" Dean cursed.

"Seconded," Andy said "Come on lets head back to the -" Sam and Dean spun around to face Andy when her sentence was cut off. She was gone. They heard a snap of branches above them. Then a yell

"Sam Dean! FLAMES!" The shout came from above them. The boys looked up just in time to see Andy crashing down among the branches. "Shit," was all Dean could get out before he was slammed into. Thinking fast while Andy and Dean were on the ground Sam lit up a flame thrower. As suspected the Wendigo had descended after Andy. The moment it hit the ground Sam lit it up with a well timed blast of flame. There was a blood curdling shriek, then nothing. The body lay smouldering on the ground. Once he was positive it was dead Sam rushed over to the heap that was his brother and Andy. They were busy trying to untangle themselves. Dean jumped up.


"Right here Dean,"

"Did you get it?"

"Yea I did," Sam nodded to the heap of ashes.

"Good job," Dean said slapping Sam on the shoulder and panting.

"Uh boys? A little help?" came Andy's voice from the ground. The boys looked down and jumped to help her up. She stiffly got to her feet holding her back. "I vote on never falling out of a tree again," she said wincing.

"Good plan," said Sam looking sympathetic "anything broken?"

"Doesn't feel like it, strained and bruised, absolutely." She looked down at her middle. There were spots of blood on it. "And some ripped stitches it looks like." she sighed. "Judging by the sudden and no warning attack I would say that thing's layer is close by."

"I think you're right," said Dean from a way off to the right. He was standing by an opening to an abandoned mine. Sam and Andy looked at each other. Sam motioned with his head and they went in. It didn't take too long to find the surviving victims. The four hikers were beat up and badly dehydrated but they would live. The three hunters stood by the Impala watching as the four victims were met by family and medics by the entrance to the trails of the park. Dean was holding his side from the bruised rib he had got from Andy's elbow, Andy was standing a bit hunched from the pain in her back and front. Sam was more or less chipper.

"We make a pretty good team," Sam said casually. Dean glanced over at Andy who was smiling softly.

"We do don't we," Dean said smiling as well.

"Not too bad. Well boys what now?" Andy asked stretching her sore back. Sam looked at her curiously.

"What do you mean?"

"Where are you off to?" Andy asked not looking at either of them.

"Don't really know yet," Sam said looking over her head at Dean who gave Sam a vacant look.

"Well I heard a rumor about a Chupacabra in Copper Falls. Wanna go check it out?" Andy said with a nod of her head. The boys exchanged a glance and smiled.

"Well I guess we're heading to Wisconsin," said Dean and slid into the Impala. Andy grinned and sauntered over to her motorcycle. Ready for a new hunt.

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