batman vs power ranger

Ch[pater 2: Zordon Rising

ZORDON who was actual HANK SCHRADER after WALTER WHITE steal brains from dead body. WATLER WHITE flashback to time hank shrader die from nazi bullets in desert. "Heil hitler for drugs and the neo reich!" say the nazi guy who shoot honk in face. "NOO" say heisenberg but heisenberg too late. After nazis left. "I know abandoned military outpost is in this state, I bet they have SECRET TECHNOLOGY" so he go find abandoned darpa place where the military was work on grow AI in big tubes. "Perfect, I will use this to bring back hank!" So Walter White use science knowledge to figure out how to plug hank brain into computer. "COMPUTER TURN ON!" sday waltear what because controls were voice activated but then computer malfunction because computer was old. BIG BALD HEAD appear in vision hologram interface tube because hank was bald. "I am no longer hank or computer, but reborn like ashes from phoenix! I am now ZORDONN!" say zordon. "Oh shit" yell heisenberg and heisenberg escape.

Heisenberg finish flashback when walt junier say to welt "Fuck you dont call anymore you're a jerk" because it was the second to last episode pf teh TV show BREAKING BAD where he make phone call in bar but walt jr were being a total prick so walt escape before police arrive. "I have to drive to the nazis for my final revengeance before the cancer consumes my legs and I can't drive anymore" and drive faster than the speed of the speed limit for maximum travel but realize that was bad idea because if he drive really fast while cancer kill legs forever he cant control car so he might crash so he just call tow truck instead. "That was close for me until I figure d it out, I was almost dead from bad ideas and not thinking!" say heisenborg. Littal did he know that the two tow truck guys were secretly LEAGUE OF SHADOWS. "Okay after this job my boss called and we have to take ras al ghul to the lazarus pit again." "I am new hat is lazar pit?" ask new guy? "Larazus pit is the pit that we found that can bring guys back from being dead." "Oh awesome" say other guy and walter white overhear this and grin evil with getting of ideas.

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