Always and Forever

~*~ Good Vs. Evil ~*~

Liza’s POV

I shouldn’t have left the Mikaelson’s. I knew they were angry and so was I so it was for the best but now I was face to face with the dead.

Three men came towards me, none of which I personally knew but one looked familiar. Slowly I backed away but it wasn’t exactly the smartest move.

“Hello Liza, I do remember meeting you in 1922,” The eldest man smiled.

Raking my brain I tried to put my finger on whom he was. Then it hit me he was Mikael, the Father of Elijah, Kol and Rebekah.

“Mikael, are you here to finish what you started in the 20’s? I’m sure your children won’t be too happy that you’re back,” I frowned.

“Well they’d be happier I have you, so I can kill you,” He smirked.

I frowned. He wouldn’t kill me; I was the only hope to kill his children seen as he wants them dead. I knew he couldn’t just kill me if he wanted to kill all of his children. I wasn’t planning to kill them but he thought I would.

“Anyway who are you?” I questioned pointing at the other two men.

“We’re Connor and Galen. We were members of the brotherhood of the five,” One smiled.

“Shouldn’t you all be out trying to kill the originals instead of talking to me? They hate me so if you’re planning to hold me hostage to get them to come crying I’d think again,” I shrugged.

“No we are here to talk to you about your newly found powers and how you can use them,” Galen smiled.

I rolled my eyes. Of course that’s why they were here, they wanted me to kill the originals, I don’t think it was a good idea but they’d still talk about it anyway.

Alexander joined us but didn’t say a word.

“You have to kill them Liza. They are killing innocent people, they will destroy this earth,” Mikael explained.

“The reason you were put on this Earth was to kill the originals meaning all vampires and hybrids will be killed,” Connor smirked.

They were being serious. They should be killed but if I killed them then I’d die, and so would Caroline, Damon, Stefan and Tyler. Along with many innocent vampires that were accidently turned and hoped to live for a normal human life span at least.

“So Elisabetta are you going to kill them?” My Father smirked.

I sighed; I didn’t really have a choice. They may only be ghosts but they were still capable of killing me in moments. Even if I did kill the Mikaelson’s I’d be dead, it was a lose- lose situation.

“I’ll think about it,” I sighed going to leave but someone grasped my wrist.

Turning back around I saw Mikael holding my wrist. He pulled a stake out of his jacket and placing it into my hand.

“You’ll need this to kill the originals when you decide to,” Mikael smiled folding my fingers around the stake.

He had gone into my room and taken it from under my mattress just to make sure I could kill his children. To be honest it was sick, no matter what his children had done he shouldn’t want them to be dead.

I pulled my hand away from him, still holding the stake before stomping away from the four men that wanted me to kill the people that I cared for.

Travelling at vampire speed I was on the other side of Mystic Falls within moments.

A woman stopped in front of me. She was in her late twenties and was vaguely familiar. Her hair was a gingery blond and she was quite pretty.

“Are you Liza Valentine?” She questioned with a smile.

“Yes, who are you?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

The chances were that she was a ghost but that wouldn’t explain how I recognised her.

“I’m Jenna Sommers, I’m Elena and Jeremy’s aunt and I used to date Ric,” She smiled.

Now I knew where I knew her from, I had seen pictures at Jeremy’s, I must have remembered seeing them subconsciously.

“Are you a ghost?” I questioned.

“Yes I am,” She chuckled.

“If you don’t mind me asking how did you die? Shouldn’t you be human because if you were you shouldn’t be here?” I stated.

“I was killed by your friend Klaus. He turned me into a vampire and sacrificed me so he could be a hybrid,” She sighed.

I was shocked. I knew Nik would have done things like that; he was desperate to be a hybrid and he was willing to kill everyone that got in the way.

“I’m so sorry on his behalf, but are you here to persuade me to kill the Mikaelson’s too?” I frowned.

“No. I’m going to try and persuade you to not kill them. You need them to be alive. You’ll die if you kill them and you love Kol,” She smiled softly.

“No I love Nik,” I stated.

I couldn’t say if I loved Kol, I knew I deeply cared for him.

“Don’t lie to yourself; you look at Kol like I looked at Ric. You just tell yourself you love Klaus,” She smirked.

“Anyway, why do you want them to live? They killed you and have tortured your niece and nephew,” I questioned.

They had basically destroyed her life but she wanted them to live, even their Father wanted them dead.

“You love them for one. I may have never met you when I was alive, but I know you are a sweet girl and Jeremy cares for you. If the Mikaelson’s are killed then Damon and Stefan are and that would kill Elena. As well as them Caroline and Tyler would die and Jeremy and Elena would be devastated,” She shrugged.

I sighed before she began to smile lightly.

“I think the man over there knows you,” She smiled pointing behind me.

Turning around I saw the familiar face I haven’t seen in centuries. The chances were he was a ghost too but I didn’t care I got to see him again.

I grinned stupidly as a tear came to my eye. I sped over to him pulling him into a hug.

“I’ve missed you Liza,” He smiled hugging me back.

“I’ve missed you too Trevor,” I smiled back awkwardly with tears flowing.

“I need to talk to you Liza. You cannot kill the Mikaelson’s and I know you know that but although Elijah killed me, you’ll die if you kill them and you love them too much to do that,” He said softly.

Sighing I knew he was right. I knew Jenna was right too, I couldn’t kill the originals they were too important to me.

“He’s right Liza, you can’t kill them,” A familiar voice stated.

She walked to stand next to Trevor- Rose.

“Rose? Why would you want them alive, you were all running for years to get away from them,” I frowned.

“Liza we don’t need to explain this to you. You know you love them and you know you shouldn’t kill them no matter what your Father tells you,” Lexi smiled softly standing on the other side of Trevor.

“You may not know me but they’re saying the truth and you should listen to them,” A man stated as he and Jenna joined us.

“Okay before I argue and complain about this contemplation, who are you?” I frowned looking at the man.

“I’m Mason Lockwood, Tyler’s uncle,” He smiled.

I smiled back before going back to the point we were on.

“So, I know I shouldn’t kill them but being a vampire hunter all I want to do is kill them. The urges are painfully bad. I have tried to not kill them but until I do I will be performing a suicide mission,” I frowned.

“You’ll be able to fight it. You’re strong,” Lexi smiled softly, “Killing them is the last thing you want to do.”

“I know but I can’t control it and although I don’t want to kill them, I probably will, I cannot control how these urges will control me,” I sighed.

“You can do it Elisabetta; you are going to be strong and will be able to hold back from killing them, listen to your heart and it will overcome anything those urges of murder can tell you,” Rose smiled.

All I could do was hope they were telling me the truth and I could resist all of this.

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