Always and Forever

~*~ A Love Hate Relationship ~*~

England- 1124

Liza’s POV

“Kol where are you?” I shouted out looking for the youngest male Mikaelson.

He could be so frustrating. Kol, I guess you could say was my uncle not that I’d ever see him like that. He was like my best friend.

Only about a year ago just after I turned fourteen Elijah, Kol’s brother, told me he wasn’t really my Father. Not that I could really believe he was my Father. He had long brown hair like his two brothers’ whereas I had blond hair, like his sister but mine was a lot lighter than hers.

When I was five my Father went missing and prior to that my Mother disappeared soon after my birth. Elijah found me so I guess my life was saved. I would probably be dead if he hadn’t found me.

His younger brother Niklaus wasn’t very nice to me but I guess I ruined this perfect family he had dreamed of. Rebekah his sister wasn’t too fond of me neither, she just ignored me though, at least Niklaus spoke to me when he had to.

When I was ten we moved from my home Italy to England. I don’t understand everything about the country though. I have just learnt the language it was slightly hard to adapt to it but I guess they could all speak it so I should try. Maybe they would like me better.

“I’m here darling,” He smiled appearing behind me.

Since I was little he had called me darling and now I was fifteen. I never understood it but I wasn’t complaining at least he liked me.

“Hello, where are Elijah, Niklaus and Rebekah?” I questioned with a large smile on my face.

“They are all out hunting,” He explained pulling me into a hug.

I forgot to mention they were vampires. Not just vampires but the original vampires. I guess that should scare my but it doesn’t. They seem like normal people to me. I guess they’ve been there for me even if they don’t want to be but I still love them no matter what they are.

“Okay,” I nodded.

“So what do you want to do today then Liza?” He questioned sitting on the grass pulling me down by my hand.

He lied down on his back so I joined him leaning my head against his chest.

“Let’s just lie here in the sun for a little bit,” I smiled softly turning slightly so I was looking at him more so than I was before.

“Sure,” He smiled back stroking my hair softly.

“I love the fresh air, it’s so relaxing, not being stuck inside,” I stated looking up at the blue sky that had a couple of white fluffy clouds scattered across it.

“Why don’t you come out her more often?” He questioned.

“Elijah usually keeps me inside, seen as Niklaus and Rebekah hates me,” I shrugged.

We lay there for a while longer whilst he carried on the stroke my hair throughout that time period. I smiled as he did so. After about an hour we decided to change what we were doing but the other had come back. He decided he needed to hunt now so Rebekah promised she’d go with him so he didn’t have to go on his own. Although I think she just didn’t want to stay here with me.

Once he left me I went back inside to see Niklaus sat there looking at a book.

“Hello Niklaus,” I smiled sitting down in front of him.

“Yes Elisabetta?” He frowned.

“Why do you dislike me? What have I ever done to you?” I questioned with a frown across my face.

“I don’t dislike you Liza, you’re just too young to understand,” He sighed.

“I’m sure the mental strain and torture I have had to go through, has made my level of maturity gain. Only because you’re one hundred and something years old doesn’t mean you understand how to control someone’s life,” I frowned.

“Liza. I didn’t mean it like that. You just don’t understand my family. We aren’t exactly one of the most functional one’s out there. We argue more than average and hey, we’re vampires but you coming here has kind of made it even more dysfunctional,” He shrugged.

“So basically you’re blaming me for your problems?” I frowned.

“No-“ He started but realised what he said, “Okay yes,” He chuckled with a shrug.

“You are so heartless,” I frowned leaving the room sometimes this family was beyond me.

Kol and Elijah were the only ones I could stand. Niklaus sometimes if he was in an overly cheery mood but I guess if his lips accidently bent into a frown or a smile it was an overly cheery mood for him.

Even sometimes Kol was too much for me, he was overly sarcastic and could pick on me sometimes but it wasn’t in a mean spiteful way more a friendly joking way. I wouldn’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Kol and Elijah, especially Elijah. He was like the Father I never got to know.

As I went back outside I saw Elijah tending to the animals seen as he didn’t see the point in getting people to work for us although we could afford it. I mean they could afford it. It was just a bonus for me to be there.

“Hello Elijah,” I smiled warmly as I walked over to him.

“Hello Liza, how have you been?” He questioned.

“I was okay until I spoke to Niklaus he, seems to always put everyone in a bad mood. How about you?” I asked.

