Always and Forever

~*~ Santa Klaus Part II ~*~

Liza’s POV

Waking up I saw all my shopping bags on the floor. Why? Why were they up here? I left them in the hall in the hopes Rebekah thought the fashion fairy left them for her. I sighed who the hell brought them up here? I hate the idea of this amount of clothing.

Stepping out of bed I picked up the piece of paper that lied on the bags. Unfolding the piece of white paper and read the writing.

To Liza,

I tidied the house like you asked so you left your clothes in the hall? What a cheek. I brought them up for you though because I am just that awesome.

Love Kol x

I thought it was kind of sweet that he picked up my clothes for my and brought them to my room although I would have preferred them to stay downstairs in the hopes his stupid sister would steal them. That would be one thing that she would do to make me happy, and I don’t think she had ever done that before, she’d never done anything that was remotely nice for me other than helping me out of the speakeasy in the twenties and that’s because she’d do anything to make Nik happy.

Quickly I walked to the bathroom having a quick shower before changing into some pyjamas that I hadn’t wore last night seen as I fell asleep in my clothes. I wore some shorts and one of Kol’s shirts that I collected from the washing. I had shirts from all three Mikaelson men seen as they were comfy; I had collected them over the years through washing.

I pulled my damp blond hair up into a messy bun before walking downstairs lazily. Surprisingly for a vampire I was extremely lazy I would happily sleep for days on end.

As I reached what I guess you could call our living room I saw a lightly sleeping Kol on the couch. He was fully dressed but lightly snoring and he looked so cute, like a small child.

I walked over to him smirking as I thought of a way to wake him up. Turning around I sat down on his waist putting all weight on him. He quickly woke up murmuring something before grabbing me by my waist and pulling me down so he was hugging me.

“Morning,” He chuckled letting me roll off of the couch onto the floor hitting my back as I landed.

“Morning,” I groaned as I sat up rubbing my back.

“Is that my shirt?” He questioned looking at me.

“No,” I frowned crossing my arms over my chest.

“Yes it is, I lost it a few weeks ago. Do you sleep in my shirts?” He asked with a smirk.

“No. Okay, yes I do but not only yours, Elijah’s and Nik’s too. They are really comfy,” I smiled hugging myself.

“That is so cute,” he smirked pinching my cheeks as he stood up.

“Drop dead Kol,” I frowned stomping away from him and into the kitchen.

When I reached the kitchen I grabbed a bag of blood from the fridge drinking it all in one go before grabbing another beginning to drink that one too.

I sat down at the kitchen table opening up Elijah’s laptop checking my emails before surfing the internet. I basically googled anything that I could remotely question in my mind, such as the meaning of life, why is a table called a table? Things like that, to be honest I had hit rock bottom of boredom but I was too scared to contact Caroline seen as she would probably drag me somewhere which involved clothes.

I couldn’t buy anymore clothes even if my wardrobe was set on fire. Sighing I knew my day at home would be relaxing but also slightly boring. I’d take boredom over shopping any day, literally any day.

Closing the laptop I stood up throwing my empty blood bag in the bin frowning trying to think of something to do with my day. I had already heard Kol go upstairs to his bedroom presumably to sleep some more. Maybe I wasn’t the laziest vampire I knew. Although he could be quite lazy, he was one of the most manipulative of the siblings meaning he scared me when he was angry but I knew he wasn’t able to hurt me he cared way too much.

Knowing my first Mikaelson option was busy sleeping I thought about the others. To be honest Rebekah wasn’t an option, she hated me and to be honest I wasn’t overly interested in being anywhere near her. I was happy the way our relationship worked, full of hatred. It wasn’t functional with us living together but we barely saw each other so it was okay.

Nik was okay. I cared about him and I believe he cared about me but to be honest I think he was busy scheming or something. That’s what he usually did every day of the week. We didn’t speak to much but I knew he cared about me in his own way, he hadn’t killed me yet and he’d stopped Rebekah more than once, I don’t know what else can say he cares.

As well there is Elijah but he had been busy recently meaning he had no time for me. He was like my Father, I guess. He was the closest thing I had to one.

All in all the four Mikaelson’s were busy or were Rebekah. I didn’t want to contact Caroline as it would mean torture for me. If I contacted Bonnie she’d probably contact Caroline meaning the same outcome. I’d phone Jeremy or Matt but they were both at work at the grill so I didn’t want to hang around there and rarely speak to them due to their work.

Over all I had no one to keep me company today unless I took the risk of shopping which I didn’t want to, I was happy being bored out of my mind.

Sitting back down at the table I laid my head down on the table. I frowned hugging the table. I stayed lying there for a few minutes until someone cleared their throat. Sitting up I turned around to see Nik smirking standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing Liza?” He questioned with his smirk still on his face.

“Hugging the table,” I said in a voice that made it seem like it was the most normal thing in the world, “It shows me some affection so I’m hugging it.”

“You’re one weird girl,” He chuckled sitting down opposite me.

I frowned sitting up properly so I wasn’t hugging the table any longer.

“So Niklaus, why are you stalking my new friend? I want to keep friends so don’t stalk them,” I frowned across at him glaring.

“Well Caroline Forbes is a rather marvellous girl. She interested me and I was bored so why not try to get her to notice me,” He chuckled.

“Who can’t notice you, your hobby is snapping necks?” I frowned.

“I needed to distract myself from my one true love. She doesn’t love me so I need distracting,” He shrugged.

He smiled at me from across the table. How could he be in love? He was a heartless monster… that I once loved. If he could be loved I’m sure he could love.

“That’s stupid. If you are in love confront her, she can’t not love you Nik. You’re an amazing guy and if she doesn’t love you then you’d just threaten her into loving you,” I chuckled.

“Be serious Elisabetta. She probably loves someone else and I’m sure she doesn’t even care if I was alive or not,” He sighed.

“Technically you’re not alive, you were dead years ago,” I smirked.

He sighs standing up about to leave the room but I stopped him smiling softly.

“Your jokes are not appreciated,” He frowned as I stood up next to him.

“I’m sorry Nik. I really do care about your non-existent love life but will you tell me who you are in love with?” I smiled softly.

“No Liza,“ He frowned, “You don’t need to know who she is.”

I frowned looking at him. How am I going to get him to spill the beans on who he loves, it would be hard but it was possible.

“Please, Nik. She will care about you, I promise,” I smiled.

“It’s you, Liza,” He frowned looking disappointed in what he said.

“What?” I chuckled.

Was he being serious? My laughter slowly died down as his seriousness grew. He was being deadly serious. He loved me? How is that possible? I loved him for years but I always thought it was unrequited. It wasn’t. So he loved me and I loved him but that was a long time ago. I cared about him but I’m not sure it’s love anymore.

He smiled softly, “I love you Elisabetta.”

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. He slowly began to lean forward. He was leaning in, no; he didn’t want to kiss me, did he? Within moments he pressed his lips to mine letting my shocked state melt into his action.

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