Always and Forever

~*~ Past to Present ~*~

Liza’s POV

‘Hey girl look at what you started,

Played with love got you broken-hearted,

I thought you were all I wanted,

All good since the say we parted,

Now table’s turned, lesson learned,

You got burned, yeah,

Hey girl look at what you started,

Played with love got you broke… broken-hearted.’

‘Broken hearted’ by Lawson played through my phone causing me to wake up. Although I loved the song I was depressed with the thought of having to wake up. Wait. That isn’t my alarm, my alarm in ‘Summer of 69’ by Bryan Adams. Lawson was my ring tone.

I jumped up grabbing my phone looking at the contact. I didn’t know who it was but I answered anyway by clicking the green button.

“Hello,” I frowned still half asleep.

“Hi Liza, its Jeremy Gilbert from school,” The voice on the other line stated in a rather happy voice.

“How did you get my number?” I questioned stretching out my limbs.

“Rebekah gave it to me, when I asked,” He said and I could tell he was shrugging.

I sighed, that meant bad news. You may be asking why, well Rebekah’s involved that’s a good explanation.

“Why did you want my number?” I sighed, standing up.

“Well, me and my friends like Caroline and Bonnie are going to the Grill in like an hour,” He explained.

“Wait what is the time?” I exclaimed they were going to the grill at like seven am.

“It’s midday,” He chuckled obviously hearing the shock in my voice.

I looked over at the clock on my wall seeing it was in fact midday, I had just slept in until midday.

“You know you woke me up. If you hadn’t phoned I would have stayed in bed until this evening,” I laughed.

“Aren’t you dead, so why do you need sleep?” he questioned.

“I don’t but why do humans need alcohol or cigarettes, you don’t need them but you still use them,” I shrugged although I knew he couldn’t see it.

“Touché,” He chuckled, “So would you like to join us?”

“Sure, so one o’clock at the grill?” I asked.

“Yes,” He nodded, “I need to go but see you there.”

“Bye,” I replied.

Quickly I got some clothes out of my wardrobe before going to get washed and dressed. I had grabbed a blue tank top with a pink loose top that hung down to the top of my stomach with a heart on it in a slightly darker colour. I also had light denim jean shorts with some matching sandals.

Once I had done that, I brushed my blond hair before going downstairs to grab a blood bag. When I reached the kitchen I saw Kol and Elijah sat around on their phones.

“Hey guys,” I smiled walking to the fridge and grabbing the bag.

“Hi lazy bones,” Kol chuckled.

“Ha ha ha,” I frowned.

I began to quickly drink to blood seen as I only had twenty minutes until I had to meet Jeremy and the others.

“So what made you crawl out of bed?” Elijah smiled.

“Jeremy invited me to go to the grill with him and his friends,” I shrugged.

“Jeremy? Is he one of those hot guys you refused to tell me about?” Kol laughed.

“Yeah, I’m completely in love with him. Ew not happening, he seems like a nice guy but he’s Elena Gilbert’s brother. And Beks has got to him,” I shrugged, “I should really go now, bye Elijah, bye Kol.”

I quickly skipped off and out of the house. The walk to the Grill wasn’t that far so I happily walked there. By the time I got there it was the time to meet Jeremy and everyone else.

Walking into the Grill I saw Bonnie, Caroline and … Elena sat at a table. Why was Elena here, I hated her. Tyler and Stefan were sat by the bar drinking alcohol and Jeremy and Matt were playing pool. I walked around the back of the girl’s booth going to stand with the two at the pool table.

“Hey Jer, hey Matt,” I grinned leaning slightly against the wall.

“Hi Liza, do you want to play after we’ve finished?” Matt questioned with a smile.

“I really don’t know how to play but I’ll kick your butts at darts,” I smirked knowing I was the best darts player I knew.

“Of course, can we finish this game first then we’ll see how good you are,” Jeremy chuckled.

They carried on playing until Matt beat Jeremy. I don’t know how; as I didn’t even know how to play the game let alone how the point system worked.

We went over to the dart board grabbing the darts and walking back over to the line ready to play.

“So how do you like Mystic Falls?” Jeremy asked.

“Have you been here before?” Matt questioned obviously thinking about me being a vampire and all.

“Yes I have. I think it’s better now than before. I met Stefan and his best friend Lexi if you knew her. It was 1870 and I came here as I heard vampires thrived here where they had all been killed years earlier. It was filled with dead soldiers then,” I shrugged throwing my first dart.

We all took our first turns doing quite well after our first three darts but it could easily go to anyone.

“Why have you stayed with the Mikaelson’s for all these years if you don’t mind me asking?” Matt smiled softly.

“Love. Sounds cliché but I was in love and Elijah was like a Father to me,” I shrugged throwing another dart.

“You were in love with Elijah?” Jeremy gasped.

“No, that sounds so wrong. He is the closest thing I have to a Father figure; mine went missing when I was five,” I sighed.

