Always and Forever

~*~ Destiny ~*~

Liza’s POV

Leaving my house I walked to school instead of getting Elijah or Kol to drop me off at school. Mainly because I couldn’t bring myself to face Kol and Elijah was in Richmond for the day so he left early this morning.

When I reached school I made my way straight to first period not wanting to hang around and wait for anyone to meet me.

By the time lunch rolled around I was ready to break a chair and slam a stake through my heart. Sadly I didn’t really want to kill myself. Too bad I wasn’t an original I got really use a few hundred years sleep.

Once the lunch bell had rung I walked into the dinner hall seeing Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler and Matt sitting around a table. I walked over to them smiling as Tyler stood up.

“Have a seat Liza, I’m going to meet Elena and Stefan anyway,” He smiled walking away.

I sat down in the seat he had been sat down in prior. I smiled weakly at the people I tried to think were my friends.

“Okay spill,” Caroline demanded pointing at me with a glare.

“What?” I questioned raising an eyebrow, what the hell is she talking about?

Wait! It was Caroline so why was I questioning her motive to asking me stupid questions, from what I knew about her it was a normal occurrence.

“Something’s bothering you, so spill it now before I make you tell me,” She smiled innocently although her voice sounded extremely sincere.

I sighed. Now the whole table was staring at me, questioning me with their eyes.

“If I tell you, none of you and I mean none of you can tell anyone, it could result in me and someone else dead so you got it?” I smiled weakly.

“Is it that bad?” Jeremy questioned.

“We promise,” Bonnie butted in.

Sighing once again I knew I would now have to spill the beans on the events of the evening prior. Obviously I was in my own thoughts for longer than expected as Caroline dragged me out of my own mind.

“Earth to Liza,” She exclaimed.

“Okay, sorry. Last night Nik confessed his undying love to me. He then kissed me and Kol saw which resulted in such a pain stricken look on his face. Even for a 900 year old vampire love is a concept I cannot understand how it will work,” I shrugged.

“So you and Klaus kissed?” Caroline exclaimed, “And Kol was jealous?”

“Yes,” I shrugged.

Suddenly the two guys smirked at each other before they began to kiss their own hands. I gasped before grabbing the nearest thing I could which was Bonnie’s bottle of water and launching it at them both. It unluckily missed them both before going in between them.

“That’s so sweet,” Bonnie smiled sweetly.

“Do you love him?” Caroline asked.

I sighed once again. Did I love him?

“I don’t know. I know I did years ago but I believed it was unrequited but he did love me. I just don’t know whether those feelings are still there. The look on Kol’s face destroyed me, so everything is overly confusing,” I sighed slouching in my seat.

“Klaus and Liza sitting in a tree…” Matt and Jeremy sung until I glared at them.

“You finished even that line and I will make you realise being a human isn’t worth it. And I’m pretty sure you’ll be a vampire by home time,” I smirked.

“I’m a vampire hunter not a human,” Jeremy shrugged.

The two girls pitied me for a little longer questioning me about my love and who I loved although it was a waste of time. As well as them Matt and Jeremy were laughing and joking about the events seen as they didn’t understand how confusing the concept was of love.

By the time lunch ended we all rushed to history other than Jeremy. Quickly we took our seats before Mr Saltzman began to speak to us. By the time the lesson ended I was feeling as if gauging my eyes out would be good. I had been living through everything we learnt so why did I have to be taught it in a classroom?

My friends had already left for the end of the day but Mr Saltzman called me over to his desk for some reason.

“Yes sir?” I questioned.

“I don’t know whether any of the others mentioned this but I’m good friends with Caroline and the others. They are all going to Stefan Salvatore’s and his brother’s home this evening, like now. So I was given the job of offering you to join us,” He smiled softly.

“I would love to but I don’t know where they live and I have no way to get there, I haven’t got a car,” I shrugged.

He chuckled softly, “I can take you if you wish me too or I’m sure one of the others are outside about to leave.”

“Could you drive me? I’m pretty sure Caroline ran out of that door at her vampire speed,” I laughed.

“Sure, I’m leaving now, so follow me,” He smiled.

He picked up some papers before leaving the room with me following him. We finally reached his car after a couple of minutes’ walk where we sat down in the car. The drive to the Salvatore’s home wasn’t that far, when we pulled up we walked over to the front door knocking.

A familiar man with dark brown almost black hair and blue eyes answered the door. Damon Salvatore I do believe.

“Liza Valentine, right?” He smiled as he looked at the pair of us.

“Well Elisabetta Valentino but Liza is cool enough,” I shrugged.

“Come in you two,” He chuckled.

The three of us walked to what looked like a parlour mixed with a living room mixed with a library.

Quite a few people were sat around the room, including Jeremy, Matt, Tyler, Caroline, Stefan, Bonnie and Elena.

“Hi,” I smiled at the various people sat around.

“Everyone take a seat then we can start this discussion,” Damon stated. Jeremy and Matt scooted apart so there was enough room for me to squeeze onto the three seater with the both of them, Tyler and Bonnie.

Alaric took a seat on the arm of the chair Elena was sat in with Stefan and Damon sat down on the edge of the table.

“So why exactly did I have to join in this discussion?” I questioned.

“You are a baby original. Therefore we need a powerful vampire on our side to help us if it all goes tails up,” Damon chuckled.

“So what’s going tails up?” I frowned.

These people confused me more than my non-existent love life. They explained everything in detail but never actually told you what they were explaining.

“We want to drop the veil to the other side,” Stefan stated.

“I can do that,” Bonnie smiled.

“We have been told about a myth of a destined vampire hunter. This vampire hunter is a vampire and can destroy every vampire, werewolf witch etcetera. This destined vampire vampire hunter will kill everyone on this earth that isn’t human and we want to know if they are real. Of course there are people on the other side that can answer these questions,” Damon explained.

I chuckled to myself. How could there be something out there like this? It must be a myth as he said seen as Nik did make a myth of the sun and moon curse. It was highly likely, Nik probably made it to scare all his minions into working for him.

“There can’t be someone like that,” I stated.

“You can think that but it’s highly likely. There was Mikael so why couldn’t there be another,” Elena frowned.

“Mikael? Does he have some relation to Nik and his family?” I questioned.

It was a familiar name. Mainly because he was the one who shot me in the 20’s. As well as that he followed the Mikaelson’s for years.

“He’s all but Klaus’ father. He killed Klaus’ Dad and was out to kill them until Klaus killed him,” Damon explained.

“How do you know him? The Mikaelson’s didn’t want anything to do with him?” Stefan questioned.

“He shot me with a wooden bullet in the 1920’s. I didn’t know if he was the same one that shot me,” I shrugged, “But if he’s the only vampire vampire hunter then why would there be others?”

“To kill the originals seen as they weren’t killed by Mikael. By lifting the veil we can question Mikael, and the deceased members of ‘the five’ to question them about this. Jeremy may be one of ‘the five’ but he doesn’t know anything so the older ones might be more useful,” Damon explained.

“’The five’? What is that?” I questioned.

“They are vampire hunters. This destined one is supposed to be the only member which is a vampire. When one of them is killed by a vampire they haunt the vampire till another is awakened,” He stated.

“This is messed up,” I sighed.

“Says the 900 year old vampire who is in love with an original hybrid and an original vampire, not messed up at all. Also you are in a room with two vampire hunters, three vampires, a hybrid, a witch and doppelganger along with a human,” Jeremy chuckled.

I frowned glaring at the vampire hunter slouching down in my chair next to him and Matt. Gosh, I wished I picked better friends because these ones were so annoying and certainly not annoying.

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