Always and Forever

~*~ The Truth Will Set You Free ~*~

Liza’s POV

“What’s wrong Liza?” He questioned stepping towards me.

“I’m sorry Nik,” I whispered.

I needed to tell him up front and let him know about my feelings as it would be unfair not to tell him. Although fear had swept over me to the extent I wanted to die on the spot, but I knew it was a bad idea to never tell him anything like this.

"What are you sorry for, Love?" He smiled softly trying to comfort me.

"Nik, I don't love you the way you love me. I love Kol. Both our Fathers came back as ghosts and convinced me to try to kill you all. Kol was the only one home when I came to fulfill what they were telling me. I almost killed him but I knew I couldn't because I love him," I whispered meekly.

"What?" He exclaimed.

By now I was crying more than ever. I loved Nik but not in the way I loved Kol, and I knew that was wrong for me to feel like that and leave Nik even though we had only been dating for a couple of weeks.

"I'm so sorry Nik. But I've always known you love Caroline more than me, and she really likes you," I smiled softly trying to get him to calm down as the vein on his forehead looked as if it was about to explode.

"I can't believe you love my brother over me," He exclaimed.

"I'm sorry. Love isn't something you can control, you should know that I do recall Katerina Petrova being a girl both you and Elijah loved," I stated.

I don't know why I was being so bitter. It was a low blow even for me. I never wanted to hurt Nik. It killed me knowing I was causing him pain. He was such a strong person he rarely got hurt especially by something as petty as me.

“Don’t compare yourself to Katerina. She actually cared for us both, you are worse than her and don’t care about anyone but yourself,” He hissed.

For some reason that really stung, he was one of the only people in the world I actually took their opinions to heart.

“Niklaus Mikaelson. I loved you, I did and I’ve never wanted to hurt you even though everything you have done has hurt me but I’ve stood by you. So I guess I’m dead meat now, because I’m not following your rules. I do everything by your rules and now I’m not doing as you wish you’ll probably kill me because you’re not enough of a man to let me be happy,” I growled.

“You don’t deserve to be happy,” He frowned, “And yes I will kill you, the world doesn’t need you.”

All his anger made him stronger than ever and even being the hunter I was I couldn’t stop him. His hand gripped onto my throat, lifting me off the ground and began to constrict, making it harder to breath. Pushing against his chest with one hand and using the other to try to pry his hand from my throat didn’t make him budge even an inch.

Tears were flowing from my eyes at an extortionate rate. He tightened his grip meaning I could feel my breathing weaken and I knew I only had a short while before he gave up with this slow mode of torture and ripped my heart out.

My eyes slowly became heavy and I was ready to give up my life, as the pressure stopped instantly. I fell to the ground gripping my neck as slowly it healed. I looked up to see why he had stopped to see Elijah holding Nik to the wall with his hand in his chest as if he was about to rip his heart out.

“Niklaus why do you feel obliged to try to kill Liza?” Elijah yelled.

“Obviously you don’t know how much of a floozy our little Elisabetta is,” He groaned due to the pain.

“No matter what she has done, you should never hurt her, she loves you. If she has hurt you she obviously wouldn’t have wanted to. We all make mistakes as you know seen as you’ve put a dagger into mine and our sibling’s hearts,” Elijah exclaimed.

“You’d never kill me brother, you’re too moral for that,” Nik frowned.

I didn’t want to get involved as I’d probably end up dead but Elijah would over step the line and kill Nik (if he knew how) to save me. My legs were wobbly but I stood up and weakly got over to them laying a light hand onto Elijah’s shoulder.

“Don’t go down to his level Elijah. You’re better than him and you don’t want to hurt him, even if he’s hurt me,” I whispered softly.

It probably wasn’t too convincing, but I hoped it would make Elijah think differently; Nik was his brother and he loved him too much to cause him real harm. We were a family- a dysfunctional one at that- and nothing could stop us from being together, even if we argue. We argue way too much for a normal family, but we weren’t normal and that’s what made us come together.

Elijah was like the Father of us all, even though he was a brother to the other three and kind of like my Father. Rebekah was like the bratty teenage sister that we all hate but if she wasn’t there it wouldn’t be the same- although I haven’t seen her in a while. Then Kol and Nik were the brothers I never wanted although that comparison is kind of nasty if you put my feelings into perspective. Then there was me, the innocent youngest sister who is a pain in the rear end but is quite naïve but is like a hyperactive child.

I smiled softly at Elijah as he turned towards me and he removed his hand from Nik’s chest. Within a second Nik had removed himself from the room leaving the pair of us alone.

“So what was that all about? You must have done something terrible, he’s never laid a hand on you before,” He said softly.

The tears returned as I prepared myself for Elijah hating me as well. Never have all the Mikaelson’s hated me at once but Kol would turn on me soon and the other three hated me– well Elijah would when he finds out.

“I almost killed Kol,” I stated hanging my head, “I didn’t though. I knew I couldn’t as I love him. I told Nik and I knew he wouldn’t take it well so he tried to kill me.”

“So you told Klaus you don’t love him and you love his brother,” He chuckled lightly, “He’ll get over it though.”

He smiled at me softly pulling me into a hug. Although it was a sweet moment with him comforting me all I could think of the huge blood stain going on my back due to Nik’s blood on his hand.

“I’m so sorry for being disruptive in your family,” I whispered into his chest.

“It’s your family too, you’ve been in our family for a long time and although you are out to kill us we still love you. Even Nik and Rebekah,” He smiled softly.

“I’m so glad it was you the found me,” I said quietly.

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