Always and Forever

~*~ Mystic Falls High ~*~

Liza’s POV

“Wake up sweetheart,” I heard the familiar voice sing.

I rolled over pulling the pillow over my head trying to block out the annoying voice that deprived me of sleep. I was trying to get to sleep but it was too hard with the rocking on my shoulder as the weight that made my bed dip slightly to one side.

“Come on get up Liza,” He whispered rubbing my shoulder again.

Once again I ignored the annoying person who was insisting on waking me up. Sadly it still didn’t work; ignoring my problems wasn’t helping me.


The voice boomed knocking me from my bed and onto the floor. It didn’t hurt but it was un-pleasant falling out of bed onto a hard floor.

Rolling over I saw Elijah smiling at me whilst he was trying not to laugh at my mishap.

“Elijah, what do you want this early in the morning?” I hissed frowning as I sat up.

“You’re going to be late for school,” He stated sitting down on the edge of my bed as I stood up.

“What do you mean school? I am over 900 years old and I don’t think I need to go to school now. I know everything I need to know, I read so many books about those subjects it is ridiculous,” I frowned putting my hands on my hips.

“You have to go you look eighteen so you need to go to school. You’ll only be there for at most a year,” He explained with a small smile that he always gave me whenever he wanted me to do something I didn’t like.

I sighed. I don’t know why I had to go to school but according to him I had to. It was reasonable as others would be suspicious. Slowly I pushed Elijah out of my room before grabbing some clothes and a towel taking them to the bathroom so I could get washed and dressed.

I changed out of my pyjamas and into jean shorts and an American flag top. Walking back to my room I slid into some blue converses before brushing my hair so it was straight as per usual.

Walking down stairs I saw Kol looking half dead (not that he wasn’t) and Niklaus was on the phone to one of his hybrid clones. Rebekah was looking bored as she was texting on her mobile phone. Elijah on the other hand looked nervous.

“Hey Mikaelson’s,” I smiled entering the room.

“Hello Liza, are you ready for school?” Kol chuckled.

“No, but guess what? I will bring a whole new turn to school life. Being the smartest kid to walk through that door,” I smirked sitting down at the table.

“But remember Liza, I go to that school, I am a lot older than you therefore a lot smarter than you,” Rebekah chuckled looking up from her phone.

“We’ll just see Beks,” I laughed not really understanding why I sat down, “Kol can you drive me to school please?” I begged clasping my hands together.

“Of course, we need to get you there on time for your first day of school,” He smiled standing up but still looked tired.

The two of us began to make our way to his car. I would go into detail about it but to be honest I do not understand the concept of how to say the difference between cars other than colour. And Kol’s was a dark blue colour.

The drive only consisted of the music from his ‘Bryan Adams’ CD. Other than that we didn’t talk at all. Our drive was short but I didn’t really want to be here. I was a vampire of over 900 years old and finally I was going to a high school. To be honest I don’t think that is fair.

We sat in the car for about five minutes arguing over whether Kol should walk me to the office of leave me here. Sadly I lost the argument so he walked me to the office. As we reached it, he cleared his voice to get the secretary’s attention.

She turned around.

“Hello, this is my niece Liza Valentine, and I’m sure she applied to be in your senior class,” Kol smiled at the woman.

I knew where this was going. No one had actually applied for me to be in this school but I knew he’d compel my way in.

The woman rummaged through a pile of papers to look for my information but obviously she wouldn’t find it. She turned around and frowned.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think we have any information on you. Can we have your birth certificate and school records, before tomorrow?” She smiled at us.

“I don’t think you need that, her schedule is here somewhere,” Kol compelled her.

She turned once again grabbing me a schedule and handing it to me with a school information pack. Finally she gave me a last smile.

“Goodbye Liza,” Kol stated giving me a quick hug allowing me to walk into school on my own trying to meet up with anyone that looked familiar.