“It was fine, I’ve only been hunting with Rebekah and Niklaus and came back and tended to the animals, not much of an interesting day,” He chuckled.

“Especially with that company,” I smirked.

“They’ll warm up to you in no time. Just wait a little while and they’ll love you just as much as me and Kol do,” He smiled.

He pulled me into a warm embrace leaning his chin on the top of my head before tilting his head and kissing the spot where his chin had once been. I smiled as I hugged him back. He was definitely like a Father to me and it felt so much nicer that he was like my Father knowing he had the option and he chose to off his own back.

“Why don’t you go and pick some flowers and put them into the basket Kol wove the other day? You can leave them on the table and then it can make that house look a lot nicer with a little colour,” He smiled.

“Okay, where is the basket it’ll be easier to put them in their as I pick them?” I replied.

“I think in the hallway. Probably on the floor you’ll know which it is, his handiwork isn’t too good,” He chuckled.

I chuckled along with this, even when they weren’t around the siblings insulted each other. It could become quite amusing after a while.

“Okay, thank you, I’ll see you later Elijah,” I smiled turning to return to the house as he shouted his goodbye.

I quickly entered the house and grabbed the tattered basket before taking it back outside. Hopefully the weather stayed bright because I’m sure a few rain drops would destroy Kol’s poor basket. I wasn’t sure how the flowers would survive within it but there was only one way to find out.

Steadily I walked away from the small home and further into the forested area. There were flowers further in where the canopy opened up. I remember finding them with Kol when we went for a wander.

When the canopy began to open I began to see the green and brown floor turn brightly coloured which made me smile. Laying the basket on the floor I knelt down trying not to ruin the retched dress I wore. I picked a few of each flower laying them in the basket until it was relatively fall but the whole concept of it being able to hold was a different story.

Slowly I stood up and reached down to pick up my basket but a strong breeze sped past behind me. I jumped standing up straight. The breeze went by again but in front of me and all I saw was a blur of something going through the space in front of me.

Suddenly a person stopped in front of me and smirked. It took me a moment before I realised who it was- Rebekah. She had an evil glint in her eyes and if looks could kill I would be six foot under and some.

Her smirk grew as she saw the fear wash over my face. She was the only one in the family that scared me. Niklaus made me laugh with his anger but I guess I’d never seen him extremely mad at me before. Elijah was too nice to scare me and Kol just joked around with me too much.

“Hello Rebekah,” I smiled wearily.

“Hello Elisabetta, what are you doing out here alone?” She smirked as if she already knew the answer but still asked the useless question.

“I’m picking flowers,” I stated in a blunt voice.

“Lucky I found you, something dangerous could be out here, like me,” She cackled gripping my throat in her hand.

Her hand slowly became tighter not allowing my usual steady breaths to be steady any longer. I groaned and whimpered whilst struggling against her but it was to no avail.

“Rebekah stop,” A familiar voice called as every breath was a struggle.

She let go, allowing me to fall to the ground in a heap. The person pushed her away from me and she scarpered. He came down to my level pulling me into a hug as my breathing returned to normal.

“Are you okay Liza?” Kol smiled softly.

“I’m fine, thank you,” I smiled back rubbing my throat as it throbbed more than slightly.

“Let’s get you home littl’un,” He chuckled wrapping an arm around my shoulders guiding me towards the house but I stopped.


I turned back around and returned for his tattered basket that was barely holding my flowers but it should survive until we got him.

“Is that my basket?” He chuckled pointing at the basket I held in my hand.

“Yes, Elijah said I should go pick flowers and put them in your basket. I didn’t think I’d be holding onto the bottom of the basket so it didn’t break,” I smiled.

“It was my first time making a basket. Don’t be mean about it, I’m proud of it, I think it looks rather good,” He chuckled.

I chuckled as well. I think he was finally delusional.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night Kol,” I laughed.

We carried on laughing and bickering for the rather short walk back to our home. When we got there I could already here Elijah shouting at Rebekah and we were a good distance from the front door. I guess he was slightly mad his sister decided to try and kill me but he’d get other it- I think.

As we entered the house Elijah became silent and ran over to me hugging me. Rebekah frowned and muttered an apology on her way out of the room; I know Elijah wouldn’t find that satisfying but I think it was good enough. When I looked over at Niklaus he smiled at me slightly in his way of saying he was happy I was okay but really he would be okay if I died. I love this family.

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