Always and Forever

~*~ The Supernatural Friends ~*~

Liza’s POV

I un-locked the front door pushing it open and then closing it behind me. Quickly I slung my bag down on the floor and heading into the kitchen where I saw Kol and Nik sat. As soon as they heard me enter the room they both turned to look at me.

“How was your first day of school love?” Nik asked with the smile that was slowly becoming familiar.

“It was okay,” I shrugged sitting down at the table opposite both of them.

“Did you have a gossip session with the girls?” Kol squealed mimicking a girl, “How about any hot guys?”

“Shut up Kol Mikaelson,” I hissed leaning my head on my hand.

“So do you have any homework?” Nik questioned.

I sighed, why was he acting as if he cared? He only did that once and he kissed me afterwards. I think he was drunk though, he was slightly worried I’d die, his Father was on a murder rampage and he lost his best friend and sister.

“Nope,” I stated shaking my head.

I walked over to the fridge grabbing a blood bag seen as I couldn’t be bothered to go out and attack someone. Slowly I drunk from the bag and sat back down at the table with the guys.

“So seriously did you meet any hot boys?” Kol giggled like a girl.

“You know, no mortals could compare to you Kol,” I chuckled.

“Aw… Thank you,” He laughed pulling me into an awkward hug across the table.

“You two sicken me,” Nik frowned.

“Then leave us alone,” Kol smirked.

I laughed at the pair as they bickered a little bit more. This house was quite amusing with the arguments that occurred during the day and the night.

Within about ten minutes the two of them decided to be quiet and turn back to me. I just smiled.

“I’m going to go read a work book or something,” I shrugged just wanting to get away from the pair.

Standing up from the table I made my way over to the study taking a seat and grabbing my book off of the table. Sadly it was ‘Twilight’. It was a well written book but to be honest it was overly un-realistic. Sparkling vampire and werewolves who could turn at will and wanted to. That was as far as possible from the truth as humanely possible.

Also the Bella character she wasn’t like any normal human. She thinks being a vampire is a reward no one becomes a vampire by will unless they are mad. They might go through with the transition if they want to but they won’t take the blood if they had the choice.

I admired the way the book was written but truthfully the whole story within it was rubbish. I guess for humans it was amazing having these vampires and werewolves that they could believe in. If you were one it seemed rather rubbish as you knew the truth of these so called mythical creatures.

Once I finished the first book in the series I couldn’t bring myself to reading the next three. I’m pretty sure I would have ended up breaking the spines of the books before burning down the house. Then I would roll around in glue and glitter just to speculate how rubbish the concept is.

As I pulled myself away from the library before I destroyed the house, I decided I wanted to go outside for a little while.

Fresh air should calm me down. I exited my home and sat down on the bench in the garden. Instead of sitting for longer than a minute I laid on the bench. Looking up I saw the blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

I remembered when I was human and Elijah would take me outside to watch the clouds. At that time there wasn’t much to do as a ten year old especially if you were a girl. We’d go outside on the nice days that had clouds and lie on the grass. We’d just look up at the sky and try to make shapes out of the clouds.

So now I was going back to my childhood trying to make shapes out of what I could see in the sky. Over above the trees was a cloud that was formed into a rabbit shape.

Looking around the sky I saw more clouds in different shapes, like an umbrella, a face and I also saw a few clouds.

After lying there for about half an hour I got a bit bored and headed to my bedroom seen as I didn’t really want to hang around the bickering people that lived here.

Once I reached my room I decided to change into some leggings and long baggy shirt seen as it was more comfortable than the shorts I had worn before. Slipping off my shoes I looked down at my odd socks, one was yellow and the other was blue.

Sitting down on my bed I pulled my hair up into a pony tail so it wasn’t going into my face. Once my hair was up I rolled onto my back pulling my phone off of my bedside table. I began to play temple run seen as it was one of the better games I had found on my phone, sadly I was bad at it.

Within half an hour and a case of arthritis later someone knocked on my bedroom door. I sighed sitting up telling them to come in.

The door slowly opened with Elijah behind it smiling as he entered my room closing the door behind him.

“Hey Elijah,” I smiled back putting my phone back on my bedside cabinet.

“Hello Liza, I thought I’d come see how school was today, seen as you didn’t really want to go this morning,” He chuckled coming to sit on the edge of my bed.

“It was okay,” I shrugged.

“Did you make any new friends?” He asked.

“Yeah a few,” I stated.

“What are their names? I know most people in this town,” He chuckled.

“Elena Gilbert although I don’t really like her, Caroline Forbes, Stefan Salvatore, Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donavon, Jeremy Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett,” I stated.

“You know how to pick them,” He chuckled.

I frowned looking at him puzzled. What did he mean?

“What?” I questioned furrowing my eyebrows.

“Oh. You didn’t know? Caroline and Stefan are vampires, Tyler is a hybrid and is sired to Niklaus, Elena is a doppelganger, Jeremy is a vampire hunter, Bonnie is a witch and Matt is human,” He explained.

“So you mean all my friends are types of supposed mythical creatures other than Matt?” I frowned still slightly confused.

“Yes,” He shrugged.

“Oh,” I whispered unsure what to say.

I had told them everything but they didn’t say anything. I understand I only just met them so they didn’t really need to tell me but it would have been nice. Sighing, I leant back into the pillows behind me waiting for him to say something, anything.

“I will leave you be now, but remember you have school tomorrow,” He smirked about to run from the room but I threw my pillow at him slyly skimming him as he sped from my room.

I sighed once again feeling slightly defeated not being able to hit him with the pillow. Throwing myself back onto my bed I frowned. Everything was going bad this evening.

Lying on my bed I took in the peacefulness of the house that very rarely happened. I know I only just moved back in with them but prior to that there was never a moment’s peace ever.

Sadly my happiness and peacefulness didn’t last long. Two voices began to get louder as they were shouting at each other. Frowning I sat up ready to go kill whoever it was shouting. I liked quiet but I never got it. If I got a slight morsel of peace and quiet I would try to drag it out as long as I could but sadly this time it only lasted about a minute if that.

Standing up I walked over to my door to try and get a better listen to what they were yelling about. I could hear the voices slightly clearer, knowing it was Nik and Kol but sadly I couldn’t hear what they were arguing about.

Although they ruined my sanctuary I did get a kick out of hearing what they are arguing about, most of the time it was rather amusing.

“Quiet it down,” I shouted slamming my door behind me.

Walking back over to my bed I collapsed on my bed as the voices paused but carried on shouting again. Reaching up I grabbed the pillow and threw it over my head attempting to block out the noise. This was one of the bad aspects of being a vampire I could still hear them loud and clear.

Just great, when was this going to end?

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