Always and Forever

~*~ Love Conquers All ~*~

Liza’s POV

I had called Alaric and Jeremy when Mikael and My Father had reappeared. It would only get worse and I wouldn’t be able to handle them harassing me about killing the Mikaelson’s. Jeremy and Alaric were stronger than me and they were the only ones who could help me at this moment in time.

By the time I met up with the pair I was ready to stake myself. It hurt so badly having my biological Father telling me how worthless I was because I didn’t kill those who I care for and who care for me.

“Liza, are you okay?” Jeremy exclaimed pulling me into a hug.

Obviously he could tell how distraught and scared I was by my tear stained cheeks and quivering lip.

“Not really. My Father’s here and he wants me to kill Nik and the others. What am I supposed to do? I have him and other hunters telling me to kill them and I have my old friends and your aunt telling me that I’m strong enough to not kill them,” I cried into his hug.

“Jenna’s here?” Alaric piped up, “Actually that’s not important but Liza you are strong and as long as you don’t want to hurt them you won’t.”

I hoped he what he was saying was true. Truly I didn’t want to hurt them but, I didn’t want to kill those vampires before and I did kill them.

“You should listen to the wise man, Liza. He knows what he’s talking about,” The familiar voice of Jenna chuckled.

“Jenna?” Alaric said softly as a tear fell down his cheek.

“Aunt Jenna?” Jeremy smiled softly.

“It’s me but there isn’t any time for a proper reunion, we need to stop everyone being killed because of the five,” She shrugged.

I sighed. It was my thought Jeremy and Alaric wouldn’t get time with their loved ones because I was on a crazy murderous rampage.

“Don’t miss this chance on my account. Seriously I’ll be okay, I’m sure I can get Matt and Bonnie to help me there the only other two I talk to that I wouldn’t feel the need to kill,” I sighed with a shrug.

“We can do this later Liza. You need our help,” Jenna smiled softly.

“Jenna’s right, you need to be helped now, before you cause the murder of your soul mate and his family as you will kill every vampire on this Earth, including yourself,” Rose added joining us along with Trevor, Lexi and Mason.

“Lexi?” Jeremy asked, “And Rose and Mason and some person I don’t know?”

“Trevor, Rose’s best friend, my best friend and the one who kidnapped Elena,” I shrugged.

“Oh,” He smiled realising who he was.

By this point I was pacing. If they could find me here, then obviously the others would, meaning the mental torture would be here once again. I couldn’t believe my life had ended up like this, I should just kill myself and then no one I love would have to suffer.

I know it was a large choice to make but to be honest it would be for the best. They would have a small ounce of pain seeing me dead but really they would be better off and would be able to get other it. But if I stayed alive I would kill the originals meaning everyone including myself would be dead.

“Liza, earth to Liza?” Lexi called shaking my shoulders.

“Sorry, I was thinking,” I sighed.

I couldn’t tell her nor the others what I thought was right as they wouldn’t agree. Most of them were dead there selves and knew it was full of torment on the other side.

It was wrong for me to want to end my life but being a hunter also made me want myself dead as I was also a vampire. Either way I would die so why not die before causing everyone suffering?

“It must have been serious, what you were thinking about? What was it?” Trevor questioned.

“Nothing important, even though the veil was dropped to find me and you’re spending all your time trying to stop me kill vampires, I’m so glad you are here. Even Jenna and Mason but I think you should spend your time with the ones you love. Mason, Tyler would want to see you, Jenna you need to spend time with Jeremy and Alaric along with Elena. Lexi you need to see Stefan, Rose and Trevor, I don’t know who you should see but I’m sure there are more important people compared to me,” I shrugged.

“Don’t be stupid Liza, Trevor and I will stay here with you as the only people I know I either had kidnapped or we never got along,” Rose shrugged, “You should all go to the ones you love, we have her under control.”

“Will you be okay if I go to see Stefan for a bit?” Lexi asked.

“I’ll be fine Lex, if I don’t get to see you before the veil is dropped I miss you so much,” I smiled weakly pulling Lexi into a hug.

I said goodbye to everyone as they left to spend time with the ones they love. As soon as they had gone, the people I least wanted to see appeared.

“Hello Elisabetta, I see you haven’t killed any of my children yet,” Mikael stated.

“Leave me alone Mikael, I care for your son, I can’t hurt him,” I hissed.

“But which son are you talking about, you obviously care for Elijah and you say you care for Klaus but then there Kol and you know you have feelings for him,” He shrugged.

“Just leave me alone,” I growled.

Taking a deep breath I began to run towards my home. He was a ghost vampire of course he’d be able to catch up to me but it was worth a shot. When I got to the front door I ran straight through as we hadn’t fixed the door in the last few hours.

“Hello is anyone home,” I called.

I hoped no one was home but knowing my luck someone was there. All I wanted was the ghosts to go although Rose, Trevor and Lexi would be gone for good, along with Jenna and Mason and many other people that innocent humans (and supernatural creatures) would miss.

“Only me darling,” Kol’s voice called.

He sped down the stairs and stopped in front of me.

“Hi,” I smiled weakly.

“What’s up darling?” He said calmly taking my hand in his.

“My Dad, your Dad they aren’t the nicest of people, and I just got to see my friends again,” I shrugged.

“Come on, I know what will cheer you up. I’ll make you some human food as that reminds you of your humanity and I’ll grab some alcohol too,” He smiled.

I followed him into the kitchen where he began to rummage through the fridge. Then I remembered what I had in my inside pocket- the white oak stake. Slowly I pulled it out of my pocket and tightened my grip on it.

It was so easy just to plunge this through his back and into his heart, and then it would all be other. It was a one in four chance that I would be dead along with him but at least then my destiny would nearly be sorted.

Raising the stake to put it into his back, I barely got it an inch from his back before I let it fall to the ground with a clang. He turned in alarm as the tears began to fall. I let myself fall to the ground hugging my knees and crying.

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered.

“It’s okay darling. I know I should be glad I’m not dying now but why didn’t you kill me?” He questioned getting on his knees next to me.

“I don’t know, honestly. I should have as I really wanted to kill you but something told me I shouldn’t. Not like the other vampires, I knew I shouldn’t kill them but I didn’t have a choice,” I sighed.

Why didn’t I kill him? The pain of wanting to kill him was atrocious but I could drop the stake. Then it hit me. The one thing that conquers all, and I’m sure I did feel that way about him.

“Love conquers all,” I whispered.

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