Always and Forever

~*~ The Definition of Love ~*~

~*~ Recap ~*~

Why didn’t I kill him? The pain of wanting to kill him was atrocious but I could drop the stake. Then it hit me. The one thing that conquers all, and I’m sure I did feel that way about him.

“Love conquers all,” I whispered.

Liza’s POV

“But I have to go, I can’t be here right now, I almost killed you Kol,” I sobbed standing up making my way towards the broken front door.

“Liza wait,” He called after me.

“I’m sorry, I just need some time,” I stated running at vampire speed towards a home of someone I knew would be able to give me advice and would be a shoulder to cry on.

When I reached the front door I pounded my fist on the front door still crying. Silently I begged for her to be in so I didn’t have to go home to Kol. By now I knew he would have contacted Elijah and probably Nik so they could find me to question me.

I couldn’t face them right now, I needed some time without facing them, it would just get worse if I had to speak to them.

Soon enough the door opened but it wasn’t Caroline it was her Mother, I think her name was Liz.

“Hello, who are you?” She smiled softly.

“Hello, I’m Liza, Caroline’s friend,” I said weakly trying to hold off my tears for a moment.

“Come in sweetheart, I’ll just get Caroline,” She smiled.

I slowly edge my way into the house as I always had to be wary about entering homes, but luckily this time I could get in.

Within a couple of minutes Caroline appeared with a grin on her face but as soon as she saw me her face became solemn and she ran other to me hugging me.

“What’s wrong Liza?” She cooed hugging me.

“Can we go somewhere more private? It’s personal,” I whispered still sobbing but staring at Liz.

“Sure, come on,” She smiled softly leading my upstairs; she closed her door behind her, “So what’s up?”

“I need to tell you something and you’re going to hate me,” I cried.

She smiled in an encouraging manner. Caroline was probably one of the best friends I had, other than Kol but to be honest I think both of those friendships are over. Well my friendship with Caroline was intact now, but as soon as I explained she would hate me.

“I will never hate you Liza, you’re like my best friend, even though we hardly know each other,” She smiled softly.

“You know the vampire who hunts vampires that the veil was dropped to find?” I questioned and she nodded, “I’m that hunter, I have the hunter’s mark and Jeremy and Alaric have been helping me calm my urges down, so I wouldn’t kill the Mikaelson’s.”

“Wait so your, the one who is destined to kill every vampire in the world?” She asked, calmer than I expected her to be.

“Yes, I’m so sorry for not telling you, but I didn’t tell Kol and Nik, they found out themselves; my Father came back as a ghost and told them. It turns out Nik killed him as he was a vampire hunter like me. I couldn’t tell anyone, Jeremy found out because we could see each other’s tattoos and Alaric, was told because of Jeremy,” I stated.

“It’s okay, it must have been hard to tell anyone,” She smiled softly.

It was surprising; I thought she’d be angry and wouldn’t understand why I never told her about it. I should have really told her, I should have told Bonnie and Matt as well, seen as Bonnie let all the dead back because I never told her and Matt was simply my friend.

“So was that the huge problem or is there more?” She questioned.

“There’s more. I went home after the hunters of the ghost world came back telling me to kill the originals. Kol was looking into the fridge but I went to stake him. I had no choice it was the urges of being a hunter. Before I killed him I dropped the stake unable to kill him and there was only one explanation, and that was I love him. I know I do, the thought of him being dead killed me, but the thought of Nik dying was like I’d lost a brother not someone I truly loved in a romantic way,” I sighed.

Why was it so confusing? I couldn’t tell Kol properly that I loved him, and I certainly couldn’t tell Nik that I loved Kol. He’d definitely kill Kol and probably me too. His anger issues were atrocious. I’d never thought he’d hurt me let along kill me before, but I knew it was a possibility once he found out.

“Oh my gosh, I understand why you like Kol, not his personality but he is extremely good looking. I get your predicament, Klaus is going to kill you both,” She stifled a laugh.

“I know he’s going to kill me, but what can I do?” I sighed.

She sat there looking thoughtful, until her face lightened up as if she had got an idea.

“Okay, I know it sounds crazy but, I know he likes me and I kind of like him. Elena and Damon usually use me to distract Klaus, so maybe I could distract him for you. I honestly don’t mind as I would happily start dating him,” She smiled innocently.

“You like Nik?” I gasped with a smirk.

“Yes, okay. He may be an evil hybrid monster but he has a heart and is truly romantic,” She smiled goofily.

“I have to say that is really sweet. I love him like a brother and I’m glad he should end up with someone like you,” I smiled back softly.

“Thank you, so if you mention it to him that I like him and about Kol, then I’ll be your knight in shining heels when you need me,” She giggled.

“Okay, well I’m going to go home, and try to settle everything, thank you Caroline,” I said softly.

“You’re welcome,” She grinned as I exited her room.

I had been out of the house for about an hour, so hopefully, Kol had gone out and no one else had come home. After running at vampire speed home I walked straight through the doorway hoping no one would be there. I couldn’t face anyone right now; it would be too painful especially after facing Kol earlier and Nik would just be outright angry.

Looking around, I hoped I would see an empty hallway but sadly it wasn’t as I hoped.

My heart had sped up and I could feel my eyes begin to tear up again. My cheeks were badly tear stained as I had only just stopped crying. I didn’t know what to do, I could run out of the house and never come back or I could simply face my worst fear.

The whole running crying thing, seemed the most plausible for me staying alive- but I didn’t. I don’t know why but I wanted him to understand; I knew he deserved it. Just there was one little problem he was incapable of listening without getting angry.

I sighed before speaking, “Nik.”

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