Always and Forever

~*~ Awakened ~*~

Liza’s POV

Why did Jeremy randomly get a tattoo? I swear he didn’t have one yesterday and I’m sure his tattoo wasn’t knew it didn’t look like it. So either I’m oblivious to that he had a tattoo or he heals very quickly.

After Jeremy ditched me when we were playing darts I decided I was better off going to sit with Caroline and Bonnie listening to their girly talk that didn’t interest me in the slightest. I was leaning my chin against my hand pretending I was listening but I wasn’t.

Jeremy’s tattoo confused me, why was it so familiar? I don’t remember seeing it for a long while but it was familiar nevertheless.

Suddenly the chatter my two friends were making became silent making me pay attention to why they became silent. They were both staring at me with an eyebrow raised. In response I gave them a soft smile un-able to think of anything more appropriate for the time.

“Yes?” I frowned questioning them about why they were staring at me in one word.

“What’s wrong Liza? You look really sad,” Bonnie smiled softly.

“I’m confused and this time not about Nik. I saw something I can’t explain, it’s just annoying. I’ve always had the answers to everything but not anymore,” I sighed putting my chin back on my hand.

“You’ll find an answer soon,” Caroline shrugged.

“Hopefully,” I muttered.

The two girls carried on talking, I think about some guy they met at the mall when we went and how hot he was. To be honest I didn’t care but I didn’t want to just go home and be as bored as I am here. At least here there are people.

After about two hours of listening to my friend’s gossip about clothes and guys, I had almost fallen asleep in my seat. This was the time I realised I should leave and go home so I don’t lose my sanity listening to their conversation.

Standing up I smiled at my friends.

“I should be going,” I sighed.

“Well, I guess we’ll see you soon,” Bonnie smiled.

“Yeah, see you in school probably,” I smiled back as both of the girls said goodbye to me.

I began to walk out of the grill feeling rather happy that I got away from the girl talk. I was a girl but I’m a lot older than them and talking about how hot a guy is or how pretty a dress is, wasn’t my idea of fun.

As I walked home, I couldn’t be bothered to run home or even walk at a speed; I walked slowly home trying to drag out my time from being at the house with the horrid atmosphere.

Walking down a street the stench of human blood became overwhelming. Using the smell I walked towards the blood as a scream came from the human. Why I was doing this, I don’t know but I was going to interfere and save them.

I walked down the alley way as I saw blood on the floor. Carrying on down I saw the human thrashing in the jaws a vampire.

“What’s going on here?” I hissed putting my hands on my hips.

“Don’t get involved unless you want your neck to be snapped,” The male vampire growled.

“Leave the girl alone,” I frowned pushing him against the wall letting the human fall to the ground weakly.

“You’ve just signed your death sentence,” He stated flipping us around so I was pressed against the wall by my throat.

I sighed quickly throwing him into the opposite wall before snapping his neck. I couldn’t be bothered to argue with this vampire who was too cocky to stay alive.

Quickly I rushed to the poor human girl giving her some of my blood hopefully building her strength as she came too I looked into her eyes.

“You will not remember the man who attacked you; you were attacked by an animal. You will not remember the fight or me giving you my blood. You will go straight home and sleep, if anyone asks an animal did this to you and you know nothing about vampires,” I compelled waiting for her to repeat what I said.

As she did I ran out of the alley way into the dimly lit streets. Looking down, I had minimal blood over me and black tattoos on my arm.

Wait! A tattoo! Looking at the tattoo again it was extremely familiar but this time I knew where I had seen it prior. It was exactly the same as Jeremy’s but mine randomly appeared after I went down the alleyway.

Only one person could help me. Jeremy Gilbert.

Pulling my phone out of my pocket I dialled his number phoning him and waiting until he answered.

“Hello,” His voice sung.

“Jeremy Gilbert, where are you?” I frowned slightly freaked out by the random markings that had appeared on my arms.

“At Ric’s loft, why?” He questioned obviously slightly confused as to why I was demanding where he was.

“Give me the address, I need your help,” I sighed not sure what to say to him.

He gave me the address before we hung up the phones. I ran at vampire speed to the address seen as I already knew where that was. When I got there I knocked on Ric’s front door waiting for one for them to answer the door.

Ric answered and invited me in before I sat down next to Jeremy.

“Jeremy, when did you get those tattoos? They randomly appeared earlier on my arm, why?” I exclaimed.

I don’t know why, but I was scared, for some reason I had a tattoo on my arm and Jeremy was the only one who could give me answers.

“Did you kill a vampire?” He questioned.

“How did you know?” I said raising my eyebrow.

How did he know that I had killed a vampire minutes earlier? Was he psychic but that does sound stupid?

“Okay, you need to listen to this properly, got it?” He smiled softly trying to look like he was encouraging me to behave and listen.

“Okay,” I said slowly hoping he could answer all my questions.

He sighed getting ready to speak, by his actions I could tell it would be a long story for him to explain.

“Okay, well there is such thing as ‘the Brotherhood of the Five’ who are five generally men who are vampire hunters. They are very powerful, when one dies they let a potential that can see the marking that the hunters have. When they kill a vampire they are awakened and get the mark themselves. When they kill vampires the mark spreads. You are a member of the five now. You I think are the destined vampire vampire hunter,” Jeremy smiled softly.

“So I am a vampire hunter now?” I questioned.

How could that be? I was a vampire myself but there was Mikael and there was the myth of the destined one, which is presumed to be me.

“Yes,” He sighed.

“I don’t know why but I think my Father told me this story when I was really little,” I frowned.

It sounded familiar and even at a young age my Father would tell me stories like this one, and for some reason I vaguely remembered it.

“Elijah told you this story?” Ric questioned with a frown on his face as if it was an absurd thing to hear.

“No, not Elijah, my actual Father, my biological Father. He told me stories like this when I was very little. He obviously stopped when I was five seen as he went missing and I never saw him again,” I shrugged trying to make it seem as if it was a normal thing that happened.

“And you remember that?” Jeremy chuckled.

“Yes, they are the only memories I have on him, so I always remember them,” I shrugged.

I know it was a long time ago but I stilled missed him, and he was the only biological family member I can remember. My Mother had died or left soon after my birth and I don’t think I ever had any distant family that I would have met.

When I lost him I thought I had no hope but I met the Mikaelson’s. Now I was a creature that shouldn’t be. Not only am I vampire, I am a vampire hunter and that shouldn’t be.

How would Nik, Kol and Elijah take this? I presume badly.

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