Always and Forever

~*~ Potential ~*~

Jeremy’s POV (A/N- Thought I’d Give it a change ;p)

As per usual we were all at the grill but this time I didn’t need to work. Matt on the other hand did.

So it was the new normal group. Since Liza had come to town Elena and Stefan didn’t hang around us as much as they used to. Tyler was generally busy doing jobs for Klaus but he’d hang around us sometimes like today. So in our group now was Matt, Liza, Caroline Bonnie and I.

At the moment Liza was destroying me at darts seen as for some reason she had spent her eternity of living learning how to be a pro at darts.

I think if I was immortal I wouldn’t spend my time playing darts I’d want to travel the world and see everything I never had. Also I guess finding true love would be a priority, love conquers all and from how Liza was speaking she hadn’t found true love.

She had Kol and Klaus but from what she had said to us, Klaus certainly didn’t love her and Kol probably didn’t. I had met him a few times and he seemed just as heartless and manipulative as his elder hybrid brother.

She could do better, I know I barely knew her but she was a nice girl for an ancient vampire. I knew I wanted to kill her more than anything but I was resisting seen as she was a nice person, and if I killed her I’m sure the Mikaelson’s would kill me.

Being part of ‘the Brotherhood of the Five’ had bad aspects about it seen as I wanted to kill every vampire I met even if they cause me no harm and most vampires wanted me either dead or to be used for my tattoo. The tattoo was cool, it separates you from everyone else, seen as I can see it along with the other members but no one else can.

It’s a helpful power, along with the super human strength, I knew I wasn’t as strong as a vampire, not even a werewolf but I was a lot stronger than any other average human.

As well as that I have enhanced stamina, speed and reflexes, they weren’t superhuman but they were slightly better than a peak human, so it is an advantage. I couldn’t really do any damage to an original but to go against vampires and hybrids it was better.

For vampires, including originals their compulsion was probably their way to manipulate humans, but luckily I am immune to it meaning they cannot manipulate my mind. Although the originals would want me dead, what am I thinking they do want me dead but due to the hunters curse they wouldn’t follow through with it. I would torment them until a new potential hunter was awoken to take my place. I’d probably cause them to kill themselves due to the torment, but I didn’t mind, they killed me first right?

“I won,” She squealed clapping her hands and jumping up and down.

“Didn’t expect that to happen,” I chuckled sarcastically.

For some reason she found it as a surprise that she won, but it was obvious that she’d win. Her darts playing was so much better than mine could ever be but it was still fun playing.

“You don’t have to be sarcastic Jer, just because I’m a vampire who’s been taught how to play darts by professionals. I have an un-fair advantage, I’ll go easy on you,” She smiled softly.

“You don’t have to Liza. I think it’s fun just playing darts, I don’t mind being crushed every time we play,” I chuckled.

“And that is very noble that you’re willing to let a woman beat you at… is this considered a sport?” She smirked.

“Yes it’s considered a sport. Do you want to play again?” I questioned.

“Sure,” She smiled back pulling her darts from the board.

The grill was becoming increasingly hot and for some reason I hadn’t decided to take of my jacket yet so to solve the heat problem I took off my jacket revealing my short sleeved blue shirt.

I could see the small black swirls on my arms that were my hunters mark but no one else could see it.

Liza threw her darts before turning around looking proud of her score. Her face turned from happy to confused within seconds as she looked at me which made me have a puzzled expression.

“When did you get a tattoo Jer? It looks very interesting and for some reason familiar,” She smiled.

She could see the mark on my arms. She obviously was a potential because I’ve never heard of anyone who wasn’t a potential and could see the mark so it had to mean she would become a member of ‘The Brotherhood of the Five’.

Wait! Brotherhood, meaning male only, she was certainly female, so that shouldn’t work out. Also she was a vampire and being a vampire means she would want to kill herself.

The destined vampire vampire hunter, it could be her, it could be her. She’s a vampire and if she kills another she will become a vampire hunter so it works out. Liza would be killed by the ones she loved if this was true. I had to speak to someone about this.

“Sorry Liza but I just remembered Elena needed me to help her with something at home, so I should go,” I lied smoothly.

“Okay, well we can carry on with this another time?” She shrugged looking around slightly obviously looking to see if the others were still here.

“Yeah, sure, well I’ll see you tomorrow Liza,” I stated hastily walking away from her and leaving the grill.

Who could I speak to? Elena, Stefan and Damon would want her dead or would go straight to the Mikaelson’s they wouldn’t understand. And the others were busy and wouldn’t want to help her. She was new to the group and Caroline and I were the only ones who became her close friends quickly and Caroline wouldn’t know what to do.

Who else was there? Alaric.

He’d want to help I think. He was a vampire hunter, not as powerful as I was seen as he was one by choice but he’d know what to do- hopefully.

Quickly I walked to Alaric’s loft seen as I didn’t own a car. It wasn’t too far but I basically ran the whole way. I ran up the stairs before knocking on his front door in the hopes he would be at home. The door slowly opened revealing Alaric standing there.

“Hello Jeremy what do you want?” He questioned scratching his head.

“I need your help Ric. One of our friends is in huge trouble I think. I don’t know what to do,” I sighed un-sure how to explain this to him.

“Come in Jeremy and explain,” He said looking slightly worried.

He closed the door behind me before we went to sit down on the sofas.

“So explain, why is this person in trouble?” He questioned.

“Connor explained about potential members of ‘the five’ to me and I think I know one. You become a potential when a current member of the five dies and you’re capable of seeing the hunters mark. As well as this when they kill their first vampire they’ll become one of us properly, like with the instincts and their own mark,” I explained.

“So?” He encouraged me to carry on.

“Liza. She could see my hunter’s mark and there is this myth of the vampire vampire hunter, so I think she’s it. I think she is a potential member of the five,” I sighed.

“So she will want to kill all vampires including herself?” he asked.

“I presume she’ll want to kill herself, it’s instinct but if she kills a vampire she could be awakened if she doesn’t then she’ll stay a potential until she dies,” I frowned.

A frown came to his face as he began to think. Hopefully between the pair of us we could think of a way to save our friend from being brutally murdered by those she trusts and loves.

“We’ll just have to stop her from killing any vampires or hybrids, if she doesn’t kill any then she can’t be awakened,” He sighed seeming un-sure with what he came up with.

“Sounds easier than it will be,” I frowned.

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