Always and Forever

~*~ Re-United ~*~

Liza’s POV

My shoulder was lightly shock as I was dragged away from the land of dreams. My eyes began to flutter open to see a blur of a person sat on the edge of my bed. I rubbed my eyes lazily as the blur became realistic.

There sat Elijah Mikaelson with a soft smile.

“Good morning Elisabetta,” He smiled warmly.

“Elijah, you’re home,” I gasped pulling him into an awkward hug as I sat up.

“Yes I am. I’m sorry I have been away for so long, it won’t happen again,” He stated hugging me back.

“You were gone for a long time, Kol disappeared for a while and Rebekah just turns up whenever she wants to,” I frowned as the hug ended.

“At least you had Niklaus,” He stated with a knowing look.

He knew. He knew me and Nik were in some type of relationship, so this nice welcome back conversation would turn into a harsh lecture about dating his brother.

“You know don’t you?” I sighed moving so I was sat next to him on the edge of my bed.

“Yes I do, so are you going to explain or shall I forbid the relationship now?” He frowned.

I sighed. I loved Elijah like a Father and his opinion was important to me. Just sometimes I didn’t want to take his opinion into account but I knew I had to.

“Elijah, just hear me out, okay?” I smiled softly.

“I’m not like my siblings, I’ll hear you out,” He chuckled.

He definitely wasn’t like his siblings, he had some morality. Obviously he did, he brought me up as his own daughter when he could have just abandoned me onto the street, which I’m sure the other three would have. Also if one of the other three were annoyed with me they wouldn’t let me explain what I had done, but at least Elijah was willing to do that.

“He makes me happy, I’m sorry if you don’t like it but he really makes me happy. I can’t say he’s my true love and we’ll be together until we die but I think I love him,” I smiled weakly trying to convince him that Nik and I should be a couple.

“He’ll hurt you. You know how heartless and angry he can be. I’m not saying you will but you’ll probably do something that will cause him to be angry and he’ll snap. He’ll kill you and I can’t and won’t let that happen,” He sighed looking sad either at the thought of my death or that he was forbidding my relationship, or maybe a little bit of both.

“He wouldn’t hurt me. He cares too much and you know I wouldn’t hurt him. Can’t you trust me?” I frowned.

“No Liza, I can’t see you get hurt, he will hurt you and you know it,” He sighed whilst he shook his head.

My door opened after about a minute of silence. Nik stood in my doorway before entering my room with a frown.

“What do you want Klaus?” Elijah frowned.

“You have no right to tell the young lady what she can and cannot do,” He stated.

“She is basically my daughter, I can tell her who she can date and who she can’t,” Elijah pointed out.

“Last time you got involved in my love life I became a vampire. You were going to force me into a marriage and then I died because I was against it,” I frowned.

It was a low blow but it was un-fair I couldn’t be in a relationship with who I pleased. I was fine with making mistakes in relationships and growing as a person until I found my true love. Nik could be my true love or probably not but it was better to learn from this mistake than make it again and again.

“Fine, I’m not happy with this relationship but go ahead, I’ll try and support it as much as I can,” He sighed.

“Thank you. It means a lot that you’ll let me be in a relationship with Nik. I value your opinion more than anyone’s,” I smiled pulling him into a hug.

He smiled back softly and Nik also smiled. It was odd the amount Nik was smiling recently but it was a good change.

The two men made their way downstairs so I could shower and get dressed. Once I was ready I went downstairs to the living room to see all four Mikaelson siblings.

“I think this is the first time we’ve all been in the same room since we moved here,” I chuckled taking a seat next to Nik.

“Well it’s because we’ve decided we’ll all go down to the grill so we can spend some quality time together,” Kol smirked, “And drink ourselves mortal.”

“Sounds enjoyable,” I chuckled.

Together all five of us made our way down to the Mystic Grill. Since we moved here to Mystic Falls I had spent practically every day here. It was getting boring but it was the only place you could do anything in this town, so I’d survive coming here all the time.

We found a booth to sit in whilst Rebekah went to get us all a drink. Luckily Matt and Jeremy weren’t at work, so they wouldn’t come over and talk to me, when I was trying to have a bonding session with the Mikaelson’s. It’s not that I don’t like Jeremy and Matt but I had been hanging around them most days since I’d been here, mainly because I had to go to school with them both.

“So the other day, Liza mentioned this destined vampire who hunts vampires and is supposedly out to kill us,” Nik stated.

“Like Mikael?” Rebekah frowned.

“King of, but I think this one is a member of ‘the brotherhood of the five’,” Nik sighed, “So they are a lot more dangerous than Mikael ever was.”

“How did you find this out?” Elijah questioned me.

“The Salvatore’s invited me along with our friends to their house and was discussing dropping the veil to ask the dead questions about who this hunter was. I think it’s a lot of rubbish if you ask me. Someone’s made it up to scare you all, like Nik made the sun and moon curse to get all vampires and werewolves looking for the moon stone and doppelgänger,” I chuckled.

I knew it was real, of course it was seen as I was this destined one but they weren’t going to find that out any time soon.

I know the best thing for them was for them to find out I was the one who was destined to kill them but the best thing for me was to pretend I knew nothing more than I had already told them. I valued my life and if they knew I could easily kill them, my life would literally be over.

After about two hours of laughing and talking we all decided to leave the grill. Nik and I decided to separate from the other three so we could walk home together whilst the other three ran at vampire speed the whole way home.

“So did you enjoy having a calm moment between us five?” He questioned.

He knew how much I enjoyed the company of his family although Rebekah did hate me. They were the closest people to me so without them around it wasn’t a nice thing.

“It was nice. I miss having a relaxing happy time with you lot, you’re always sending Elijah off doing something, Kol was annoyed at me for a while and Rebekah has always hated me. It’s just nice to settle down for an hour or two and go back to the old days where we had nothing better to do than spend time together,” I chuckled.

As we walked down the street it became horribly silent as nothing was happening around us other than a slight noise of the breeze hitting the trees.

A man appeared in front of us holding a stake. I knew it wouldn’t harm Nik but it could simply kill me.

He smirked before lunging at Nik about to stab him with the stake but Nik pushed him to the ground. The man jumped up before lunging at me ready to plunge the stake into my heart. I gripped his wrist turning it so the stake faced him until I put it through his chest. His skin became grey as he dropped to the ground. Whilst that happened my tattoo on my arm grew. Not again.

Nik pulled me into a hug whilst my breathing went back to normal. It was just going to get worse, and for some reason I knew it was definitely going to get a lot worse and I can do nothing to stop it from deteriorating.

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