Always and Forever

~*~ Mall Mania ~*~

Liza’s POV

A soft cooing began in my ear telling me to get out of bed but really were they that insane to think I would get up due to a soft whisper?

“Wake up,” The voice boomed making me jump up into a sitting position.

“What the hell?” I screamed jumping up slapping him.

Kol frowned letting out a low sigh at my action.

“You need to get up you’re going shopping with some girl Caroline today,” Kol stated frowning rubbing his cheek.

“How do you know that? I told you I was going shopping but I never mentioned who I was going shopping with?” I gasped, was he stalking me?

Wait could he stalk me? He lived with me and knew everything about me? Maybe he was just psychic; yeah that’s what he is.

“She’s downstairs with Nik flirting with her. She looks annoyed but still overly chirpy about taking you shopping,” He shrugged.

“Leave, stop your brother from flirting with my friend I’ll be right down soon,” I sighed.

“Yes ma’am. I won’t let you down,” He smirked saluting me and running from my room back down to Nik and Caroline.

I sighed slowly getting out of bed in the hopes that this day could just be over with. I wasn’t one for shopping never have been and probably never will be but I hoped I’d be able to survive this cruel and un-usual torture I would be put through.

As I stood up I stretched out all my limbs before slowly walking over to my wardrobe. Opening the doors I looked in at my numerous amounts of clothes. I needed something suitable for being dragged over a long distance. Knowing Caroline from her enthusiasm yesterday, I knew it would have to be easily changeable to I could change my clothes quickly, meaning I could get out of there quickly.

I grabbed some American flag leggings pulling them on then pulling on a black baggy top that hung loosely off of my shoulder. Sliding them on I couldn’t be bothered to shower so I quickly ran to the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth although personal hygiene didn’t mean I could die from the badness of my cleanliness.

I pulled on my converses and ran down stairs whist I pulled my blond bed head into a pony tail. It looked messy but I really couldn’t be bothered. Hopefully Caroline was so into personal hygiene and appearance she’d just leave me here on my own to sleep. Or maybe Nik would scare her so she’d run away crying. Slightly harsh but it was necessary in this occasion. It was her sanity or mine, and I was all for her turning insane.

Caroline was stood there running a hand through her long blond hair, looking like she wanted to snap Nik’s neck. She rolled her eyes as he smirked at her carrying on with what he was saying. Kol chuckled eating a mouthful of his cereal sitting at the kitchen table. I rolled my eyes, he lied to me.

“Kol Mikaelson I do believe you promised you’d stop your idiotic brother from flirting with my friend,” I frowned putting my hands on my hips.

“I tried, I truly did but Liza, these two are hilarious to watch,” He chuckled eating some more cereal.

“Niklaus Mikaelson step away from the blond or God help me I will do something I shall not regret,” I hissed crossing my arms over my chest.

He turned around letting out a soft chuckle and smirking, “What are you going to do to me love?”

“Stab you with a fork,” I shrugged picking the fork up from the table and pointing it towards him.

“Even I think that is absurd,” Caroline giggled.

I shrugged. It was worth a try, “Nik, Kol clean the house before I’m home get Elijah and Rebekah to help. See you later guys.”

I finished my sentence as I grabbed Caroline’s hand dragging her out of the house closing the door behind me. Sighing I knew I had made a lucky break getting away from the Mikaelson’s but sadly I had to go shopping with Caroline and Bonnie.

Don’t get me wrong, they seemed like extremely nice girls but I hated shopping. I did go quite a lot but it would be go into one shop grab what I needed, compel the owner and leave once again. I tried to avoid going in to the mall as much as humanely possible, sadly I think being friends with Caroline would mean I would be living in there.

Together we walked over to her ford fiesta titanium. I slid into the back seat as I saw Bonnie was in the passenger seat and Caroline got into the driver’s seat. Bonnie turned around smiling at me.

“Hi Liza how are you?” She smiled.

“Hi Bonnie, I’m fine, you?” I questioned putting my seatbelt on.

“I’m good too,” She smiled again before turning back around as the car started to move.

Loud blasting new music began to play in the car. I frowned, how could people listen to this, I preferred the music from at least thirty years ago, 80’s and earlier. It was so much better at least there was a tune and words to it with meaning instead of what was happening now in the music world.

