Always and Forever

~*~ Ohana ~*~

Liza’s POV

It had been around a month since Elijah allowed me to be in a relationship with Kol. I knew it was hard for him to risk this, he didn’t trust Kol or I. It wasn’t like we were going to do anything to kill one another, but Elijah obviously thought so. I guess we could easily kill each other if we wanted to, but we wouldn’t. If I didn’t kill Nik, then I certainly wouldn’t kill Kol. Nik was one of the most annoying things known to man, Kol wasn’t much better but I could certainly tolerate him more.

Today the pair of us had decided that it would be the best thing for us to have a simple date. He had tried to be a spectacular boyfriend by taking me to places her thought I’d be amazed by, but today he promised simplistic. Supposedly this date was so simplistic, that I was allowed to wear my pyjamas.

So as I had been told, I only wore my plaid pyjama bottoms and pyjama top with a dog on. As well as this I had fluffy pink slippers on and allowed my blond hair to be placed in a messy bun. To be honest I think I went a little over the top on the relaxed look, but it was comfy. As I reached the kitchen, I saw Kol closing up a picnic basket.

He turned towards me with a boyish grin on his face.

“So are we going for a picnic, in our pyjamas?” I questioned raising my eyebrow.

If this was a public occasion, I didn’t feel comfortable in my pyjamas. Simply it would be weird and although I was okay with looking relaxed and not following fashion trends going out in my pyjamas was a step too far.

“Yes we are, and don’t worry your little cotton socks about it. We won’t be in public, unless there are some crazy stalkers watching us,” He smirked pulling me to him as I got closer.

He looped one arm around my waist and pressed his lips to mine. Compared to my own attire he wasn’t as laid back. He wore one of the old t-shirts I bought him about soon after I moved to mystic falls, some jogging bottoms he bought when he actually jogged and some of my fluffy spotty socks. Why he had my socks on was beyond me. His dark brown hair was tousled in its natural bedhead ways.

“So, where will this picnic be held then?” I asked still with our chests pressed together.

“Just wait and see,” He smirked grabbing a piece of cloth from next to the picnic basket and holding it out for me, “Put this on please.”

I frowned at him. I guess I trusted him but in this house, if I was blindfolded I’d probably be killed by one of the inhabitants of my home.

“Seriously you want me to wear a blindfold?” I frowned.

“Yes, just trust me,” He smiled softly.

I sighed knowing I didn’t have much of an option. I turned my back to him allowing him to tie the blindfold over my eyes.

“Okay, trust me Liza,” He chuckled in my ear.

I felt one of his hands touch my arm and his arm wrapped behind my back. I let my arms reach out in front of me, it wasn’t because I didn’t trust him, it was just I needed to make sure.

We only took a few steps, which could have only just got us out of the front door when he stopped in his tracks.

“We’re here,” He whispered allowing his cool breath to linger on my neck.

I felt his fingers touch the back of my head as the blindfold slipped off of my face. As the bright light hit my eyes I recognised my surroundings as our back garden. We were stood underneath our tree in our garden, standing on top of a red and green blanket.

He let the basket land on the blanket and sat down, tapping the blanket next to him. I took the seat next to him and let him pull me so our sides were pressed against each other. He reached forward and lifted the lid to the basket. Slowly he pulled a couple of blood bags out along with a bag of crisps.

“Great picnic,” I chuckled.

“Don’t you know it,” He smirked kissing my hair.

I grabbed one of the blood bags drinking it slowly, whilst Kol grabbed one himself and drunk from it too.

When both blood bags were empty we quickly ate our crisps.

We allowed ourselves to sit under the tree for a little while longer until we both made our way indoors. Kol had to quickly go get dressed as he had to go meet up with Elijah to talk about something, that I wasn’t supposed to know about.

As soon as he left the room, he was replaced by his elder brother. Nik stood there with a soft smile on his face.

“Liza, I need to talk to you,” He said softly.

“What about Nik? I kind of need to go get ready,” I smiled with a shrug looking down at my pyjamas.

“I’ll try to make it short, but I need to tell you something, and I’m sure you’re going to hate me for it but I need to tell you now,” He sighed.

For some reason, I was extremely nervous about what he was going to say. Nik never seemed this serious about anything, unless he was going to kill someone.

“What Nik, you’re kind of scaring me,” I frowned.

“Liza, I’m just going to be blunt about it. I’m sorry, but I never loved you how Kol loves you. I only pretended to love you, in the spite of Kol. I didn’t want him to have you. I know it was a horrible thing to do but I’m sorry. You needed to know this,” He sighed.

Even though what he said was kind of painful, I just wanted to understand why. It was a horrible thing for him to do, but it was a rare occasion that he actually was honest about something.

“So basically, you played on my heart. You used me and crushed your little brother in the process?” I questioned with a frown.

It certainly wasn’t the worst think Nik had ever done but it was horrible that he felt the need to be so cruel to his brother. He had used me for far worse before, so it didn’t upset me too much, but the whole concept that I fell for it, meant it hurt a lot more.

“I’m so sorry Elisabetta. I may have never loved you in a romantic way, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Meeting you has meant I’ve always been capable of holding onto my humanity even in the darkest of times,” He said softly taking my hand in his.

This was worse. Somehow he always knew what to say to make me forgive him. It was quite annoying but deep down I knew I could never be annoyed at him for too long. If I could forgive him after finding out he had killed my Father, and finding out he daggered Elijah and Kol, I was sure this would be easy to forgive him for this.

“Nik, don’t go all soppy on me. I love you, not the way I love Kol. I’m sure deep down I’ve always known that but, you’re one of my best friends. I’ve known you since I was a kid, and I know you used to be horrible to me, I knew you always meant well,” I said softly.

Quickly I pulled him into a hug pressing my cheek into his chest. He wrapped his arms around me hugging me as well.

“I’m sorry Liza, I’m sorry for everything I have done to you. I should have never let Elijah pull you into the mess I call a family,” He smiled softly still hugging me.

“Ohana,” I stated pulling out of the hug.

“What?” He frowned looking confused.

“Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

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