Always and Forever

~*~ Daddy Dearest ~*~

Liza’s POV

No! No, there couldn’t be the dead back here. If there were who knows what would happen. Sadly the veil had been dropped and I knew certain people would be back that I wouldn’t want. Even though I wasn’t human I knew I was becoming pale.

Everyone was looking at each other shocked, unknowing what to do. I was the first to move, not in a way to make them comfortable or to make them feel better. The only thing I knew I could to do was leave and go home. They needed to know.

Hastily leaving Bonnie’s living room, I ran the whole way home attempting to not look around to see if someone out of the ordinary was there. As I reached my front door I kicked in not being bothered to unlock it.

It wasn’t a smart move I know but as they say ‘desperate times come for desperate measures’. Before I could get both feet through the door I was face to face with all four Mikaelson’s and Nik was closer than expected with his hand constricted around my throat. Croaking slightly they all realised who I was as Nik let go of me.

“Why did you feel the need to kick the door in?” Elijah exclaimed.

“I have so bad news,” I sighed rubbing my throat, “The veil… to the other side. It has been dropped.”

They all stood there shocked looking at one another. Kol was the first one to speak out of the four siblings.

“So you mean all the dead supernatural creatures including the ones we killed are coming back?” Kol asked.

“Yes, they will be here within minutes, seconds even. I don’t know how long it will take or how long it will last,” I explained shrugging my shoulder.

“Who dropped the veil Liza?” Nik questioned.

“Bonnie Bennett. She wants answers on the destined hunter. So I guess many ghosts are coming back to kill us but there are also going to be answers on this hunter person,” I sighed.

It wasn’t a good thing if they could get answers about the hunter due to the hunter being me. They’d all know my secret and it could resolve in my death.

“I guess,” They all shrugged.

“But Nik, what about all those people you have killed like Alexander and the others. They can kill you and us, we have a weapon to actually kill us now and they will,” Rebekah frowned.

I didn’t know who Alexander was but he seemed like a dangerous man from their past. His mention even put fear on Nik’s face.

There was only one other person who Nik actually feared in this world (other than any of us when we had the stake) and that was Mikael.

“And Mikael will be back. He will kill us all,” Nik explained.

I obviously wasn’t the only one thinking of Mikael at this time seen as he was our biggest threat as a species, he would kill us all.

Something suddenly made a crashing noise in the living room. We all became alert and looked around. Slowly the five of us walked into the living room to see a man. He was familiar but I didn’t know from where.

He had long dark hair and wore old clothes from around the 12th century. He was holding a sword and definitely was a ghost.

“Alexander?” Rebekah gasped.

This was the Alexander they spoke of? Why did I know him, I wasn’t with them when they met him.

“Hello my sweet Rebekah. Thank you for caring for Elisabetta, you’ve brought her up in a way I am very proud, other than the vampire part,” He smiled softly.

That’s when I knew who he was.

“Pater?” I smiled questioning him.

This was the first time since I was human I had started speaking Latin. I hoped he wouldn’t carry on and he’d simply nod then they’d be none the wiser but of course that would never happen.

“Yes my love,” He stated with a soft smile.

“What?” Kol questioned looking more confused than the time we told him Father Christmas wasn’t real.

“I am her Father,” Alexander stated.

“What?” Rebekah exclaimed looking outraged.

I’m guessing there was some romantic background with them, which to be honest was odd and gross, he was my Father after all.

“Elisabetta is my daughter. You killed me when she was five years old Niklaus but I am glad Elijah found her and has done a good job in bringing up another vampire hunter,” He smiled happily.

“What do you mean a vampire hunter? She’s a vampire,” Nik stated.

“She’s both actually. She’s the reason I am back, she is the destined vampire who hunts vampires, and she will be the one to kill you all,” My Father smirked.

“Is this true Liza?” Elijah asked.

I bit my lip. Never, did I expect them to find out this way. To be honest I never thought they’d find out, I hoped I’d die first. I couldn’t say anything, they hated me and I hated myself. My story wouldn’t have a happy ending, no matter what path I decided to take. It would end with me dead and I couldn’t change that.

Frowning I knew they could take it as a yes as my head sunk and I began to stare at my shoes.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Elijah questioned with disappointment dripping in his voice.

“I couldn’t. None of you can understand how much I want to kill vampires but Jeremy Gilbert is helping me hold in my murderous aspect. I want to kill you all more than anything but I won’t because if I did I’d just kill myself,” I sighed not wanting to make eye contact with them.

“So you’re going to kill us?” Rebekah hissed.

“No. I can but I won’t, un-like you I can resist killing everything. Your Father may have wanted you dead and my Father may want you dead but Beks, even though you hate me I couldn’t kill you. I love your brothers and killing you will cause them pain. Killing them isn’t an option either,” I stated with a frown.

By now I was looking at the siblings that all were at alert. They had just found out I could kill them but they actually believed I would.

Rebekah looked angry and her actions showed it. She hissed once again and went to lunge at me but Nik grabbed her pushing her into the wall.

“She’s a danger to us Nik, she needs to die,” Rebekah growled.

“If she tries I will kill her. At the moment she is hurt and upset. She only has us and she wouldn’t kill us,” He retorted.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to cause so much trouble, I didn’t get a choice in becoming a hunter, if I did I wouldn’t have. I don’t want to follow in Alexander’s footsteps,” I smiled softly.

Alexander frowned looking at me.

“I’m your Father, show me some respect,” He frowned.

“No! Elijah is my Father. Not biologically but he didn’t go on a suicide mission meaning he’d leave me at the age of five,” I hissed.

“He isn’t your Father I am and you are just like me,” He growled gripping my throat.

I began to cough as the Mikaelson’s looked shocked and un-sure what to do.

“A Father wouldn’t try to kill me,” I croaked gripping his wrists and pulling his hands away from my neck.

Quickly I twisted his arms behind him so he couldn’t fight back. Using one hand I held his wrists and the other I reached other his shoulder and held his chin.

“Never mess with me Alexander, if I can kill the originals I can kill you,” I growled twisting his head so his neck snapped.

His body dropped to the floor, making me realise what I had done. I had just killed my biological Father.

I looked up at the Mikaelson’s and they all looked surprised by my actions. I knew my facial expression was shocked and scared.

I couldn’t stand there any longer, quickly I span on my heel and ran from the house. They were my family and my best friends- Even Rebekah. I didn’t want to hurt them, because that would hurt me.

As I got outside it all came back. The veil had been dropped and all the dead were back. I highly doubted Alexander was dead and gone for good but at least he was out of my hair for now seen as I had bigger problems.

Many people standing on the street were ghosts and the ones I knew weren’t all people I wanted to see again.

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