Always and Forever

~*~ Rookie Mistake ~*~

~*~ One Week Later ~*~

Liza’s POV

Over the last week I hadn’t been able to not kill vampires. I know it sounds slightly stupid and over the top but it was hard to not kill. Every time I came across a vampire I pretty much killed them. Hence why I no longer was in school, I explained to Elijah I had to help Bonnie still with her grieving after her grandmother’s anniversary but I just stayed in my room. Luckily they were all gullible and didn’t snoop in my room, otherwise my plan wouldn’t work.

Bonnie was obviously in school and if she didn’t go to school then Caroline wouldn’t and she was a vampire. It was dangerous for me to be anywhere near her. I could easily kill her and I couldn’t do that. It was just because she was my friend but it would hurt Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt and even Elena. I didn’t mind causing Elena pain even if it was only emotionally but it would also hurt my friends.

I rarely got any friends due to the vampires I hung around with, but although they seemed scared of the Mikaelson’s they still became my friends. It was a nice thing that I had made true friends so quickly so killing them off wouldn’t be a good thing. I didn’t really have any experience in the friends department but I knew killing them meant I was a lousy friend even for an old vampire like myself.

Even though I knew it was wrong, every time I was in the same room as one of the Mikaelson’s I wanted to kill them. I knew I couldn’t and I knew I shouldn’t but I really wanted to. These urges were getting worse and worse and it wouldn’t get any better even if I wanted it to.

They’d just progress until I couldn’t handle them anymore so I’d either find a way to kill them, meaning I’d have to get the white oak stake. Or my only other option was to kill myself. I guess I’d rather do that but my instincts were to kill them, although deep down I knew I had to kill myself not just to save all those I love but I was a vampire, it was in my nature.

The age old argument of whether you should follow your head or your heart is controversial but I always said follow your heart. It doesn’t consider what is logical but what will be truly right for you even if it could hurt someone else.

Sadly both my head and my heart were telling me to kill the Mikaelson’s and every vampire I loved. I knew Jeremy and Alaric explained that the more vampires I killed the stronger my murderous urges would get stronger. Although I knew these facts I couldn’t resist not killing the vampires I came across, but I did have to try to not kill those that I lived with.

It wasn’t as if I could avoid them. I stayed in my room for as long as I could but I had to leave at some point to hunt. As well as my vampire hunter instincts forced me to leave my room and go confront the originals, I couldn’t resist going to them but I resisted killing them.

At the moment I was sat in the kitchen sipping on a blood bag knowing everyone was out so I didn’t want to leave my safe haven into a vampire’s paradise. Since I became a member of ‘the five’ it had been awfully lonely. Jeremy and Alaric were there for me but they were generally busy with school as Ric had to work and Jeremy had to get an education. All the others didn’t know and quite a few of them I was a risk to so I had to keep a distance. It wasn’t a nice experience, that’s one thing.

Surprisingly this was the most painful ordure I had been through in my whole life. Not being turned into a vampire which was excruciating. Not being attacked by the werewolf that led to me being a vampire. Not being staked in the stomach or shot with a wooden bullet. Not even when I lost my Dad. Due to this creature I had become I was going to lose everyone I had ever knew, ever because I’d have to leave them to save them or they’d be dead.

As I stood up to throw away the empty blood bag the front door opened and whoever opened it wasn’t in a good mood.

“They’re going to kill us Kol, we shouldn’t be so calm about this,” One voice boomed. I had heard that voice shout a lot so I knew it was Nik.

“How do you know? The Gilbert boy is a member of the five and he hasn’t killed us yet. This one might not even have been awakened yet, he could have been a good vampire not killing any others,” Kol retorted.

“I highly doubt that, they are awakened and if we don’t find out who they are before the Bennett witch the veil to the other side will be dropped meaning lots of our dead enemies will be back,” Nik said and I could tell his anger was rising.

“You’re always scared that someone will come and kill you, I have the white oak stake, the only one left, so I’m pretty sure I won’t kill you unless you carry on this argument,” Kol responded.

So Kol was the one with the white oak stake. My instincts told me I should take it off of him mainly so I could kill them but also because he had a bit of a temper and I’m sure that stake would end up inside one of his siblings.

He was a bit odd like that; he acted as if he loved his siblings but when they turned their back. BAM! He’d stab them in their back. Although I am specifying it to him, Rebekah and Nik would do the same. Only Elijah wouldn’t because he valued his family to much to kill them in cold blood.

The yelling match went on for a bit still focused on the vampire hunter along with me and their siblings. They argued a lot but I had never heard them arguing about me before. Suddenly the yelling stopped and the front door slammed shot within seconds. I don’t know who left but whoever hadn’t was making their way into the kitchen where I was stood.

I hadn’t moved since they began yelling, I was too engrossed in what they were arguing about to make myself scarce. The door opened and it revealed Kol. He had a frown on his face and his eyes showed how angry he was.