“Then who? Klaus?” Matt asked.

“I loved Nik yes. He was quite a charmer in the day but I always knew he could never love me back. I also loved Kol; he is like my awkward best friend that I love. Yet again he thinks nothing of me other than the horrible little human girl who ruined their perfect family but can be his friend. I loved them both and they liked me seen as they both kissed me at one point but overly they don’t care too much,” I shrugged, “One of them could have turned me into a vampire or Rebekah. So probably one of them actually did that.”

“That sounds so sad,” Matt frowned.

“It is. Nik was in love with himself and too caught up with killing Katerina Petrova,” I shrugged, “Kol well I can’t explain.”

“I guess you’ll find love one day,” Jeremy shrugged.

“I’m sure I will,” I stated throwing my last dart causing me to win.

“Okay, she’s good,” Matt chuckled.

“Told you, I’m going to speak with Caroline, I’ll catch up with you later,” I smiled.

Turning around I could only see Bonnie and Caroline sat in their booth as Elena was now over with Stefan and Tyler wasn’t here. He could be in the toilet or he had left one or the other.

I walked over to the two girls sitting down opposite them in the seat Elena had earlier occupied.

“Hi,” I smiled at the two of them.

“Hey Liza how are you?” Caroline smiled back.

“I am fine how are you two?” I questioned.

“I’m good,” They said together before laughing slightly at this act.

We sat there for a minute sipping at the drinks we had separately bought before sitting together.

“So what’s it like living with the originals?” Bonnie asked.

“It’s okay I guess, Rebekah hates me, Nik ignores me, Elijah is like my Dad and Kol is like a best friend,” I shrugged.

“It must have been a large household. I grew up with my Grams,” Bonnie smiled.

“Yeah, I only grew up with my parents until my Dad moved out,” Caroline stated.

It was different, most people only grew up with a couple of people and they weren’t generally old vampires that kind of hated you.

“It was but I loved it though,” I shrugged.

“Well Klaus seems mean. He has kidnapped Elena more than once so has Elijah, she’s been killed by them and tortured,” Bonnie explained.

I chuckled. They were awesome, torturing this horrible girl that I had no idea why they liked her.

“They are harmless. Be nice to them and they won’t hurt you. My temper is a lot worse and I’m almost as strong as Nik so pretty much I could snap you both like a twig within seconds. I killed a whole village due to boredom. But I can make friends because I like to be optimistic,” I shrugged.

“You’re not going to help any of them are you? Are you going to hurt us?” Caroline questioned looking slightly scared of me.

“No, I’d give Elijah my life but he is too moral to involve me in his antics. The others not so much but I know their plans are stupid,” I chuckled.

“Oh,” They said together.

I frowned. I couldn’t believe they were comparing me to the Mikaelson’s. I wasn’t like them, I was worse. False insecurities were my speciality.

“Bonnie are we still going shopping tomorrow?” Caroline squealed.

Please don’t ask me. Please don’t ask me.

“Yeah, of course Care. Would you like to join us Liza?” Bonnie smiled.

“Sure,” I chuckled.

Damn, mouth. Why do you speak without me allowing you to? You ruin everything now I have to go shopping. The company wasn’t the problem but the whole concept was.

“Cool, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at ten am Liza,” Caroline grinned bouncing in her seat.

“Okay,” I nodded, “I’ll be right back I’m going to speak to Jeremy and Matt.”

Standing up I hastily walked back over to the two guys still playing pool in the corner of the Grill.

“Bored of 21st Century girl talk?” Matt chuckled at me looking up from the table.

“Heck yeah, 21st Century male talk is better. I’ve just got into a huge dilemma. I have to go shopping with Caroline and Bonnie tomorrow. This is going to be hell,” I frowned.

“You’ll survive,” Jeremy laughed.

“No I won’t this is torture. This will be worse than the time I got shot with a wooden bullet and forced Nik to pull it out of my shoulder. He stood there for five minutes freaking out because he just compelled his best friend and daggered his sister because his step father was out to kill him,” I rambled on.

“Sounds painful,” Matt winced, “Does being staked away from the heart or shot with a wooden bullet really hurt as much as it seems?”

“Yeah, it is excruciating,” I frowned thinking about the pain I had gone through with the many stakes and other wooden objects that had almost killed me.

They both frowned as well thinking about the pain I had gone through and how it would hurt them.

“I should really be going. Nik will probably send a search party when he realises I got a social life and am out on the weekend,” I chuckled.

“Okay, well hopefully we’ll see you after the tragic event of the shopping tomorrow,” Jeremy smirked.

“Bye,” I laughed walking away from them, saying goodbye to the other groups of people as I made my way out of the Grill.

Slowly I walked home contemplating the torture I would have to go through tomorrow on this girly shopping trip with Caroline and Bonnie. It would be fun, note the sarcasm.

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