Always and Forever

~*~ Those Three Words ~*~

Liza’s POV

“You’ll look great in this,” Caroline gushed.

She clambered out of my wardrobe holding up a white tank top, a denim shirt and a pair of black jeans. Throwing them at me she dived back into the wardrobe before revealing denim high top converses and a black bowler hat. Once those were thrown at me she looked through my jewellery box handing me white, black and gold leather bracelets.

I placed them onto my bed as she shooed me into the bathroom carrying my clothes. Quickly I changed into what she had given me before walking back into my bedroom where Caroline was sat on my bed flicking through some fashion magazine she brought along with her.

“You look amazing Liza,” She smiled standing up and jumping up and down. She handed me the bracelets before I slipped them on.

“Thanks,” I chuckled looking down at myself.

“Now put this on and sit on your bed,” She grinned running over to my makeup bag.

I put on the golden necklace she had handed me before sitting down like she had told me to do. I didn’t know what I’d end up wearing on my face but I knew it would be bad if she was controlling it in her obsessive ‘fashionable’ way.

She demanded me to close my eyes then open them again, to move my head to the side and so on seen as she wanted me to look perfect. To be honest I think she was more obsessed over my date than I was.

I forgot to mention, I have a date. Like a real first date with Nik. I was still confused about my feelings for him and Kol but I could tell he cared truly and so did Kol. Although he had been avoiding me and coming home for a few hours at a time but he’d get over it hopefully.

Although I was so confused about what I was going to do I agreed to a date with Nik. Luckily Elijah didn’t know about it he wasn’t around much at the moment but I think Nik was doing that on purpose, sending him on a wild goose chase.

Rebekah on the other hand was always there like a bad smell but she hadn’t been her exceptionally annoying self as usual. She’d avoided me actually so I presume either Kol or Nik had done something.

Once Caroline had finished with my makeup she removed my hat before re-doing my hair to make it seem nicer. Once she had finished she grinned at me putting my hat back onto my head.

“You look so good, he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you,” She grinned basically bouncing on her spot.

“Whatever. I should get going,” I sighed.

“Have fun, I’ll show myself out,” She giggled speeding from my room and probably straight out of the house.

Taking a deep breath, I began to walk down the stairs weary about what was going to happen. Nik scared me, he was angry and aggressive but he had a good heart.

As I reached the hallway I saw Nik standing there twiddling his thumbs. He was facing out of the window until he heard me. He turned around smiling softly.

“Hi Liza, you look beautiful,” He smiled as I walked towards him.

“Hey, you look handsome,” I smiled back.

As I was within arm’s length of him he took my hand in his with his smile still on his face.

“Are you ready to go?” He questioned.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

By now I was biting my lip, I was so nervous. He obviously cared but what if after this date I realised I didn’t care in that way, it would destroy him as well as Kol.

He led me outside going to his car where he began to drive us to our date’s destination. I was still taking deep breaths trying to seem normal when we arrived at the date.

As he pulled up I looked around at our scenery which was a forest type area. No, he was going to kill me. I never thought it would come to this day, when he was so sick of me being around that he killed me.

Together we got out of the car but obviously he noticed my paling face due to his laughter.

“I’m not going to kill you,” He chuckled taking my hand in his.

“I wasn’t thinking that,” I lied.

I couldn’t believe he was laughing at me for believing he’d kill me. He was quite reluctant to save me in the 20’s so killing me now wouldn’t be an unusual thought for him.

Slowly we both walked through the forest until we reached a clearing. I looked around to see the waterfalls that I presume gave Mystic Falls its name.

As well as the waterfalls the trees around the clearing had small fairy lights hanging from the branches. As well as that there was a blanket on the floor with a picnic basket lying in the middle.

He led me over to the blanket where we sat down opposite each other on either side of the basket.

“This is so beautiful, thank you,” I smiled softly as he opened the basket.

“You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it,” He smiled back.

He handed me a blood bag whilst he got one himself. Neither of us wanted to drink from a blood bag but bringing a human along to this date wasn’t the most reasonable thing. And drinking from animals wasn’t a nice thing to do at all.

We began to drink from our blood bags.

“So have you heard from Elijah or Kol recently?” I questioned trying to make conversation.

“Elijah’s off trying to do some work for me and Kol is throwing a temper tantrum somewhere, he comes home now so I guess that’s a start,” He chuckled.

“Your family is rather confusing in how you manipulate each other and how angry you all get so easily,” I smiled.

“But you love us,” He smirked.

“That I do,” I chuckled.

I couldn’t deny that, I loved the Mikaelson’s like a family but then Kol and Nik didn’t like that, they’ve decided to not fit in with the family I wished as I think I love them both a lot more than you should for a family member.

We carried on sitting on the blanket for a while longer still talking about my new school and his family seen as they were the main topics I could think of to not lead to an awkward conversation.

Then I remembered the discussion I had at the Salvatore’s home. Nik should really know about this powerful creature that could supposedly kill him.

“Nik, I have something to tell you. I don’t know if it’s true but there is supposedly a destined vampire vampire hunter that comes after Mikael. They are also supposed to be part of ‘The Brotherhood of the Five’,” I explained unsure how he would respond.

His responses to most things are passionate, and by passionate I mean angry and aggressive so basically I have just dug my own grave.

“Do you want to go on a walk?” He smiled softly ignoring everything I had said.

I nodded not really wanting to bring up that topic again in such a secluded area. He took my hand within his again as we began to walk towards the top of the waterfall seen as we were at the bottom for the picnic.

The walk was surprisingly romantic for the silence. It wasn’t that long by the time we reached the top I didn’t know what to say. He was probably slightly annoyed from earlier with the topic of the destined vampire vampire hunter.

He turned to me taking my other hand within his other hand and smiling softly at me. He looked nervous but tried to hide it with his smile.

“Liza, I love you more than anything and I have for a long time,” He smiled softly.

I took a deep breath. I know he told me the other night he loved me but it never felt real that he could love me. But I knew he did. And I’m pretty sure I loved him too. I do love him, I guess. It feels weird to ever think about that.

“I love you too Nik,” I smiled back pressing my lips to his.

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