Within ten minutes we were in the local mall car park that was just outside of Mystic Falls. Once Caroline had found a spot to park we all clambered out of the car and made our way into the mall. The two girls had their arms linked although Caroline offered me her arm I said no. I trailed along behind them as they skipped happily. How could this be a happy moment? It’s a terrible moment, it’s torturous for me, and it should be for everyone, what was wrong with these people.

Well Bonnie is a witch and Caroline is a vampire so they aren’t the normal people in the entire world but neither was I; I’m a vampire as well.

The pointed over to forever 21 squealing and running over to it. Bonnie quickly turned grabbing my hand so I couldn’t escape this horrendous moment. As we entered the clothes were overwhelming. Why? Who needs these clothes?

Caroline gushed about something she saw at the back of the shop pulling the two of us along with her. When we reached where she wanted to go she picked up a pink stop she liked making sure they had her size. She modelled herself in front of the mirror holding it in front of her whilst Bonnie picked up a blue top she liked.

“Come on we should go try these on, Liza have you found anything you like?” Caroline questioned.

“Nope,” I stated shaking my head.

“Come on this would suit you,” Bonnie smiled holding a black and white dress. It was nice but it certainly wasn’t me.

I shrugged taking it out of her hand seeing it is my size and following the girls to the changing rooms. I knew I didn’t have a choice in the matter and if I changed and spent some money I could say I ran out although I could compel them.

As we reached the changing rooms we each entered a cubicle pulling the black curtain closed behind us. I quickly changed into the dress opening my curtain and waiting for the other two girls to be finished getting changed. Both of their tops suited them well.

“You look great, Bonnie and so do you Caroline,” I smiled.

“You look awesome Liza, you really need to buy that dress, if you don’t I will buy it for you,” Caroline gushed.

I turned around looking in the mirror. The dress looked quite nice on me.

“Okay, I’ll get it,” I smiled.

We all changed back into what we were wearing before and going back to the shop looking around for something else. I didn’t really want anything else, to be honest I didn’t want this dress but Bonnie and Caroline both wanted something else. No, they didn’t have anything in their mind but it was shopping and ‘Girls love shopping’. What an awful stereotype.

Finally we paid for what we had chosen; seen as the shop was quite busy I didn’t want to compel the worker seen as I would probably be caught by a bystander.

We left ‘Forever 21’ before heading towards subway seen as we were hungry and I wasn’t too sure how Bonnie would feel if Caroline and I began to munch on the locals.

As we entered a familiar face stood there about to leave, she smirked as she saw me.

“Well well, look who it is. Liza, why are you hanging around with these people?” Rebekah smirked.

“Beks, leave please. No one particularly likes you so how about you go back to your, oh so holy brother that you worship the ground he walks on,” I smiled sarcastically.

“Liza. I could kill you with my little finger so don’t annoy me,” She hissed.

“Go away Rebekah,” Caroline sighed.

A male voice called from the distance shouting Rebekah’s name. She smiled sweetly skipping off into the distance to the strange man who called her.

Within the next five hours we had scoured practically every shop within this mall and I was relieved as we left. By the looks of the bags we carried I was surprised we would be able to fit into the car with the shopping bags we were carrying.

Instead of going straight home as soon as we had finished in the mall like I wished we could but we (I mean Caroline and Bonnie) decided to go to the grill for something to eat.

We sat down at a booth as Matt came over to take our orders of which we gave him happily. When he came back with our food he sat down with Jeremy at our booth. Jeremy slid in next to me and Matt next to him whilst Caroline and Bonnie sat opposite us.

“So how was your shopping trip?” Matt questioned sipping on the drink he bought himself.

“Horrendous,” I muttered causing Caroline to glare at me.

“It was very fun,” Bonnie chuckled.

We sat there in silence until we had all finished our food. Once we were done, Matt took the plates back to the kitchen before coming to sit down next to Jeremy again.

“Liza so what’s up with Klaus, he seems quite odd?” Caroline frowned.

“He is odd. He’s an original hybrid,” I shrugged, “But he seems to like you.”

“He’s been stalking me since he came to town, it’s creepy,” She shuddered.

“I had to grow up with him,” I chuckled, “He’ll move onto someone else soon. Hopefully.”

Within an hour of chatting with my four new friends I headed back home. I grabbed my bags from Caroline’s care before heading home. I sighed walking home carrying my various bags containing clothes I don’t need seen as I had a lot of clothes. Once I got to my home I entered throwing my bags onto the floor in the hall before running back up to my room collapsing on my bed.

Frowning I rolled over onto my back sighing and closing my eyes. Within moments I was falling into a deep seat.

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