“Liza what are you doing here?” He frowned.

The way he spoke was as if I was a stranger in his home although I had lived with him for over 900 years, so I was hardly a stranger.

“I live here moron. And I am in the kitchen because I was getting a snack, I haven’t fed for a while so I decided to grab a blood bag so I didn’t become even weaker,” I shrugged sitting down at the table.

Still with the prominent frown on his face he sat down opposite me not letting his face flinch from the very normal facial expression for him and his family.

“Why haven’t you been hunting? You’re a vampire after all,” He stated not letting himself smile not have a neutral expression.

“I can’t be bothered to be frank,” I shrugged, “So why were you and Nik arguing this time?”

“Just about that destined hunter person, he’s scared of them, I personally don’t think they are nor will be awakened,” He shrugged.

“Well your argument was getting quite loud, I’m not sure you having the white oak stake, is a smart thing,” I stated.

He frowned more firmly as if he was thinking and contemplating to kill me, although I knew he wouldn’t kill me.

“Well it is even more dangerous for Nik to have it,” He said factually.

It was true he’d be dead before he even handed it over, that’s just how Nik and Kol’s relationship was, murderous and evil.

“Give it to me. I love you all too much to kill you and I don’t allow blackmail or threats to overcome me. Also Nik wouldn’t try to kill me for it,” I shrugged, “I’m like Switzerland in the world war, neutral ground.”

He sighed contemplating my offer. I knew he wouldn’t give it to me but it would show he trusted me if he did. I kind of hoped he didn’t give it to me due to me using it against him and the others, it would end tragically whether he gave it to me or didn’t.

He stopped looking puzzled and shrugged before pulling the stake out from his pocket. It looked like any average stake but the powers it withheld were remarkable.

“Now take care of this and don’t let anyone have it not even me,” He stated placing it in my hand, “I’m putting my trust in you Liza to not kill any of us and to not let any of kill each other.”

“Kol, I couldn’t kill you even if I wanted to. And you should know I really want to, you are like the most annoying creature I’ve ever came across. I can’t let any of you die, mainly because I don’t know whose bloodline I’m from so I could end up dead and if I kill Nik Caroline dies,” I shrugged.

“Ha ha, you are so funny,” He chuckled, “I love you too, now go hide it anywhere or keep it on you, so no one can find it.”

“Got it,” I frowned rolling my eyes at him as I left the room.

Hastily I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom looking for a good place to hide it. Preferably not in plain sight or somewhere I look often because that would be too tempting for the evil part of me.

I looked around. Not on my book shelf as I am an avid reader, not in my wardrobe seen as I have to change every day and not in my pillow as I would be able to feel it. Then I thought of a place I’d never look under my mattress. One of my boards in my bed is broken so I could slot it in there and no one would be wiser.

I lifted my mattress up and threw it onto the floor before sliding the stake into the perfectly made gap in my bed frame. Quickly I put my mattress back onto my bed frame.

No one would find it there hopefully and luckily I shouldn’t think about it. It was a double whammy. No one should die at my hands with that stake now.

I collapsed onto my recently made bed and within seconds my phone that lied on my bedside table began to ring.

Reaching across to the bedside table I saw Bonnie’s name flashing on the screen. I pressed the small green button before putting the phone to my ear.

“Hello,” I stated.

“Hi Liza, can you come round mine, everyone’s here and it’s important?” She said with desperation in her voice.

“Sure, if it’s important be there in five,” I sighed standing up and hanging up the phone.

Running down the stairs I shouted at Kol to tell him I was going out. I ran at vampire speed to Bonnie’s house and knocked on the door. She opened it within seconds and began to step to the side.

“I need to be invited in,” I frowned.

Most vampires would say the blood lust was the worst part of being a vampire of the heightened emotions. I couldn’t lie and say they were a walk in the park but to be honest I think not being about to get into houses was the worst.

“Oh, well you can come in,” She chuckled.

We both walked into the living room where, Caroline, Elena, Jeremy, Matt, Alaric, Stefan, Tyler and Damon sat around and candles sat in a circle on the carpet.

“Liza,” Caroline squealed running over to me to give me a hug.

“Hi Care,” I chuckled hugging her back.

“Why haven’t you been in school?” Jeremy questioned.

I frowned and gave him the ‘you know why’ look but quickly came up with a lie.

“I haven’t been up to hunting recently so the blood lust was very bad, meaning I would have probably torn the whole school apart,” I shrugged.

It wasn’t a lie, I had severe blood lust due to the lack of blood but it wasn’t why I didn’t go to school.

“Well, now I will tell you why you are here,” Bonnie began, “I am going to drop the veil to the other side.”

We all looked at one another, she wasn’t actually going to do it.

She knelt on the ground and picked up a rock that was covered in blood, slowly she began to chant something over and over again. A wind picked up causing things to rattle and us to cling to our seats. As she finished chanting she turned to us.

“The veil is dropped.”

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