Always and Forever

~*~ Growing ~*~

Liza’s POV

“So where are you going with him today?” Caroline giggled over the phone.

“Nowhere, I’m going to have to change the date; I really need to go somewhere. It’s not that I don’t want to go on the date but this is extremely important,” I explained.

Caroline probably wouldn’t understand the concept of how important this was for me. My date with Nik was obviously important but without this I could kill him.

I was going to meet up with Jeremy and Alaric so they could help me with my urges to kill vampires all the time and they said they’d explain the concept a bit more. I didn’t like who I was now, I had only became a member of ‘the Five’ two days ago but the urges to kill were powerful. I didn’t want to be like this.

“He’ll be annoyed Liza. What is more important than a second date?” She said with an obvious frown. I know I couldn’t see her face but I could tell she was frowning, her voice gave her away.

“A first date and what I need to do today. Well Care, I’ll talk to you later I need to go speak to Nik,” I sighed wanting to get off of the phone.

“Well when you are six feet under don’t come crying to me,” She laughed.

We said our goodbyes before I hung up the phone.

Slipping on my socks and trainers I walked down stairs whilst tying my hair into a pony tail. As I got to the kitchen I could see Nik sat at the kitchen table sipping a cup of coffee.

“Hi Liza,” He smiled warmly putting his mug down on the table.

“Hey Nik, you know we had a date planned for today? Can I take a rain check? It’s Bonnie. It’s her grandmother’s anniversary of her death and she’s taking it badly. And Caroline and Elena are out of town so she needs someone there for her,” I smiled back softly lying.

“That’s fine Liza. She’s your friend, make sure she’s okay,” He stated standing up and kissing my cheek, “We can reschedule the date; it’s not the end of the world.”

“You’re taking this well, I thought you’d snap my neck,” I chuckled looking up at him.

“I’m not always aggressive,” He stated with a small frown, “Go to Bonnie’s and I’ll see you later,” He smiled kissing me again.

“Bye Nik,” I smiled back leaving our house.

Quickly I sped off at vampire speed to a clearing in the forest that I knew I had to meet Alaric and Jeremy at.

When I found it, I saw the two men standing there un-packing stakes and other vampire killing weapons.

“Morning boys what’s the plan for today?” I smiled walking over to them and leaning my arm on Jeremy’s shoulder.

“We’re are going to train you to kill a vampire efficiently and how to resist your murderous urges,” Jeremy stated.

I sighed. I’m 900 years old, I knew I could kill a vampire without being killed myself, and there were very few vampires older than me. Although there were the originals none of them actually wanted me dead, so I was safe.

“Killing a vampire is easy as pie. I do believe I grew up with the Mikaelson’s I can pull a heart out without flinching and I can stake a vampire without a second glance,” I shrugged.

“That could be a problem though. The more vampires you kill the stronger your urges will get. So if you know how to kill one efficiently you can only kill those you have to,” Ric explained.

Frowning I knew he was right, I couldn’t just kill vampires like I always had, I needed to have strong reasoning’s now.

“Let’s start then,” I sighed.

They were teaching me in finding vampires weaknesses and were lecturing me about when I can kill a vampire. It was annoying but I guess it was helpful. I already wanted to kill Caroline and Nik. I couldn’t do that, but the urges to do it were over ruling my morals.

By the end of my training lessons I was feeling hopeful that I wouldn’t let these newly found powers cause me to lose those I care about.

I didn’t want to be part of ‘The Brotherhood of the Five’. It was a ‘Brotherhood’ so should be men, unless the meaning of the word had changed since I was human. I shouldn’t be a member of a ‘brotherhood’ especially one that killed vampires seen as I was one myself.

Also I was the vampire who was supposed to kill the originals. I couldn’t do that. They were basically my family and they were the only ones that were always there for me no matter how much we argued.

Now I’d figured out I had no choice about being a murderous killer. I had to suck it up and try to resist killing all the vampires I know. Over the years I had learnt to resist killing humans (although it was quite enjoyable) so it should be just as easy as that, maybe easier.

When the two men had finished trying to teach me how to resist my urges for the day I gave them one last smile and headed back to my home. Hopefully Nik wasn’t there as it would mean I’d have to explain how Bonnie was, and I needed time to come up with a convincing lie.

I didn’t want to lie to him, but it was the only thing I could do in a moment like this. If I told him I was the destined one, the one who was supposed to kill him and his siblings. Well let’s just say I would be better off going to kill myself right now. He would kill me within seconds, not letting me explain anything to him. He may say he loves me but to save his own life he’d kill me and all of his siblings without thinking twice. He savoured his life and would take down anyone he could just so he was happy.

It sounds bad and sad but that’s who he is and I love him that he does anything he can to save his life. He’s do the same for me and his family but if we were a danger to him, it would be lights out. I guess anyone who do the same, if it’s either you and them, you’d pretty much always save yourself other them.

Once I reached my home I walked in closing the door behind me. Slipping my shoes of I walked into the kitchen to see a Kol about to leave through the backdoor.

“Kol Mikaelson back it up and come here,” I hissed throwing an apple from the fruit bowl at his back.

“What was that for?” He frowned turning around and walking over to the other side of the table I was standing at.

“You have been avoiding me for like the last week, so why is that?” I questioned with a frown.

“I haven’t been avoiding you Elisabetta,” He stated.

I gasped, something was definitely wrong with him.

“What the hell? You used my full name, so what have I done to you? You never use my full name unless you’re annoyed at me,” I frowned.

“Nothing Liza, so how are you and Nik?” He questioned with another frown but I overlooked it seen as he wouldn’t tell me how I’d annoyed him.

“We are fine, you’d know that if you were here wouldn’t you Kol? You’re my best friend and I care about you more than anyone else. Do you understand how it made me feel when I walked into a room and you walked out?” I said softly.

He made me feel so bad, and he couldn’t bring himself to face me. Although he had been my best friend since I joined the Mikaelson’s he annoyed me more than anyone else here.

“Look I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” He smiled warmly walking around the table and pulling me into a hug.

“Good because I’d make you pay,” I chuckled hugging him back.

We carried on talking for a little longer about the recent events and how he wouldn’t disappear anymore. It was a weird but nice conversation; at least he’d speak to me now.

“Well although I love having you back in this house, I need to go hunt. Living off of human food and blood bags is starting to weaken me. See you later Kol, if Nik wants to know where I am telling him I’ll be back soon,” I explained before leaving the house.

I found my way into town spotting out a lone human and smiling at him.

“Hey, you will follow me and not make a noise or try to run,” I compelled him and he repeated what I said.

I took his hand within mine pulling him down an alley way where hopefully no one would find us.

“Don’t scream,” I compelled him once again.

Quickly I tilted his head so I could get to his neck easier and bit down on the exposed skin. Within a minute he was drained of blood so I dropped his body turning around.

A woman stood there frowning. As I raised my eyebrow she lunged at me attempting to pin me to the wall but I slammed her into the wall instead using my arm to put pressure on her throat.

“What are you doing?” I hissed.

“You killed my boyfriend. The vampire you killed two days ago, he was my boyfriend,” She growled.

“So now you’re looking for vengeance in killing me. Blah blah blah, well too bad, you can’t kill me,” I frowned.

Without thinking it through I grabbed her head and twisted it until I removed it from her shoulders. Looking at my hands that held the head the black mark on my left arm had spread to my elbow.

What had I done?

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