Always and Forever

~*~ Kolwala Bear vs Santa Klaus ~*~

Liza’s POV

Nik’s lips were still on mine as I came back to realisation. I was kissing Niklaus Mikaelson. The man who had acted like he hated me for years, the man who I had loved years ago, the man who I no longer loved but I truly cared about.

Pulling away from him he smiled down on me softly but I was furious. He just kissed me out of nowhere and told me he loved me after I knew him for over 900 years.

Niklaus was the man I was desperate for the affections of. I couldn’t believe how hung up on him I was. All those years ago he was my world and I wanted him to care about me more than anything in the world but now, he was just like a good friend but I guess he could always be more.

I was still shocked as I stood there in the kitchen. Suddenly my hand (using the mind of its own) decided to work and slapped his cheek making him move in reaction slightly. He didn’t move much seen as he was an original hybrid but he turned back to me and just stared at me.

Breathing in and out, I was shocked. I couldn’t think about what to do, he was Nik. I didn’t want to hit him, I cared too much but I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do.

“Liza, I love you,” He whispered lightly putting his hand on my cheek smiling softly.

“You can’t Nik. You’re… You’re Nik,” I frowned.

He was Niklaus, the one who didn’t want me around when I was human. The one who didn’t care about anyone other than himself, yet I brought myself to love him. It was easy to love him again- I think.

This was so confusing; I didn’t know what to do. I think I love someone else but I cared too much to break his heart into pieces. He has always been there for me although he didn’t like me being with his family first of all, he still cared after a while.

He was a confusing man, seen as he was an original hybrid and was unable to show anything truly loving seen as he was seen as heartless. Everyone judged him for his actions but he was a loving man from what I know about him. He was Niklaus and truly he deserved a chance, maybe not with me but he deserved the chance to find a love, in someone, anyone.

“I have always loved you Elisabetta, and I probably always will,” He said softly.

I took another deep breath un-sure what to do. He was Niklaus. He somehow makes me feel weak at the knees but he was a monster I had grown to love many years ago.

“Nik, I loved you once, I don’t know whether I can bring myself to love you again. I always believed my love was unrequited but now I just don’t know,” I sighed taking a deep breath.

I didn’t know how I could turn him down, or agree to love him. He was so different to everyone I know.

“I’ve loved you for a long time Liza,” He smiled softly still using his hand to caress my cheek.

Slowly he leaned in a couple of inches pressing his lips to mine. This time the kiss lasted slightly longer until he pulled away. He had a soft smile still on his face as he leaned in to peck my lips.

A low clearing of someone’s voice made me come back to reality. I turned around to see Kol standing there in the doorway. He stood still looking frozen and shocked by what he had witnessed. I didn’t know how long he had been there but I presumed long enough.

The pain was clear on his face and it broke me. His eyes looked deep and sad along with a frown that had now formed on his face. Guilt washed over me as I saw this look on his face. It was my fault he felt this way.

“Kol-“ I started but he turned and left the room hastily.

I turned to Nik giving him a sympathetic look for what I was about to do. I began running from the room seeing Kol walking to the front door. He couldn’t leave; hopefully he wouldn’t leave for good. I loved him too much to lose him for good, it would hurt if I lost him for a short period of time, he was Kol and I grew up with him there by my side.

He turned to me with a frown before leaving the house. Frowning I knew the tears started to come to my eyes. I loved Kol and I knew that but I had to give Nik a chance, I cared about him too much to not give him that. And that’s what paid me I was so torn between these two men, did I follow my head or my heart?

Turning back around, I saw Nik looking concerned. Frowning I gave him a hug putting my head against his chest. He pulled me a hug comforting me. As I pulled away I looked up at him with a soft smile before running up the stairs to my bedroom. I went to the bathroom running myself a bath. Once my warm bath was finished I lied down in it giving myself time to think.

Once I had finished my bath and had got dressed back into my ‘pyjamas’, I went to my room lying on my bed. I pulled my pillow over my head screaming into it kicking my legs.

This seemed to be a regular thing to happen, but I didn’t like. I didn’t like showing all my weaknesses, and I certainly didn’t like being so confused about life. I was over 900 years old I think I should have some concept on how to live a semi-normal life of a vampire and not be confused by what happens.

I loved Kol, I was sure of it but could I love Nik too. Probably not, I believed in love at first sight and true love but I knew I cared for this man overly strongly. He was my love once but I guess I over saw that when it seemed unrequited.

Why did life have to have so many controversial moments? I couldn’t hurt either of these men, in no way at all. Nik obviously loved me; he had stated it but Kol that expression on his face showed that his love was true and pure, and I never thought those words could describe any Mikaelson.

Throwing my pillow across my room letting it hit my wall almost causing my photograph to fall from it. I began to let a tear fall as I took a deep breath in the hopes it would help me think. It didn’t.

Really I needed to talk to someone but whom?

Elijah would be furious with his brothers and me, and to be honest he was too busy for me to disturb whilst he was creating some plan for Nik.

Rebekah wasn’t really an option; she’d just laugh at me and then go whining to one of the Mikaelson brothers. To be honest whenever I needed someone to talk to or hang around with she is never an option.

Kol and Klaus weren’t an option either now. They were my problem so talking to them wasn’t really a choice I was willing to take.

Then I guess stepping away from the Mikaelson’s would be a good option and going towards my new friends.

There was Caroline but if I contacted her now she would be overly sympathetic and wouldn’t listen really. She would also probably do something to make me forget them like girly movies and ice cream, to be honest that wasn’t my cup of tea.

As well there was Bonnie but she was a pipeline to Caroline and it was dangerous path to step down unless in true desperation.

Jeremy and Matt were my final options but I don’t think they’d understand my girly heart problems.

Once again I was on my own with no one to talk to.

I think I already knew what I was going to do. I would have to give Nik a chance, he could surprise me, and he has already today.

Pulling the duvet over myself, I pulled it over my head hoping I could hide myself from the world seen as I had kind of planned what I wanted to do but if Kol gave me that pained look again I think my choice would change to a stake. It was so painful to see.

Sighing, I lied back in my bed in the hopes my peaceful slumber would take away the horrible nightmares that controlled my life.

Within minutes I fell asleep losing all consciousness and feelings of today’s events.

A/N- Team Kol or Team Nik?

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