Looking at my schedule I saw I had history with Alaric Saltzman. Odd name. Looking at my watch I checked the time seeing I only had a couple of minutes left before I needed to get to my lesson. I began to head to my lesson seen as I didn’t want to make a bad impression on the first day, that’s what the second day forward is for.

Heading to my lesson the familiar blond appeared in front of my smiling at me. She was about the same height as me and looked too happy for any sane person. But it was Mystic Falls no one is sane.

“Hello Liza,” Caroline grinned bouncing up and down on the spot.

“Hi Caroline,” I smiled softly, not as happy as she was, not that I had ever been that happy in my whole life.

“I didn’t know you were coming to this school? How comes you didn’t mention it yesterday? What year group are you in? What class do you have next?” She squealed asking me too many questions for my brain to process in the morning, but I’d try.

“I didn’t know I was coming to this school either until this morning, hence why I didn’t tell you yesterday. I’m a senior and I have history with Alaric Saltzman,” I smiled back trying to answer everything she had asked me.

“Same, I’m a senior and Mr Saltzman is my teacher for history which I have now. He’s like a great friend to my friend group and I, we call him Ric. I presume you’ll be his friend too,” She grinned.

Why did I have to speak to her yesterday? She was way too hyperactive but she seemed friendly although slightly eccentric.

“Could you show me to history then please?” I questioned.

“Of course, it would be rude if I didn’t,” She laughed grabbing my wrist and pulling me through the crowds of students to a classroom.

We walked straight in to see a man behind the desk and a couple of students sat behind their desks. There was Stefan and Elena who I recognised but there were also two other male students and one female.

“Hey Ri- I mean Mr Saltzman. This is the new student Liza Valentine,” Caroline smiled before taking her seat next to the un-known girl.

“Hello,” The man smiled looking up at me, “I’m Mr Saltzman, but everyone calls me Alaric or Ric so you can too. So your name is Liza Valentine right?” He asked.

“Well my name is Elisabetta Valentino but it sounds stupid and it’s a mouthful. I go by Liza Valentine seen as it is easier for some people to pronounce,” I shrugged.

“It’s a beautiful name but if you wish to go by Liza then it should be respected. You can sit anywhere by the way, we don’t do seating plans,” He smiled.

I nodded turning towards the other students and taking a seat next to the blond boy in the back row. Caroline turned around and smiled again.

“So this is basically my friend group, this is Elena, Bonnie, Stefan, Matt and Tyler,” She stated pointing to each person.

“Hello,” I smiled as the rest of the class began to come into the room.

My first few classes went by quickly and now it was lunch. I was sat with Caroline and her friends as Jeremy began to walk up to us.

“Hey Liza,” he said sitting down next to Matt.

“Hi Jeremy,” I replied.

The group of us began to talk and they all seemed nice other than Elena. I just disliked her, she had everyone wrapped around her little finger but I didn’t want that to affect me. Stefan seemed different Elena had made him seem human and a nice one at that, I don’t think it suited him.

Rebekah began to come other to us.

“Hey Liza,” She fake smiled.

“What do you want Beks?” I questioned rolling my eyes.

“I saw you were friends with Elena’s gang, they know about vampires and everything,” She shrugged running off.

They all looked at me confused as to Rebekah speaking to me.

“How do you know her?” Tyler asked.

I sighed knowing I needed to tell them everything.

“Okay, I’ll start from the beginning. It was 1114 in Italy. I was five and my Father had gone missing. My Mother was already dead I think, My Father told me she ran off but she was probably dead. Anyway a man found me and took me in as he couldn’t find my Father. I grew up with them and died at eighteen by a werewolf attack and I was turned by one of his siblings. Then here I am today,” I shrugged.

“So how do you know Rebekah?” Bonnie inquired.

“Her brother Elijah was the one who found me,” I smiled.

“So you live with the originals?” Elena gasped.

“I am thee original vampire darling. They have these ‘amazing’ extra powers, I was one of the first turned vampires and I was trained by the best to be the best,” I smirked.

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